True to self/Personal developement/future family

I had some very interesting conversations with two people.

One who mentioned the importance of reading a lot regardless of whether or not you had a specific question but instead to introduce myself to new ideas which may raise questions of their own. This is an interesting idea and I’m sure it works for him but my question is would it work for an introvert who spends a lot of time on reflection and innovation, or would all that reading just overcrowd an introvert’s mind.

The other suggested working towards a steady job regardless of whether or not you had dreams of your own. It seemed like he valued the simple luxuries like a big house, a car, ect, more than I do, but I still really do see where he was coming from. He grew up in a pretty well-off family and now that he wants to move out on his own he is realizing how much he his parents were providing him with and he wants to have that for himself and his family. That’s very reasonable. The thing is, I’m not sure I had been thinking that far ahead. The only times I had thought that far ahead were to motivate myself to make money for completely different reasons. Recently after hearing steve pavlina talk about why you should never work for someone else or be paid for your time, ect, I started thinking, “ya that’s right , why should I work for anyone else, why should I ever go to school again” also I realized I wasn’t being true to myself by just going to school for a major I didn’t care about just to get the diploma just to make money so that maybe girls will see me as an independent and more powerful person. I realized it wasn’t worth giving up on who I was, sacrificing it all to make money. I realized I was worth more than that.

However I think when I was in school I was overzealous towards schooling, and money. Then when I got my college diploma and no job for 5 months and realized I hated my major, I become over zealously opposed to school. I Think both experiences were eye opening but that now my choice has to be based on a more complex strategy then just doing the opposite of what I had been doing. SO I’m thinking of being BOTH true to myself AND getting myself set up for when I want to start a family.

Next point is that me and I think many other passionate people, artist, ect, will not be able to work on their passion for hours at a time. Besides those times when inspiration strikes, any other work in that field will be the same as working on something they aren’t passionate about besides the fact that they are being true to themselves. Put another way, my creative output from a year I was in school and my output from a year I was free 24/7 where about the same. so there is no point not spending time on something else if the time will be just wasted other wise. Only it has to be something that seems worth while, and in a healthy environment, so working in a field and around people you can’t relate to at all would be unhealthy.

The Plan:

Put the best of all worlds together.

So you have your passion(s) on the one hand, the “right now hand”, and you hope that with those you will reach a point where you are making a decent income without having to work so hard that you lose interest in them “burn out”.
and you have your future, the time when you will want to start a family and want to be able to live well with them.
My latest hypothesis was that if you were to focus on giving to yourself and to everyone around you and have a positive attitude and be true to yourself and be healthy, that people would pay you for just that. However another idea, possibly less risky, and actually in some cases more time efficient, would be to do do both.

Assuming nothing your passionate about has a corresponding university major, simply choose what ever is closest and has good earning potential. There should be something like that, something where studying it would improve how you perform in your passion. Then study that at a more relaxed pace than in university.

Be true to yourself now AND work towards the life you want for your future family at a pace set so that you will have what you need when you need it.

Create when you want to create AND schedule a time everyday where you study as if in school.
Self study until you have the money to enroll in a course but be meeting people in your chosen field all the while.(Very different from when I graduated and then started trying to make contacts)
This strategy includes what the first person told me which was too try reading just to expand my knowledge base in my field of interest. However I am doing it two aims, two


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