low dopamine = anxiety
high dopamine = goal oriented

therefore low d = work away from what you don’t want
high d = work towards what you want

I wonder, if you have lo d , can u increase it by
working towards what you want, or having that mindset
even though it runs opposite to how you feel.

the easy way to do this would be with micro goals.

Active mindfulness. Work towards what you want in
the moment. instead of towards long term goals.
(but still in their context)

Acheiving micro goals increase dopamine and you become
more goal oriented.

Mindfulness itself is proven to increase dopamine.

So I think how far into the future you can aim
depends on starting dopamine, and the dopamine that
aim produces.

however, with long term goals, the brain often
loses dopamine on the way to the goal if it’s
long term.

With a goal like learning a language, at first the
dopamine is high and I can cram, but then it goes
away as it is too long without achievement.

Micro goals is the opposite. Constant achievement.

So Micro goals are a good way to get someone from
a point where they are working only away form what they
don’t want, to working towards what they do.

Micro goals are in that way, therapeutic, as well as