Sexual Revolution

This resonates with me.

It’s the scarcity and abundance principle.

Do you see people as unhealthy and ugly for the most part,
or sexy.

I guess I see a higher purpose now to talking to less attractive people. First of all, you never know, they might be the only one around when you wanna screw. Second and way more important is that it improves the view we all have of ourselves when we see the sexuality of others instead of only seeing what’s missing or wrong.

It kind lifts the dignity of a women when you flirt with her, regardless of whether or not you would have sex with her, because to flirt with her you choose to see the sexuality and be turned on by that sexuality, in order to flirt in a sexually charged(more natural) manner.(Therefore not fake)

Other societies that are less westernized seem to understand this. Spanish and Latin cultures seem to do this naturally. Actually I even remember getting my hair done by this black girl and her baby niece or sister was there and a few of the hair doer’s friends were there and one(a girl) was saying about the baby sister that she is going to have a nice ass when she grows up basically. That was at the time , to my dismay, but now I can see it in a new light. Especially since I don’t think any of that company where pedophiles. So it was the acknowledgement of a humans sexuality which is a form of abundance that we all have. To not acknowledge it or only do so in a negative light, is a good way to slightly demoralize a people.

I will add as a side note, that in the same vein there may be other positive traits in people that I could be acknowledging and therefore enjoying and may start doing. To the benefit of both sides.

These days, depending on where you live, people around you may be the type who look in disgust at anyone who isn’t a 8-10.

“ew, ew no, don’t talk to me, no don’t touch me, no, ew, no,
no ok?, your not ok, your not right, ewww!”

Honestly, we have a real “ew culture” in North America.
Does it come from some previous centuries sexual diseases that left traumatic memories that are being transferred down generations? maybe, iunno.

I can see how this could be a negative thing for everyone, not just the unattractive person. I mean, to judge that harshly, you gotta turn around and look in the mirror with those same judgements(maybe iunno). Anyways, with all
the mental health issues going on, we definitely need more people who see the sexiness in others and not only the negative side.

Next, the idea that you need to figure out if a girl is “good enough” for you, is fine, I mean, you don’t want to enter into a damaging relationship, but at the same time you don’t need to pretend a woman is not a woman otherwise. What I’m saying therefore is that to not be sexual with a woman is kinda of doing that, pretending or maybe deeply
feeling that they are not a woman. Just a friend or acquaintance.

Next, you know there are places where rape is just crazy rampant. You gotta wonder what would happen if people were more open to sexuality instead of letting it get tainted by frustration and anger although I’m sure there are other reasons for rape, I feel this is worth noting.

Then there are the obvious physiological/psych benefits to being thought of by and thinking of, every human being(at least opposite sex) as sexy. If girls catch on and start doing this too, stop treating men like boys, I can imagine a huge shift in culture. Everyone would have more confidence which means more health, mood, exercise, everything.

My only concern is, how to be sexual without being a tease. Or is that ok? lol. It’s still a complement even if I don’t end up f*cking the girl.


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