Career Choice: Theory of Challenge / MBTI / Games

I powerfully do not want to have to do work as something separate from the rest of my life like some sort of drudgery or self sacrifice. y’know, in some countries people actually hibernate when food is scarce and that seems close to the same thing to me as working 8hrs a day doing something I don’t care about. I ‘m not saying I have to be a rock star or any other super passionate thing. I just want everything I do in life to be fulfilling. I feel like there should be a way to do this and I have an idea of how right now.

I’ve come up with a new theory, based partly on the MBTI (a personality type indicator)and partly on video games. It’s still a theory but it’s something. Of course not everyone plays video games, video games is just one example of people doing work purely for achievement, I’m sure there are other examples of people doing this.

The theory is that people really want to be challenged in the way that they find the most exhilarating. That is what they want out of a job, and a big part of what they want out of life. It doesn’t depend on any innate passion either. The fact that people play video games proves that they like to work, as long as it’s the type of challenge they want to complete. It’s about the type of growth that is satisfying to the individual. I think MBTI and a persons video game history together can show what type of work they would enjoy.

The MBTI part is basically using your personality type and it’s description to better understand what areas you would enjoy and at the same time by gifted in. It would be able to tell you for instance if you would enjoy a leadership role or a team mate role or if you are a solo type or if you enjoy teaching.

This actually lead me to so revelations about myself and others and how different personality types enjoy and at the same time excel is specific types of work. Not necessarily(although some times) fields of work, simply their position in those fields.

Now, about video games.

Case Study #1

I have a friend who got 100% on every level including bonus levels of Yoshi’s island. He did it because he enjoyed it. I watched some times but I though, why would anyone want to do this. Well, it’s his personality type obviously. He is a natural specialist. He gravitates towards the challenge of mastery. For someone like this, the usual advice of follow your passion or follow your interest, will work well. He is a musician, but if he wasn’t, he would do the next most interesting thing for him, in an area that he could find mastery in, and master it, and be easily employable. (have a few other friends who fit this mastery category as well)

Case Study #2

I have a friend who, when he plays video games, does things just because he can. He like to manipulate the system and think outside the box and get creative and inventive to exert as much influence over the game as possible. In multilayer, he will do things, to screw up other players, even to the detriment of himself sometimes. So for this type of player, it`s not so much about being the best, or getting 100%, It`s about a feeling of personal power. He also does a lot of electronics projects on his own, computer science major ect. He has specialized,but in a field where he will always be learning new ways to influence the world through the power of technology.

Case Study #3

Me. I play video games, but as soon as I start to understand the idea of the skill, how it all works, what routine practice I have to do to be amazing at the game, I get bored. However, I like RPG games with amazing story lines, at least if they are original enough. When I play smash bros, I use Samus because this character is one that seems very technical and hard to understand. In star craft, I can never stick to one race, or one strategy long enough to get really good cause I get bored. I thought this only confirmed the point that there is no field I can enjoy without getting bored very soon. Actually though, what this says about me is that I like complexity. I like figuring out how things work if they seem hard to understand. I have found it hard to find a field that I can see being fulfilling for me but I have always been fascinated by complex ideas and although I said I didn’t want to specialize because I get bored, there are so many complex ideas in fields like math(which school really doesn’t do justice), and programming, philosophy(less employment), that as long as I look for the challenges, I can stay interested in any one of those fields. Not to mention they are all branches of logic.

There are just examples that really stand out for me, but my other friends also seem to fit into one of these neat categories.

I`m sure there are other types that I haven’t played with because I don’t play sports games or FPS. I assume there are types who are natural leaders that would play WOW and Eve online and have guilds. I assume there are teacher types that enjoy helping other people get better.

In the beginning of man, we worked often because we had to work. Some people still do work jobs they don’t like because they have to work. Some people think life would be amazing if they didn’t have to do any work. That work is always something that is forced upon them. I think though that actually people really do like to work. The work doesn’t even have to be based on some preexisting passion, it just has to be the type of work that suits the person. Not that you shouldn’t follow your passions as well, just that work is one of them.

Life started as a constant challenge, where we weren’t sure if we would win or die. Ironically or coincidentally or maybe on purpose, I think humans, and many other forms of life, naturally crave challenge. We want to be challenged to the point that we are not sure the can win, and then win and feel amazing about it. It feels so good because in order to win, we have to grow. it’s a form of evolution in a way. For me then it seems like it’s not really about being about to say, I am a scientist, I am a doctor, I am a lawyer. It’s more about being able to say, I am playing the game called scientist, I am playing the game called lawyer. It’s about taking up a challenge in the area you naturally want to evolve in, and evolving.


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