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Most of the lack I have ever felt in my life were feelings that were forced down my throat at an earlier age. Until I started seeing attractive women with rich men I never thought I needed any money. Until people started telling me that real men have good steady careers, I never thought I needed to pick a major. People seem to be hypnotizing each other into thinking they are lacking something. For Peat’s sakes though, we wouldn’t be alive if we were truly lacking. Way less capable species have survived and reproduced in order to get to the modern human being. How could we possibly see ourselves as under equipped now. People living in metropolitan cities feel a sense of lack because they are being told they are lacking, mean while people in Papua New Guinea are dancing and singing and the socialites of the metro look down on them for celebrating their lives, living well and happily and in abundance. How could people actually think they needed to be more than what they felt inspired to be. They were forced to feel that way. By someone else. Someone else has been trying to push their vision on others and some who shared it tagged along, but those who didn’t were punished, ostracized, made to feel lacking for not want a G6 or a Rolex. This is the very same things some parents do to there own young, the kids see the abundance they have and probably have visions of their own, what they want to create. Parents however chose to force their own visions on to the children and tell the children they must make this much money and have this job to be not lacking. The children who grow up and actually believe it will either waste some of their lives toiling away at their parents vision, or maybe grow depressed and give up on their vision and their parents. Or if they’re luck they may only feel a lack of direction and maybe start surfing the net, a lot.

I read in one of Steve Pavlina’s posts that to live in a state of abundance you have to not perceive even lack of direction as a lack. If you come to a point where you don’t know what you want to do with your life, you have to be ok with that. You need to see all the other things you do have that you can enjoy and just live the best life you can. This idea is very important for someone who may be out of school and not knowing what they want to do with there lives.

I have a hypothesis that for much of the depressed population, the thing that is making them depressed is one or more thought patterns of lack. Yes I do understand that depression is a biological thing. However think the biological change is caused by a change in mindset. Did you know that depression can come from simply having a chronic pain. I feel that the mindset of lack is interpreted by the brain as a form of chronic pain which it is in a way. Pain is a signal that tells you something is wrong. Any other negative emotion is the exact same thing. Therefore any chronic negative emotion should be very capable of causing the biological change would take place is depression. Now here are some of the things I can think of that could because chronic thought patterns, chronic pains that could ultimately become a depression.

Fears that keep you from doing the things you really want to do. Any thing you are forcing yourself keep from doing because of a fear of failure or injury or death ect, I would say is chronic, its on going. This is because it is something that is always in the back of your mind even if its become so automatic that you don’t even have to think about it. It’s still a chronic thing.

Feeling any kind of lack. Feeling you don’t have something you should, feeling you don’t have enough. It’s basically a chronic pain of loss. It’s like a nagging pain of feeling like a piece of you has been removed. This is a chronic pain. This feeling of lack, the opposite of abundance is defiantly high up there as a supposed cause of depression because loss is a major stressor for a human being. When humans loose a loved one, are forced to end a relationship, or lose a body part, the human body goes through a major biological change which is extremely stressful and can lead to depression.

So when someone reads that living with abundance means following your passion but that person has no direction and feels they should. They may feel pressured to try hard to find that direction and they may simply be digging themselves into the ground in two ways. One, creativity and inspiration rarely show when one is under pressure and feeling forced to be creative. Two, that pressure to find your passion(s), that feeling of LACK of passion is a chronic pain which is taking a toll on their body which start turning into a depression. Then not only will the person be less able to enjoy their passion, they’ll be less able to do anything they need to do for themselves.

You see those bums on the street begging for money and getting drunk of it. Some of them maybe be the victims of a society that forced it’s vision on them and making them feel like nothing they were inspired to do was worth anything. Also I will say that I’ve met people all throughout my life that were more than willing to reprimand me for not following some vision of someone else. Even kids in school, when I didn’t do what the teacher said, there were other students even who would be upset with me as if I should be free to follow my own creative desires or that I shouldn’t make mistakes when playing along with some school circular activity I didn’t care about at all. Some of those kids seemed to just completely get what the school system was about and shared that vision, I didn’t get it like they did and I knew I didn’t but I also really didn’t care. The only thing that got to me was a feeling that I was lacking in some way by not being understanding and inspired enough to do what someone thought I should. This has definitely been something I’ve carried my whole life until now. Now I get it. I see the vision of the school system. I see the vision of the companies I’ve worked for. Now seeing things I realize I wasn’t lacking at all. I just don’t want what they want and I’ll never be hypnotized to feel like I’m wrong for feeling that way again. I hope everyone else that is’nt satisfied with the idea of working for paychecks, doing things you don’t like, I hope they will all see through the facade. You don’t NEED to do anything you don’t want to. If someone tells you you need to be doing something but does’nt have a convincing argument of why you really need to be doing that thing, don’t do it. Completely ignore it because what they are trying to do is force you to work for their vision instead of your own.

Don’t be scared of this “you’ll be homeless” shit either. That’s fear based manipulation. Even if you end up homeless, you think your gonna die just cause your homeless? As long as your not a jerk I think you’ll do ok, the human race didn’t start out in condos. After all the soldiers said to have fought to the death for our freedom, how could we not spend every minute of our lives free. Are you not willing to fight to the death for your own freedom? To me, as a man, that’s what a man does. He doesn’t do shit because other people tell him he’s lacking if he doesn’t. He does what he believes in, learning as he goes. It might be harder for a women to do the same, live on the streets until things look up, with sex offenders ect out there. However if a girl were to live on the street with a real man who is working towards higher goals than money, she should be way better off than in a house with a white picket fence and some Prozac on her nightstand.



Steve Pavlina talks ab out this in detail, but I would like to share the basic ideas, my understandings and then my thought process as I move into an abundant way of thinking.

What is abundance all about?

It’s about seeing the glass as overflowing not simply half full or even full.

Well everyone is really focused on the result of thinking  in terms of abundance which is that they will attract more wealth into their lives. Here is the thing, you will attract more money cars houses into your life but with the abundant state of mind, all those possessions wont really be what is making you happy. They will be byproducts. That abundance and happiness has to come from inside you, as a conscious decision and realization. Once you choose to see the glass as overflowing, not simply half full, or full, you will have stepped into another view of reality. That “it could be way worse and so its actually pretty good”. That “at least I have this and this and this”. That “even if this happens I’ll still have this which is amazing” Once you step into that view you will free up your mind to act according to that view. Like, “well, since I actually have all these things, why keep trying to get more money when I could be helping my neighbor or creating some amazing art”. Then when you start acting within that realization you will attract more good into your life. But if your thinking, ok good so I’ll be grateful for everything and then I’ll get rich and be happy, that is not how it works. To reach a state of abundance you have to acknowledge that money was never a power source to begin with. Money and things cannot compete with your natural creativity, character,  friends, family , air,  water, or nature. Money might be one of the ways abundance manifests in your life but to see it as abundance itself is a mistake. You will have abundance when you realize that when you try to own something is when it ends up owning you. You will have abundance once you stop giving your power away to chasing money and cars and houses. You will have abundance when you start focusing on the more important things in life as well as when you work on things you truly believe in. Only once you already feel like you have so much that sure the money would be just the icing on the cake, just something you see as a little extra that you should use wisely in helping yourself and/or others.  So it’s more like living with the mindset of abundance will attract more abundance and more material possessions.  The possessions, the money and car and house or whatever, these are attracted to a happy, grateful, generous person as responsibilities. Like, ” here is a new car, how will you use it while keeping in line with your view of reality in which you have it all”.”Not to say that you should or would just throw it way, but more likely you would only use it in for doing more of what you already do.  Even a person with no direction should see his/her situation from a point of abundance, because only then will they figure out what they really do want to do. Remember when you where a kid in elementary school on the playground. Just have fun and stop worrying about all things you don’t have. I remember kingdomhearts at the beginning where its just three kids living on a beach, money isn’t an issue they just live life doing what they want. Just look at a few pictures of Sora and look at his smile,
that is the smile of someone who’s mindset is abundance. You think he wants a mansion? Nope.

It’s about working harder than most people and enjoying it.

Living in the mindset of abundance doesn’t mean give up and just live like a hobo or even worse imo a bum. Although some of them might live ok it seems for the most part they are neglecting to you their gift of creation. They aren’t really doing all they can with what have for whatever reason. Some people may also just decide to be satisfied with what they have, not feeling like they have the ability to do more. This is not abundance. Abundance is knowing that you have(and everyone does) an abundance of ability and creativity ect and using it because of the urge to enjoy the ability and creativity ect that you have. So there is no giving up and being satisfied. Abundance is about realizing how many more awesome amazing things you can do and feeling insatiably drawn to doing them. There isn’t any feeling of lack either, you need to actively cast out thinking in terms of lack. So your already thinking,” wow there are all these amazing things in my life that I either have done, or just have, or experienced, ect. Then you think, “With no real worries, I could actually focus on experiencing more amazing things instead of trying to win a rat race.” then you think, “wow, I have this abundance of potential within myself as well, I could just tap into that and start creating the amazing.” That is how an abundant life is lived. If/when money comes in, it’ll just be like, “cool more money I’ll buy a car to help me share my creation with a wider audience” or “cool more money I’ll start a school for teaching kids how to do what I’m doing”. The money is never the goal or even a need. I mean ya you need to buy food to eat if you live downtown or wherever but you don’t need to give your power away and do something you don’t believe in to get that money. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but food does. Friendships are free as well. So basically the mindset of lack for a homeless person would be to think the only way they will get a meal and shelter will be to work in some meaningless job. The mindset of abundance for a homeless person would be, not only will I find shelter and food by noon, but I will write a new poem and maybe even a new friend and being homeless wont keep me from living a life of abundance. Now which bum would you want to hang out with or share your room with. You have everything you need already, money just way of keeping track of how much abundance you are giving to others, to the world, and how much others, the world, wants to give back to you for it. For a person in abundance, money is just a tally sheet of who is thankful that you’ve been living in abundance. A tally sheet of who wants to give back to you fore just being yourself.

With the economy the way it is people are really feeling the stress, the need, to have a secure job and to be making money. This need, especially in the minds of young graduates who can live comfortably at home with parents, may be over emphasized, and exaggerated. I do some experiments on personal motivation using Steve pavlina’s description of polarity as a guide. I definitely feel I learned a hard lesson. I took some of what he said the wrong way and chose a polarity that was not at all right for me. I care about people, but the stress of unemployment actually scared me into choosing the dark self serving polarity. It hasn’t worked out well and I know now its because the dark polarity is only really for those people who have had hard lives and are willing to see themselves as superior beings to everyone else and see themselves as the center of the universe. I was never willing to do that and so I think I was already pretty far on the Light polarity when I decided it was time to try the dark side(what I thought was the dark side) which was working for yourself trying to get ahead(not competitively which would be closer to the dark side, but just passively working mostly for myself). All this did was put my energy in flux and it started affecting all areas of my life in a negative way. The Dark side is not for me.
The next thing to consider is the opposite polarity, the light side. Which is about service to others, to the greater good. This seems more for me, it seems more for anyone actually because if everyone lived this way the world would be a very happy place. As opposed to if everyone was in competition with each other or only out for themselves. If everyone was light side you would be receiving help from everyone. If everyone was Dark side you would be fighting the resistance of everyone.
Thing to note, the light side requires helping oneself as well to ensure ones own survival. Also the dark side requires helping others to ensure ones on survival.

The thing is the light side is motivated by love, which is a positive emotion and so is medically a healthy thing to have. Meanwhile the dark side is motivated by fear which is a negative emotion and medically unhealthy. I guess Steve Pavlina thinks a person who needs to turn to the dark side to survive like maybe in jail or war or in the ghetto or something should just do it and come out alive. Otherwise I see no reason why anyone would choose such an unhealthy way of life. Still not sure I agree with it even then.
The light side is about love, and I think it could be seen as more than just loving others and living to serve. I think its loving yourself and others, as opposed to the dark side fearing  others and maybe ones self as well like with shame.

So I think its a lot like what Jesus said about loving your neighbor as you love yourself, this suggests that you do love yourself.

So the light side seems a lot better when seen that way. It seems a lot like “defeating Kolrami”, his other article. Here Steve suggests aiming for a tie instead of a win. So it’s noncompetitive. Does that mean not trying to win. No, it means trying to make it so everyone wins. Basically you realize the abundance in your life, and you realize everyone can win instead of just one person. So you don’t need to worry about being all for yourself because there is so much to go around that everyone can get their fill. So if someone lives in a situation where that is the truth, say in a country where there is free internet. Access to more knowledge than a human could ever need. A person in that situation should be thinking in terms of abundance because they actually do have it. Even in a situation where some one has less, they could still make “stone soup”( a story from the bible where Jesus taught poor people to improvise with what they had to feed not only themselves but guests when they thought they had nothing. Basically your richer than you think.
With the frame of mind that you live in abundance, while you still need to live smart, you can focus on making a life instead of a living. You can focus on playing with others instead of against them or by yourself. Living this way, Defeating Kolrami, will allow an unemployed person to live the life of their dreams, doing amazing and exciting things with friends and family, and achieve all their dreams.

Living life this way, with the knowledge, the realization of abundance, will allow someone to work with others not caring who gets the credit, or go out to a club and cheer friends on to pick up a hot girl or guy without feeling like its a personal loss. Living like that and you will gain so much more, for yourself and for everyone else throughout the whole journey and everyone reaches the top and it is sustainable. So stop worry about getting rich first. Realize you are rich already, be smart with the money you have or get of course but realize your rich already and can do what you love. Then do what you love, all the things you love, which I’m sure include things with others. You keep doing that, and of course the money will follow and you can invest it and whatever, but don’t let that be the goal because then your not really doing what you love and because the money I think we will find, is really overrated.

If someone were to ask me what I’d do if money was no object or if I had all the money I could ever use I would make sure all my needs are met and then save the world. I guess you could say those are my ultimate goals in life. Those are the things that would make me most happy and I don’t see the point of striving for anything less than the ideal. So then the question is how will I get to the point where I have all them money I could ever use or where money is no object. Well one thing that is extremely important in getting there will be other people. I can’t make money if I can’t find work, and I can’t find work(good work)(especially in this economy) without connections. Money only exists as a way to smooth out work related interactions between people who may otherwise try to take advantage of one another. If everyone where best friends, money would be no object. Digressing… now.
In fact at least for me, and I guess many introverts reading articles on how to network, the only thing standing between me and a good job, are connections. Now I could go out and meet people and eventually happen across a few good “connections” and maybe keep in touch, but I think the issue with introverts goes deeper than this. Introverts as I mentioned before have a gift, the gift of information, thoughts, ideas, innovations, that come about when an introvert spends time alone thinking. Think Jesus spending time in the wild. Or Moses. However in today’s society, thoughts, ideas, innovations, research, are supposed to be capitalized on for economic gain. Think “intellectual property”. So everyone takes this idea that they need to be paid for everything they do. Extroverts who have a separate gift of “the gab” or just that social energy that keeps going and going and going, will always be able to say,”work is work and friendships are about the social interaction”. However the social interaction and extrovert can provide is far more powerful than that of an introvert…unless… the introvert is relaying something of value to the recipient through that interaction. So here is the thing, introverts will probably have a lot to say on certain topics but what if by chance they are speaking with someone who doesn’t care about any of what an introvert can think to talk about at the moment. Hmmm, if only the introvert knew something of value they could say the the other, but wait, to go home and think of something based on the others needs, maybe even research something and learn about something new, well that sounds interesting, but it also sounds like work. Like something you should only do if your paid for it. Otherwise your being a sellout? Hmmm. In my situation it took time to think this through but it goes back to what I said at the beginning which was “I would save the world”. So basically if I did have all my needs met I would want to help this person with his needs, for free, so its not selling out cause its something I would like to do at one point. Just only when I have all my needs met. Hmmm, but helping out this individual is completely within my power right now, where as getting a job without connections is not. So should I just sit on my hands or maybe I should adjust my goals?

Maybe a better goal would be to work on having all your needs met and saving the world at the same time.

Or even, saving the world seeing it as the best way to see your needs be met since its the only path that seems fruitful.

So is this selling out?
Does a comedian or a class clown feel good when he/she is the only one laughing at their jokes?
Are men happy to hear that women “fake it”?
Do most people naturally want to help others in need?
Do most people laugh harder when watching a comedy with others or alone?

The answers to these questions are significant because they are an easy way of showing just how much we like others to be happy. Our happiness depends on it .

So by deciding to let the system of money for work rule your thinking to the extent that you would deny helping others for free because “beneath you” is actually denying you one of the things you want the most in life, to help others. As well by extension, if you are an introvert it may be denying you both that and your own needs.

So Steve Pavlina suggested that people try for a month or something either working only for yourself, or only for others, I was naturally inclined to choose only for others but that seemed to be partially out of a sense of guilt. I felt like it was bad to only be out for yourself. Then however for a few reasons, one being the idea of loving yourself completely, I decided I would actually try being only for myself for a few months. My reasoning was that denying myself happiness and only working towards others goals was actually not good for anyone because I wouldn’t be being true to myself and therefore not happy. Unhappy people usually aren’t good for others. Anyways I am ending the experiment into being all for myself, “The Dark side” as some might call it. It just isn’t the right way to go about things, at least not for me.

It showed me that it’s literally a fantasy to be some kind of self made man who simply soiled away at hard work and became rich. I mean I’m sure it’s happened, but its a fantasy for it to be something I could enjoy doing. That kind of man, is either an extrovert who makes everyone around him feel good just by his sociability and can otherwise focus on his work. Or a very sad introvert. In my opinion. This is just my experience thought, and it seems its Steve Pavlina’s also.

Does this mean introverts really are second class citizens? Since unlike extroverts, they are more likely to be in a situation where they have to work for free. I think that questions comes from the frame of mind that people are actually supposed to work for money and not other people. I choose not to believe in that. Not to say I don’t expect to be paid a good salary, just that I choose to help people whether I’m being paid to or not, and I’ll do it because deep down I know it’s where my heart is. Because we are so under the influence of this way of thinking that everything has to be a fair trade I think people need to consciously find their humanity again. Some people, I guess, reach the point where they feel their humanity isn’t serving them and maybe in some situations it won’t be directly or visibly serving them but I believe in the greater scheme of things humanity is one of the greatest strengths a person can have. Therefore I make the conscious decision to chose the light side, the self-less polarity, knowing it’s actually completely self serving at the same time, serving my desire to help others and my desire to help myself. That is what I call Bi-Wining.

First of all I want to emphasize that Introversion and extroversion are two sides of a spectrum, not to absolutes. However, in this post when I talk about introverts and extroverts I will be describing individuals that fall very far to either side of the spectrum. This is because it’s easier for me to make more fool proof solutions when I account for the extremes.
So my research has shown that in the north American economy, the modern economy, extroverts do better. This makes sense because they would be the natural schmoozers.  Schmoozing not because they are trying to take advantage of anyone, just because they enjoy social interaction. So they will do better in this modern economy as a result of doing what they enjoy.
So then, how is an introvert to compete with that? Are they to compete with that at all? I ask that second question because if extroverts have a stronger urge for external stimuli, things that would cost a lot of money, it might be fair to say that extroverts just want it more and therefore deserve to be at the top along with only the introverts who make outstanding contributions. However its not that simple. Introverts like stuff too, just sometimes for a different or more complex reason. Yes an introvert could enjoy a good book. An introvert good also a good trip to the moon lol. I would say introverts have a lot to give and should be compensated. That’s just my stance on the situation.
So what I have come up with is this. Among extroverts who help each other out in the corporate world, there exists a gift exchange. Extroverts value positive social exchange a lot and I think it can actually be seen as a form of gift economy. The social exchange is almost a form of currency. So extroverts would defiantly have more of this form of currency than introverts. It isn’t that the social interaction is exchanged for money but it is a gift exchange that sews the seeds of an actual friendship. Then friends help each other out. As well I feel like introverts would like extroverts as well for their charisma or positive energy ect, which would mean that extroverts can form friendships with anyone just by doing what they love, being social.
So wow the extrovert really has a lot going them, so how can the introvert compete(not compete but keep up)? The question now is simple. What does the introvert have to offer, for free, that would be enjoyable to share as a gift, enjoyable to introverts and extroverts. The answer is information, knowledge, problem solving. These are the things the introvert works towards for free. These things are what the introvert enjoys doing. Now here is the thing. This economy runs on people doing work, and especially learning things so most people would say, “what, u want me to give away my knowledge for free?”. I would argue that this is actually what they should do. The introvert does this learning for self interest and would do it regardless of price. Therefore it is the perfect gift to give to other people. Not only that but I think many introverts, although the may seem anti-social are actually quite the opposite. They crave deep relationships and don’t really like the idea of making other human beings pay for knowledge. Think of philosophers, from the little that I know of them I gather that many of them despise money. So, introverts should use what they love to do, there way of generating energy, as their gift to others.
Then the question becomes, what do they do to make a living if they just give it all away? And the question becomes, will extroverts value the knowledge introverts have to give as much as they value their natural source of energy, social interaction?
I think in for that first question, the answer is thinking in terms of abundance not scarcity. You wont just have one golden idea that you need to cash in and that’s it. You’ll have enough information that you can at once give some away and be paid for the rest. People do this a lot, look at where khatz gives you the secret to fluency as well as motivation, personal development tips, and humor. For free. Yet at the same time, people pay him for more. That is abundance. As for the next question, would extroverts value knowledge in place of social interaction. I believe it depends on who is being given what knowledge. You could tell anyone, introvert or extrovert, something they don’t care about, and they wont value it so you have to be giving the right people the right info. This is another reason Ajatt works so well. Its a blog so its on the web and people, introverts or extroverts, search it out and receive the gift. Introvert  + Blog = Winning. Also though, in real life offline, I believe the introvert can defiantly use their gift naturally. Talking about interesting stuff because it interests them and they would enjoy sharing it, and that this would allow them and everyone, to enjoy more success socially and as side affect, financially.

So to all the introverts out there, you’re richer than u think, you have a gift, in abundance, to give to us all, and once you realize this we will all benefit.