What Tiger Mothers know – Life enrichment


Mastery experiences – In the book, by Amy about being a tiger mother she describes the need for a child to have “mastery experiences”. These are experiences of mastering a difficult skill. Having these experiences increases a person’s self-efficacy and optimism , therefore the opposite of depression, therefore good for mental health.

Goal setting – In school, there are tests maybe every week, this is a short term goal. Even shorter are daily homework assignments. Even shorter are answering the teachers questions in class. All of these goals if done successfully give a boost to dopamine and make the student more optimistic and happy. Therefore the opposite of depression, therefore good for mental health.

Feelings of fear and pain come from feeling like you can’t achieve a chosen goal – Based on http://www.howtogetfocused.com/chapters/the-secret-to-achieving-your-dreams-dont-try-seriously
and http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/11/121108-math-pain-hurts-brain-science-health/
and a few other sources that say that having a goal is seen in the mind as having an extention of yourself and that failing to achieve that goal gives the person a feeling of lose.

So how does someone become a hard working person? the type of person a Tiger mom is trying to raise? The type of person who will live an enriched life? There are many ways to build work ethic such as mindfulness, having someone push you to achieve, having a huge form of motivation. The easiest and I think most independent method would be to start achieving small goals. The thing is, every time you achieve a goal, you get a boost of dopamine that says to your brain, “good job for achieving that goal, you should achieve another one!”. This will motivate a person(who has decided on a single goal that is most important, a long term goal even) to achieve goals(big goals, or small goals in relation to a big goal). I think that this is also one of the min elements of games and what makes them so addictive. I think this theory of motivation could help a lot of people enrich their lives and improve their mental health.


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