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Make all variables cool names is a small start.
Give a cool background image.
create an imaginary company that is cool and from eve online.

What if I was doing transmission line analysis.

I could make the lines transmit something cool.
Use cool colored wires.
write in a cool font.
have a calculator that makes cool sounds.
have cool music playing in background or in head.
superimpose futuristic coolness like eve online, over the work.
Work with other people.
Work with hot girls around.
…if this was a class lab, I could suggest a role play concept
to work with, and solve all problems with that concept in mind.
Example, find length of whatever for whatever coil or whatever?
Create a small back story with the calculation as very important.
Use cool colors for all wires. Cool fonts for all writing.
Write on cool paper. Transmit something cool over the frequency,
cool as in a very specific frequency number, “911khz”for an
in bad taste example.

Take a picture of the spectrometer and Photoshop it to look
cooler and for the actual waves to be a cooler color.

Think of other cooler uses for this measurement.
Is it used in anything else that is cool?
How can u use this concept to make something beautiful?
Can you create a filter or affect sound in someway?
What about images or video?
Can you create anything very powerful using this.

There, and transmission line theory was so boring for me.

That was 20min worth of brainstorming, or less.

Remember, the idea of adventure point and click didn’t even
come to me on my own, I had to see it online to remember/think of
it. So imagine how many other ways I could make transmission line
theory fun and beautiful if given the time.

The problem is people just assume it can’t be fun. It can though, the
whole process can be turned into one giant work of art, if you
only have the winning attitude, and figure out how.

Infinite possibilities for overcoming any situation. That is just
reality as it can’t really be proven other wise.

So beyond just having hope for what you want, is the hope that
you can create things you want, out of things you don’t even
want. Making work fun. Of course you still want the initial things
you wanted more if they were worth while to begin with, but
the work can be fed love to the point that it is enjoyable enough
to be done with zeal as well.

I think this love and beauty can be applied to every area of life.
However, I also not that if there is a negative situation, like
danger or unhealthy atmosphere, it should be dealt with using
intelligence not fear. Relaxed intelligence. Negative situations
don’t need to be met love, that is for the mundane, not the
unhealthy. Well if you can do beauty, love, smart and relaxed, to
beat something negative then more power. It’s past my bed time.


Now I realize that just deciding to have fun is not

I know making music can end with something beautiful.
That still is’nt always enough to drive me to create
any. Days like today, the only way I can find fun
easily is with the most passive of pursuits.The
easiest wins. SO I watched like 3 farscape episodes
and enjoyed most minutes of it.

WHen it comes to active fun though, I don’t have that
energy. WHy is that. WHat is keeping me from having
it. Well I’m sure changing my sleeping pattern
as well as the overtraining I did yesterday and the
fasting today have something to do with it.

However these things happen. I’d rather not have to
“pack it in” and wait for a better day to try
again. That does’nt seem ideal or powerful or

I also feel like if I was with freinds I would be
able to have more fun, but then it is the same
passive thing again. The freinds bring the fun to me.

My solution is chosing mini goals, so small you just
have to do it once. Then so easy you can’t do it just

I remembered this as I was thinking about discipline
as the factor I needed. However, mini-goals are more
in the realm of fun as well. I’ts like a seed of
active fun. Pop one bubble of bubble wrap is the seed.
Eat one chip.Seed.

I can also so with confidence from
my research that the seed process is
dopamine dependant. This leads me to believe that
I am running on less dopamine than usual and I
assume it’s mostly over training by doing
forced reps of dead lifts 5×5 yesterday.

So this is’nt the same as forcing myself do to
something out of hatred. This is more about forcing
myself to do something because I realize I don’t feel
like doing anything and know this is not healthy and
needs to be dealt with right now.

Then it is also about the general fun factor of
active fun / creation, that needs to be facilitated
by the seed of a mini goal.

It’s for the sake of love and fun, it’s not forcing
myself to work only for money. It’s pushing myself
gently into a fun-positive state so I can be
productive towards goals I beleive in.

Also , I will use prioreties, setting the work as highest.
SO I would say, I only have to do one mini goal, but the
max I can do is 8 hrs of work. Aswell, until I reach 8 hr,
I wont work on anything that is not that goal, because
it has priorety. Once done the 8hrs, I move to the thing
with next highest priorety, lets say mandarin.

mini-goal:entertainment intervals, as short or long as
is fun and rewarding.

Is this a maintainable and productive lifestyle?
We shall find out! 20/05/2013

plus: Triggers – environmental reminders of goals, helps

Plus: keeping creation and connect/consume , in different
micro goals.

Plus: be patient so that micro goals can be satisfying.

low dopamine = anxiety
high dopamine = goal oriented

therefore low d = work away from what you don’t want
high d = work towards what you want

I wonder, if you have lo d , can u increase it by
working towards what you want, or having that mindset
even though it runs opposite to how you feel.

the easy way to do this would be with micro goals.

Active mindfulness. Work towards what you want in
the moment. instead of towards long term goals.
(but still in their context)

Acheiving micro goals increase dopamine and you become
more goal oriented.

Mindfulness itself is proven to increase dopamine.

So I think how far into the future you can aim
depends on starting dopamine, and the dopamine that
aim produces.

however, with long term goals, the brain often
loses dopamine on the way to the goal if it’s
long term.

With a goal like learning a language, at first the
dopamine is high and I can cram, but then it goes
away as it is too long without achievement.

Micro goals is the opposite. Constant achievement.

So Micro goals are a good way to get someone from
a point where they are working only away form what they
don’t want, to working towards what they do.

Micro goals are in that way, therapeutic, as well as