How to end Specific Addictions and Bad Habits

mental health

longterm penile-sensitivity

longterm GF relationship(s)

reboot date is set to Feb 17 2012.

no thinking about who you can do now that
your T levels are going up because fantasy
actually works against human sexuallity.

btw, it might be dopamine that increases
and makes you more social.

Because I don’t like the way people treat me other wise

Because if I stop, I will also start
eating sugar again and that will screw up my
fitness goals, and my teeth, and general health

Because a lot of us got tricked into this,
as well as sugar (like “rock candy”), from the beginning,
and we wont be kept down!

I wont do it once in a while, because I can’t afford to
do it once in a while.

I’ll never do it because its never the right thing to do.
a lot of people are tricked into the thinking that something
that is bad for you, is ok once in a while. Thats not true.

If it has become a bad habit, that has
taken me so many years trying to free my self
from, then they must be really bad for me.

and if I can’t just do it once in a while and be ok, and if
I am practicing forms of masturbation that those guys, who say its ok,
aren’t even doing, then they aren’t in any position to tell me
what is ok and not ok.

just like those guys that don’t get hyper active when they eat sugar,
they tell me “its ok”, and “c’mon”. nope! Its bad for me, so I wont.

I know, at least for me, that I need to stop porn forever,
because its the only way to save me from the shit it puts me through,
and I know that I need to stop masturbation for the 2 months I need to reboot (at least),
because that is so far the only successful method I know,
and I want success.