Meaningful work in the meantime

After reading this blog post:

I started thinking. I already new that I wanted
to do meaningful things with my life. However I was in a predicament
where the meaningful things I wanted to do where not things society
saw as needs.

So what does this mean? At first I thought, well society is wrong
some times. People in general sometimes don’t even know what they want.
I want to do music and art ect, and I defend it’s importance as an
element of life which develops us spirituality.

Well that makes sense. However, not everyone in the world is
ready to make use of that spiritual development. For example,
people who are starving, can’t eat music. They need food.

So, our society is made up of people in all stages of development.
People who are well off and can focus on spiritual stuff, and people
who are not well off and are focused on basic necessities, including
people who are simply suffering from illness.

Society functions as a whole, making sure that for the most part
everyone gets there basic needs met. What is required for this to work
though, is for everyone to chip in. If instead, the sick had to care for
themselves, while the well played football, whenever someone were to
fall ill, they would have less chance of surviving, and many people
fall in over the life time.

With a society, everyone works to help everyone else out so that
everyone gets what they need. Further more, if everyone works from
there strengths, society is way stronger, than if everyone did a bit of

Money ensures that everyone does there part.

If art and music were as important as other things like doctors and
nurses, they would be paid as such. However, in most animals, the
drive to avoid suffering is more important that the drive towards
pleasure. Pain and pleasure can still be seen as to ends of a
single spectrum, the pain side would just be the longer side.

Society then can be seen as moving up the spectrum, together, from
the pain side, to the pleasure side. However, as doctors are still
paid very well, it is clear that as a whole society is still more
on the pain side of the spectrum. So the priorities and therefore
the allocation of payment is in favor of work that lessens the suffering
of society.

Now I was really only talking about North American society. If we take the
whole world into account as one big society, we are definitely further down
into the pain side of the spectrum.

Now this doesn’t mean don’t do any art or music.
This doesn’t mean you’ll never make a living doing so.

This is simply the reason why you are or have worked unrelated
part time jobs in the mean time. Jobs that allow you to survive
and to support your passion. Jobs that do help society in some way.

Now, I will attempt to make supporting yourself a little bit more fun.
If you find a job where you are doing something meaningful, something
interesting, something autonomous, and something were you get breaks and
time off ect, and where you can learn and grow, you will probably enjoy
that job, whether or not it is a job in your area of passion(art, music, games, ect).

If you think about it, all that I just described, are the key elements of
many really good video games. Minus cool graphics. Music you might be able to
get, and you can find a job working with cool people.

For me personally, for a job to be meaningful, for me to feel like I am
doing something awesome, I’ll probably have to be working solo or with a
few people on a really really big goal. I’m far too innovative for my strengths
to be utilized in an assembly line engineering type job. My strength require
that I be able to call the shots.

Now for careers that could work for me.

Cognitive science something creative
Bioinformatics something creative
National defense something create

(basically anything very important, and in a way that I can
use my creativity and therefore feel like my contributions are important
which would make it fulfilling) (going for programming only cause for now
it’s the easiest point of entry into cutting edge type jobs)

Now for how I can get into one of these careers.

if no money, loan the school
or inventor then search/hope for grant
or inventor and search/hope for internship
or inventor and  apply skills to get whatever job to make money for school

What having a meaningful career path does is it sets you up to
be intrinsically motivated to learn on your own. So you can get a career
that is intrinsically motivating so that you can support the things you
personally want to do.

Note: if you are living in poverty, any job is meaningful because you
are trying to survive which is meaningful, so that is all the
intrinsic motivation you need.

So far this is a theory, but it makes sense to me, more so that going
straight for a min wadge job and holding on to it as you build up your
skill in whatever artistic pursuit you are interested in which may
still leave you making minimum wadge. Might as well do the min wadge but
also work on something meaningful and the artistic stuff. Eventually
segway into the meaningful stuff and artistic stuff only. Then eventually
segway into only the artistic stuff. The theory of how this would be
possible would be that you either become the valuable enough 1% of artists,
or you do enough meaningful work to pay your way so you don’t have to work
anymore, or as often or for a while.


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