Work Ethic (Remove Distractions)

Discipline is basically being able to control yourself, to sustain effort toward the action you choose. The antagonists to effort are: Distraction – something you would rather do or put effort towards (which involves priorities and emotions)
Focus issues – actual neurological dysfunction or brain damage that some people may have that make it harder to focus on one thing or even think period.
Excess Effort – If you put in too much effort, even mental effort, it is harder to sustain that effort.

Right now I want to talk about distraction. When you want to do something that you know it’s good for you, but it’s too boring, that boredom is caused by really the urge for more stimulation. This urge is an emotional distraction. The emotion of boredom can be caused by the subconscious understanding that you are not learning or doing in the optimal manner. However because in “Mindfulness” it is possible to see once boring things as interesting, I would say boredom can be beaten simply by more relaxation(to decrease negative emotions) and more present focus(to increase interest, dopamine, ect) If you don’t like doing homework because you’d rather do something more fun, then this is for you. Also, the distraction maybe start with an agitation, something that pulls you out of the moment like thirst, hunger, loud noises, problems in other areas of life. Relaxation technique and mindfulness can help with all those but in cases like thirst and hunger and loud noises you should see if there is a way to fix those problems, like fix a meal before working so you can eat when hungry.

Priorities are another area of distraction. If you know you need to find a job, but you see video games as more important, then of course you will play video games instead. This problem is common in kids. Kids are still learning about the world around them which actually is important. The thing is, is school more important or is learning about the world around them? If you arn’t sure then don’t expect them to be. A balance is best I think. Also, kids may not understand fully why school is important at all until they understand more about the world around them. In this situation how do you get them to do something they view as less important. Well I would say encouragement, positive reinforcement etc are the best way to do it. Adults on the other hand realize the importance of education and work. The trick is, to what extent is school and work the priority. That is an area the individual needs to have sorted out. Is work a priority over fun only to a certain extent? Or is work a priority over fun always? Fun includes learning in other areas, just not those related to work, so this can be a bit of an issue seeing as that outside learning can be good as well but it simply wont help with the goal. So you have to decide for yourself, how much should you be sacrificing for your goal, for work, for school. And why, you have to have motivating reasons, one or several, as to why a propriety is a propriety.

In my situation, I am living with my parents, this is not freedom. I want to be able to live where I want for as long as I want, to be mobile. That is only one reason why I need a job. Others are wanting to start a family in the future. Wanting to go back to school. I need money for that freedom and stability so that I can pursue my interests and I want it as soon as possible obviously. Therefore I have to decided, what am I willing to give up to get to that goal. I have to give up time doing something else, for time working on my goal. So I can say, anything not related to my health, I am willing to give up. I would say socializing is kinda important, to an extent, so I will keep a bit of that but just enough. Like an hour a day, or 5 hours once a week. I have to consciously decide that this is a fair trade. It might not have seemed fair as a ten year old or fifteen year old when everyone around me was just having fun and learning about the world. However some ten year olds were already willing to make a similar(though less extreme) trade. Maybe due to parenting(which was based on the reasons I have listed for myself). So is it fair, 60 – 80 hours of solid work until I get where I need to be. No matter how long that takes. Or sweeten the deal by adding a bit of work based on meaningful passionate work. Maybe an hour or two a day since in the long term it may bring in income as well. Yes, the trade seems like a winner. Either I work hard now and earn freedom soon, or I don’t work hard now and since there is a lot less fun to be had with so little money, I will just be waiting. It makes no sense to not give it my all.

Excess effort. There is a difference between doing hours of active recall of vocabulary and just reviewing notes, and revising them, condensing the, as you remember more. One is easy and the other is super hard. They are both efficient enough too. But the constant active recalls, well doing that for long periods of time takes more energy. It`s still doable, maybe for any length of time, but because it takes more effort it takes more discipline, and more relaxation and mindfulness to not because emotional about it. That is the only thing there. Because there are more efficient ways to learn than by rote active recall, those should be used instead.





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