The Career Struggle

I powerfully do not want to have to do work as something separate from the rest of my life like some sort of drudgery or self sacrifice. y’know, in some countries people actually hibernate when food is scarce and that seems close to the same thing to me as working 8hrs a day doing something I don’t care about. I ‘m not saying I have to be a rock star or any other super passionate thing. I just want everything I do in life to be fulfilling. I feel like there should be a way to do this and I have an idea of how right now.

I’ve come up with a new theory, based partly on the MBTI (a personality type indicator)and partly on video games. It’s still a theory but it’s something. Of course not everyone plays video games, video games is just one example of people doing work purely for achievement, I’m sure there are other examples of people doing this.

The theory is that people really want to be challenged in the way that they find the most exhilarating. That is what they want out of a job, and a big part of what they want out of life. It doesn’t depend on any innate passion either. The fact that people play video games proves that they like to work, as long as it’s the type of challenge they want to complete. It’s about the type of growth that is satisfying to the individual. I think MBTI and a persons video game history together can show what type of work they would enjoy.

The MBTI part is basically using your personality type and it’s description to better understand what areas you would enjoy and at the same time by gifted in. It would be able to tell you for instance if you would enjoy a leadership role or a team mate role or if you are a solo type or if you enjoy teaching.

This actually lead me to so revelations about myself and others and how different personality types enjoy and at the same time excel is specific types of work. Not necessarily(although some times) fields of work, simply their position in those fields.

Now, about video games.

Case Study #1

I have a friend who got 100% on every level including bonus levels of Yoshi’s island. He did it because he enjoyed it. I watched some times but I though, why would anyone want to do this. Well, it’s his personality type obviously. He is a natural specialist. He gravitates towards the challenge of mastery. For someone like this, the usual advice of follow your passion or follow your interest, will work well. He is a musician, but if he wasn’t, he would do the next most interesting thing for him, in an area that he could find mastery in, and master it, and be easily employable. (have a few other friends who fit this mastery category as well)

Case Study #2

I have a friend who, when he plays video games, does things just because he can. He like to manipulate the system and think outside the box and get creative and inventive to exert as much influence over the game as possible. In multilayer, he will do things, to screw up other players, even to the detriment of himself sometimes. So for this type of player, it`s not so much about being the best, or getting 100%, It`s about a feeling of personal power. He also does a lot of electronics projects on his own, computer science major ect. He has specialized,but in a field where he will always be learning new ways to influence the world through the power of technology.

Case Study #3

Me. I play video games, but as soon as I start to understand the idea of the skill, how it all works, what routine practice I have to do to be amazing at the game, I get bored. However, I like RPG games with amazing story lines, at least if they are original enough. When I play smash bros, I use Samus because this character is one that seems very technical and hard to understand. In star craft, I can never stick to one race, or one strategy long enough to get really good cause I get bored. I thought this only confirmed the point that there is no field I can enjoy without getting bored very soon. Actually though, what this says about me is that I like complexity. I like figuring out how things work if they seem hard to understand. I have found it hard to find a field that I can see being fulfilling for me but I have always been fascinated by complex ideas and although I said I didn’t want to specialize because I get bored, there are so many complex ideas in fields like math(which school really doesn’t do justice), and programming, philosophy(less employment), that as long as I look for the challenges, I can stay interested in any one of those fields. Not to mention they are all branches of logic.

There are just examples that really stand out for me, but my other friends also seem to fit into one of these neat categories.

I`m sure there are other types that I haven’t played with because I don’t play sports games or FPS. I assume there are types who are natural leaders that would play WOW and Eve online and have guilds. I assume there are teacher types that enjoy helping other people get better.

In the beginning of man, we worked often because we had to work. Some people still do work jobs they don’t like because they have to work. Some people think life would be amazing if they didn’t have to do any work. That work is always something that is forced upon them. I think though that actually people really do like to work. The work doesn’t even have to be based on some preexisting passion, it just has to be the type of work that suits the person. Not that you shouldn’t follow your passions as well, just that work is one of them.

Life started as a constant challenge, where we weren’t sure if we would win or die. Ironically or coincidentally or maybe on purpose, I think humans, and many other forms of life, naturally crave challenge. We want to be challenged to the point that we are not sure the can win, and then win and feel amazing about it. It feels so good because in order to win, we have to grow. it’s a form of evolution in a way. For me then it seems like it’s not really about being about to say, I am a scientist, I am a doctor, I am a lawyer. It’s more about being able to say, I am playing the game called scientist, I am playing the game called lawyer. It’s about taking up a challenge in the area you naturally want to evolve in, and evolving.


After reading this blog post:

I started thinking. I already new that I wanted
to do meaningful things with my life. However I was in a predicament
where the meaningful things I wanted to do where not things society
saw as needs.

So what does this mean? At first I thought, well society is wrong
some times. People in general sometimes don’t even know what they want.
I want to do music and art ect, and I defend it’s importance as an
element of life which develops us spirituality.

Well that makes sense. However, not everyone in the world is
ready to make use of that spiritual development. For example,
people who are starving, can’t eat music. They need food.

So, our society is made up of people in all stages of development.
People who are well off and can focus on spiritual stuff, and people
who are not well off and are focused on basic necessities, including
people who are simply suffering from illness.

Society functions as a whole, making sure that for the most part
everyone gets there basic needs met. What is required for this to work
though, is for everyone to chip in. If instead, the sick had to care for
themselves, while the well played football, whenever someone were to
fall ill, they would have less chance of surviving, and many people
fall in over the life time.

With a society, everyone works to help everyone else out so that
everyone gets what they need. Further more, if everyone works from
there strengths, society is way stronger, than if everyone did a bit of

Money ensures that everyone does there part.

If art and music were as important as other things like doctors and
nurses, they would be paid as such. However, in most animals, the
drive to avoid suffering is more important that the drive towards
pleasure. Pain and pleasure can still be seen as to ends of a
single spectrum, the pain side would just be the longer side.

Society then can be seen as moving up the spectrum, together, from
the pain side, to the pleasure side. However, as doctors are still
paid very well, it is clear that as a whole society is still more
on the pain side of the spectrum. So the priorities and therefore
the allocation of payment is in favor of work that lessens the suffering
of society.

Now I was really only talking about North American society. If we take the
whole world into account as one big society, we are definitely further down
into the pain side of the spectrum.

Now this doesn’t mean don’t do any art or music.
This doesn’t mean you’ll never make a living doing so.

This is simply the reason why you are or have worked unrelated
part time jobs in the mean time. Jobs that allow you to survive
and to support your passion. Jobs that do help society in some way.

Now, I will attempt to make supporting yourself a little bit more fun.
If you find a job where you are doing something meaningful, something
interesting, something autonomous, and something were you get breaks and
time off ect, and where you can learn and grow, you will probably enjoy
that job, whether or not it is a job in your area of passion(art, music, games, ect).

If you think about it, all that I just described, are the key elements of
many really good video games. Minus cool graphics. Music you might be able to
get, and you can find a job working with cool people.

For me personally, for a job to be meaningful, for me to feel like I am
doing something awesome, I’ll probably have to be working solo or with a
few people on a really really big goal. I’m far too innovative for my strengths
to be utilized in an assembly line engineering type job. My strength require
that I be able to call the shots.

Now for careers that could work for me.

Cognitive science something creative
Bioinformatics something creative
National defense something create

(basically anything very important, and in a way that I can
use my creativity and therefore feel like my contributions are important
which would make it fulfilling) (going for programming only cause for now
it’s the easiest point of entry into cutting edge type jobs)

Now for how I can get into one of these careers.

if no money, loan the school
or inventor then search/hope for grant
or inventor and search/hope for internship
or inventor and  apply skills to get whatever job to make money for school

What having a meaningful career path does is it sets you up to
be intrinsically motivated to learn on your own. So you can get a career
that is intrinsically motivating so that you can support the things you
personally want to do.

Note: if you are living in poverty, any job is meaningful because you
are trying to survive which is meaningful, so that is all the
intrinsic motivation you need.

So far this is a theory, but it makes sense to me, more so that going
straight for a min wadge job and holding on to it as you build up your
skill in whatever artistic pursuit you are interested in which may
still leave you making minimum wadge. Might as well do the min wadge but
also work on something meaningful and the artistic stuff. Eventually
segway into the meaningful stuff and artistic stuff only. Then eventually
segway into only the artistic stuff. The theory of how this would be
possible would be that you either become the valuable enough 1% of artists,
or you do enough meaningful work to pay your way so you don’t have to work
anymore, or as often or for a while.

AT first I didn’t want to get into game programming, I just
wanted to do programming as a job and that’s it.

Now though I learn that the best way to show employers your skill
in programming is to have done projects. I realize at some point
I am going to have to create something.

Then I realized, I have awesome ideas in many other areas and if
I could incorporate them into some games the games would be awesome.

The I realized, I don’t play games but it’s not so much that I’m
not a gamer maybe, it might be more that I just don’t like the
games that are out now. They are all the same. I can fix that

Also the fact that games are a lot more fun with other people
usually. However FF7 and and especially 10 were games I played on
my own and they were amazing.

These games were more than just games, they told stories,
made political points, displayed different psychological

Zelda ocarina of time was awesome in a different way. It was simply
awe inspiring.

I know a lot about psychology and what makes things fun, and
if I could all my knowledge into making cool games, even just as
projects, it would be worth my time I think.

SO what is/are the moral(s) of this story as far as career searching

Well one is that with most professions there are probably many
ways to spin the profession into something you would

another is that when it comes to learning and maybe human advancement
as a whole, it’s important once you are surviving, to make whatever
it is you chose to do, fun.

Another is as an INTP it is probably super important to work with
mediums of expression like language, math, programming, instead
of simply one specialty, because we are innovators, we connect
concepts and as long as we have a powerful medium we can create
great things.

Also, learning about a medium through creating great and fun things
is probably better than simply learning about the medium for it’s
self, as a slog.

Also, programming is one medium but then games are a medium within
that medium and games encompasses writing, music, visuals, ect. So many
others put together. So I guess you could call it a Poly-medium.
Another poly-medium would be movies and tv shows, another one
would be comic-books even. These mediums put many other mediums of expression
together allowing for even more creative options. That is amazing I think.

Is there such a thing as being too independent.

I know I’m not alone in my mixed feelings about society.

We are a modern society and have abundance but we still have some
problems one being that we pushed a nation off to reserves so we
could build.

Anyways, I know I am part of the human race and I know I personally
need human contact to be healthy so in that sense I accept being
a part of society.As well I was born from another human being
and received help and am thankful.

However I’ve decided just to test the waters of individuality, that
I would question “society as most people know it. Where you work
a job for the benefit of everyone who in turn work to help you.

This idea although it seems kind of utopian, at the same time it
spells hopelessness in the sense that a human needs to be a part of
one of these societies to survive. A child more likely would
and that is understandable so I guess this is also about adulthood.

What if I or another adult was exiled from society. Would that mean
that person had lost their chance to survive and to thrive.
That would mean that person had no personal power to begin with and
that kinda sucks for an individualist.

I am looking at this from the perspective of everyone is responsible
for themselves and their happiness because this independence is the
essence of personal power in a way. So what would someone do in that
situation assuming they accepted responsibility.

Well remember john Crichton in farscape when he was on that planet
that had no energy. He met people but he still lived off by himself
and thrived as best he could in that environment.

As best he could. I think this is key, because thriving can be seen
as relative to many things. To other people, to past levels of
comfort. The only real measure I would say is how much work you
put into thriving. If you put in 100% into having all your needs
met “as best you can” then the result is thriving.

John at that point, could maybe have gotten cavity that he couldn’t
deal with or an infection but he would take responsibility for it
, ask (maybe not beg) for help but otherwise figure out what
he could to deal with the problem if nothing else deal with
the pain or pull the tooth slowly himself iunno.

Thriving is about taking responsibility for ones self, ones level of
comfort and ones environment and ones survival as best they can.

You can have more lofty goals in mind and that’s good, even better
though is to be working towards the goals but at the same time
happy that you are working towards them because you are therefore
thriving. Of course once work outweighs benefit?/need?/want? then
the work should slow to maintenance or a bit above.

So lets say a man is thrown into a forest. He could get upset
and depressed and just catch squires with a stick and have a
shorter life expectancy.

Or he could build a shelter, find the right kind of food by
observing what other animals eat ect and live natural and
eventually get old and worn out and weak and succumb to the
environment. If that is the best he could do then you could
say he thrived. However if he just didn’t have the right attitude
and was negative then he didn’t thrive.

I say this because I’m assuming he is a man from this generation
so he would have seem how machines and gears work at some point
in his life. He as seen the wheel. So if he wanted to thrive
even more he could keep building more every day. Out of wood
or whatever else. He could do great things in the years before
he starts getting old so that when he did get old he would be
able to chill and still survive. If he has the forethought
and wants to live a long time that is what he’ll do.
That is more like what John Crichton did although maybe not for that

Also, if he did this and took that level of responsibility for his
needs and even his wants/(needs of the future), he could
attract people from the society that exiled him for purely
vain purposes maybe, but still, taking responsibility for himself
the society respects him as an individual and not a cog that is
helpless on his own. He isn’t helpless he has abundance, and then
society realizes that his frame of mind, his innate abundance,
and they salivate because if there were more people like him working
within the society then who knows how much better it could be.

Then if he needs an antibiotic he’ll get it because of his personal
power he is worthy of the highest respect. Also he will probably
be pretty compassionate feeling the abundance(present and future)
that he has.

There are a few areas where you will find this type of person in
abundance I think although they may exist scattered in many fields
even art or music, I think a lot of them are entrepreneurs and
hackers. Especially hackers because they use new technology and do
basically whatever they want with it. They have adapted and I’m
sure they feel bad ass because of it. They have that self-efficacy
and positive attitude. They have abundance and freedom. They are
used to solving problems and doing things to make there lives
easier without waiting on anyone else.

That is why I think it’s important for more people to get into
technology. It’s adaption. It’s the new muscle.

(btw, when doing spell check, I wonder if there is a way to arrow key

between highlighted words instead of having to move the cursor

with the mouse. hmmm)

Right before I wrote this I read :

and earlier I read a lot of other stuff too…let’s begin.

When it comes to living as a human being, being social is a huge part. It was huge when we first started out, and it continues to be huge now. Especially with the way our economy is right now, being social is extremely important. Not being social though, being liked. If you want a promotion, a job, and even self-employment, you need people to like you to be successful. This post will mostly deal with how introverts can become more likable because extrovert already have a natural advantage because they are naturally more social and talkative which people associate with trustworthiness for better or worse.

Now the obvious way most people would think of for an introvert to become more likable is that if extroverts are more likable then introverts should act like extroverts. However I really don’t think that’s the best idea. I think life works best when everyone in honest instead of pretending. My task therefore is to find a way for introverts to be as likable as extroverts without sacrificing morals and authentic selves.

So to figure out how to do this we need to know what likeability is. Basically it being easy to like. So how is that done. Well for someone to like you, you have to be good for them as a person and they have to be able to relate to you. There may be other things but these are main ones. It’s easy for anyone, introvert or extrovert to relate to an extrovert because an extrovert will show their emotions. An introvert doesn’t do this as much so it’s harder to get to know them. The remedy for this if you are interested is to express you emotions openly. Even just through speaking is fine. Also an extrovert will let out more of who they are in general like the things they like and don’t like. You don’t have to be super high energy, but just speak whats on your mind and people will relate to you more. If you are curious about something or someone, ask the questions you want to ask. People love talking about themselves, and they would love to know what your authentic interests in them are.

Relationships are based on trust. That is pretty common knowledge how ever the important thing I learned from the article on “likeonomics” is that likability is also based on trust. Apparently Steve Jobs was a brutally honest person and people loved him. Like a cult. So, don’t tell a fat person, “oh your so fat!” or anything like that, but just be authentic, I think is the best thing. It’s something extroverts do naturally but it’s not something introverts have to fake. It’s actually more like, we are faking that we aren’t relate-able because we don’t share much of ourselves. Of course we aren’t actively faking it, but we have the power to show that we are relate-able and we often just chose not too.

Unless someone finds a good reason why introverts are better off not being more authentic while extroverts are ok to do so I would say introverts should be more authentic.

If you can let people know more who you are, instead of leaving so much to the imagination, you will become more likeable. Obviously tact is good when you are speaking your mind, as well as humor(self deprecating, and other) and those are all skill you can learn without being fake. Also people often say a good conversationalist matches the energy level of the person they are speaking with. I’m not sure this is always a must. However if you are in a situation where you don’t want to offend an extrovert, you at least  have to have match they’re level of interest in having a conversation. I have pissed off a lot of people simply because I wasn’t interested in talking with them at the time(other things on my mind) and I didn’t think I should be fake and pretend to care about the conversation. After a few negative experiences I am realizing that it’s the same way people don’t burp or scratch their crotch in public, to not offend anyone. In this circumstance it is not seen as fake, it is seen as compassionate, and I understand that. So if someone wants to talk with me it’s polite to respond with eye contact, body language and matched energy(where it makes sense). However if you can some how be authentic instead like of matching energy it could work better, just use tact.

Ah I just thought of another great study. There was a study saying that if two strangers meet and one makes a racists comment about a race that neither belong to, more rapport is built than if neither had spoke. This is on average. This is not to say that most people are racists, at least I don’t think. I think this means that people are drawn to authenticity. The racists person was obviously honest if he was willing to be racists. oh, oh, and also, back to the idea of giving and mutually beneficial arrangements, the racists gave to the other, he put himself in a vulnerable position. He put himself in a position where the other man was left with the choice to keep his secret(mutual benefit) or betray him. When this happens, you have a GIFT EXCHANGE!!! So there is a third gift. The gift of authenticity. I’m so happy I figured this out. This is yet another way in which giving is good in this universe. Give and you shall receive. Also this is also underlines the importance of working to become in harmony with the universe. When in harmony, your authentic self will be good enough to be likeable. Otherwise you’ll be either forced to change, or lie which just get’s harder and harder to keep up with.

So now lets say an introvert who has passion for basket weaving, wants to make real money to support himself. He has to network if he wants a good paying job or business. So how should he do it? he key points to keep in mind are abundance, positive attitude, authenticity, love, maybe some others. I want to describe the bad way and then the good way after.

Bad way:
He goes to a networking event. He greets his first potential connection. His mindset is, I need(scarcity) this guy so that I can make money. I can’t act like an extrovert that’s too fake, but I gotta get him to like me. Well I can tell him about my credentials. Gotta pretend I’m not desperate even though I am. “hey man you ok, your sweating”, “huh no ya I’m fine….uh yeah so I went to school, to school for… for…” “so maybe we can do business ey? ey?, wann exchange email and maybe help each other out, then we can both win. We cAn BoTh WiN!!” “I’m very interested in learning more about stocks because stocks are very interesting to me, I hope we can get together again and talk about stocks.”(not authentic at all, unless you really love the concept of stocks)

Good way:

He goes to a networking event. He greets his first potential connection. His mindset is, I’ve got this networking event, then I got another(abundance) one tomorrow, then one(abundance) next week. I’ll meet lots of people, let them know what I(authenticity) want, and why I(authenticity) want it. Whoever out of those people can relate to me, and I to them, we can go from there. The I’ll see what their skills are and tell them mine, but whoever I like and who likes me, we should find a way to help each other. So for this first guy…(I’m looking for connections so I can make more money and live better, you down for that?)

So obviously the with the good way he will be coming in to the event with a winning attitude, abundance mindset, and authenticity. He has no reason to be desperate because he knows to not put all his eggs in one basket. Also He becomes valuable simply because he knows that once he meets people and gets connected, he can start to make things happen. So his value is that he knows he is valuable. It doesn’t even take long to realize that there is power in connections. If you didn’t know it before you should have picked it up from this article. The trick is knowing how much value you have just by having those connections. Really it’s the difference between scarcity and abundance. With abundance you realize that you are actually extremely valuable just by being able to communicate with other human beings and make connections.  Also he will meet people and they will like him because he is positive, valuable, and authentic. The authenticity takes practice for people who aren’t naturally comfortable with themselves or with money. You have to love yourself enough and know that you become more valuable as a human being if you can be authentic. You also have to be ok with wanting money, if you think it’s wrong to start a business “just for the money” then you need to realize what money really is. It’s thanks for your work to help society and your neighbor. Business, unless it’s wall street loop hole type or illegal or environmentally unfriendly, is all about improving our world. Getting money for it is just a way to make sure as many people are motivate to keep improving it and not just let it stagnate. (as far as I know about money anyway)

So if you can be a a good person (definitely important but it’s not something that has to be faked, just realize that the universe rewards giving, and good) If you can have a positive attitude, and abundance mindset, and an authentic way about you, you can make many connections. If you get all of what I’m saying here, then you are basically rich already. Knowledge is power.

So now, what is the real reason our economy sucks? Is it outsourcing, is it shadow government conspiracies, or is it lack of authenticity and lack of the mindset of abundance which keeps people from coming together to create more abundance.

I want to take a look at a scenario, a “case study”. Let’s say you have a early to mid twenties male(female would work the same) introvert who lives with his parents and is looking for a living wadge so he can move out. Let’s go a bit further and say that his parents are want him out, in…. two weeks to a month. So he needs a job or his face meets the streets in one month. Now the main concepts I would try to keep in mind in this situation are “positive attitude”, “abundance”, “work ethic(priorities)”, love, being true to one’s self, and maybe a few others I’ll see if they come up.

Where do you find the best jobs in such short notice. Starting a business is usually not an option because they take time to generate a living salary and are unstable for a time. For this reason I will go with general employment. There are jobs out there paying a good income that you don’t even need too much education to get, what your do need is a connection. You need to know someone who can get you in. How do you form such a connection if you don’t have one? Well a connection is a relationship with another human being. What is the relationship based on? Trust, mutual benefit, and like/love, acquaintance.  What the young man would have to do is meet someone who has the power to get him a good job, earn their trust, create a mutually beneficial arrangement and or earn their friendship. As well, all this needs to be done without the young man being “needy” and negative during the interaction. He needs to get help without begging for it which apparently is a huge turn-off.

The importance of giving, from a more universal perspective. We humans, need each other. We die without human touch for extended periods of time, we go mad in solitary confinement,we wouldn’t be born or give birth, without another human being. We are social creatures. We are dependent on each other. However this does not mean you need every single person around you. Actually depending on who you are, some of the people in your life could be doing more harm than good for to you and even to society. Being dependent on each other is a large generalization but it is still extremely significant. It may make more sense to just say we are dependent on “others”. What this means is that to help another human being, help in a positive way, is a good thing to do. If you help someone, you help that person, yourself, and everyone else. Because we are all dependent on others. Therefore although this young man may be desperate to find a job, should he focus on only his needs? Or the needs of others. Helping others is an intricate idea.

You could help someone and never be thanked, or you can help someone and they give you a million dollars. It is situational. There are certain situations you should look for when trying to help. It should help to take a look at the bigger picture. Where will you be the most help to society and the world? Giving a bum a dollar so he can buy who knows what isn’t a good use of your time or money and it’s not much help in the larger sense. Volunteering with a political council, or the UN, or environment services may be better. In these better ways of helping, the people you meet will respect you because they will see that what you are doing is actually helpful. That you are helpful to this world. Of course you should also believe in the help you re giving. Volunteer to work in the educational sector if you believe people deserve better education, if you can see that more education means a better society for you to live in as well as everyone else. That’s just an example. Giving is good if you give smart. If you give smart, in an area you actual want to give to out of love for that area, you will be staying true to yourself which is also important, and will make working for free less of an issue. Also there are ways to give where you don’t have to put out much like tipping someone off with information you heard or making music for people if you already like making music. Stuff like that is good to but for the purposes I will explain later, the giving I’m discussing is volunteer work. You just have to realize, if you want your future to be flying cars or utopia or anything awesome, you should be willing to work on those things for free as a volunteer, so don’t knock on volunteering.

So back to this young man. He needs connection(s), more than one would be best because not all of them will have positions waiting just for him even if they do like him. So this young man doesn’t want to seem desperate even though he only has a month. He wants to build relationships based on trust, mutual benefit, and possibly friendship. Here is the way that can be done. He should start volunteering for a few different organizations who’s work he believes in. Here he can get to know many people, gain cognitive-based trust(trust that he is capable and reliable), an he sets it up a relationship where the ball is in their court as for as making the relationship mutually beneficial. Work ethic(priority) comes in here because he needs to work really hard at each volunteer position to make himself look good. So if this young man is looking for work, and he has one month, let’s say he splits up his time into looking for work for 20% of his waking time, and Volunteering for 60% of his waking time, with 20% to travel, eat, bathroom, ect. At the end of the month he will have some good connections assuming he volunteered somewhere worth while. He might have made a friend or two but let’s say he’s a super introvert and didn’t make any. He still would have had many opportunities to help out others, especially since he would have created a network around 3 separate organizations. Crunch time, he needs a job. He explains his situation and see what anyone can do, or doesn’t explain to seem not desperate and asks what anyone can do anyways. He might might get something out of that. If he does he should take whatever job it is and continue volunteering with whatever extra time he has. BTW all the while he had been job hunting 20% of the time.

The big idea in this strategy is that no matter what situation this young man is in, he should try his best to be doing the things he would be doing anyways. The things that are best for him and for society. Meaning that first he needs to realize that work is good for society and good for him. At least, work he believes in, is. Then, he needs to go to work everyday whether he is getting paid or not, since he will be working towards what he believes in anyways. And “work a person believes in” I think is a very vast field. If you love video games, do you want to be a pro gamer, but how about helping make the games better? how about promoting the games so more people will play them? The person who likes video games probably likes the house he plays them in, why not help with real estate, urban planning, HVAC. There are so many ways to get involved, to contribute to society and to your own life, through volunteering, and you would be helping yourself out, and with tools you wouldn’t otherwise have at your disposal.

So even if this young man doesn’t end up with a job after a month of giving, of volunteering his time and energy, the time was not wasted. Here is why. If he worked really hard, he definitely made a contribution to society and his own life. A huge step up from if he was just playing video games the whole time. Next, after volunteering for that long at lets say 3 different organizations, and then he had to walk in and tell them all he is homeless now so he wont be able to dress as nice or work as hard without any financial support, If he was good enough and/or nice enough, someone at one of those places should be able to help him out. Let’s say that they don’t though just as a worst case thing. He could tell them, “I’ll be back when I get back on my feet”. Then he could go volunteer somewhere that will help take him in. A homeless shelter, someone who needs a live-in nanny or personal assistant. A random nice family. He can bring his work ethic, positive attitude and build trust with those people. If he focuses on giving no matter what his situation, he will eventually make the connections he needs. All he has to do is keep giving, oh and obviously he can’t be a jerk or anything like that, he has to see others as his lifeblood and work on them to help himself. Giving, asking nothing in return, bud if offered he should say he wants a job or place to stay. Person who focuses on giving in the best way possible has to come across someone who wants to see him do well also. I can’t imagine such a person ending up starving in an alley unless he purposely hides the giving he does which is stupid because people want to support the person who is supporting them cause if he dies then they lose his support.

This mindset of giving is really a form of abundance. You need to realize that the fact that there are other people who you can help out is a form of wealth that you have. You have other people working towards the survival of our species. You have the opportunity to help them / and yourself out. Further more, some of these people are already if high positions and can give you even more tools to help everyone out. You like nice cars, volunteer at a car factory, give them some designs for some even nicer cars. Help them automate the building process further to bring the price of cars down even more. Some volunteer jobs pay for you to travel with a group to other parts of the world to volunteer.  That’s paid travel and food. Wherever you chose to give, society wouldn’t let a person like that go hungry, and it sure beats sitting in front of the TV wishing you had a job. If they are willing to pay you from the start it’s a bonus, eventually though people should be fighting over who will hire you, offering very competitive wadges. All the while you have been wealthy from the start because you were working on something because you wanted to help improve it. That is realizing abundance. Realizing the opportunity you have right now to improve your world, and realizing your true value in society. A person who realizes this will can walk into a volunteer job interview or whatever with a grin because they are rich.

This post is really a formation of a positive way of looking at the job search. Obviously it’s more than just a way of looking at it, I kinda think these things should be put into practice but the idea is that it’s good to have a winning attitude by default, at least when “winning”is in harmony with the universe, meaning everyone wins. Sometimes though, it’s hard to shake out of the negative thought patterns we learn about needing a job, and having to get paid for any work we do, and without a job your dead or you gotta be fake and schmoozy to get a job. This post kind describes a solution to a problem. A solution that is healthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically(less tv) and socially. It is a “winning solution”. This solution should give readers a more positive and hopeful outlook on life. Finally, this solution came about because I chose to believe that there could be a positive solution to this problem. I chose to be positive and have a winning attitude. Without that it would have been way harder. So we should keep cultivating that winning attitude.

Steve Pavlina talks ab out this in detail, but I would like to share the basic ideas, my understandings and then my thought process as I move into an abundant way of thinking.

What is abundance all about?

It’s about seeing the glass as overflowing not simply half full or even full.

Well everyone is really focused on the result of thinking  in terms of abundance which is that they will attract more wealth into their lives. Here is the thing, you will attract more money cars houses into your life but with the abundant state of mind, all those possessions wont really be what is making you happy. They will be byproducts. That abundance and happiness has to come from inside you, as a conscious decision and realization. Once you choose to see the glass as overflowing, not simply half full, or full, you will have stepped into another view of reality. That “it could be way worse and so its actually pretty good”. That “at least I have this and this and this”. That “even if this happens I’ll still have this which is amazing” Once you step into that view you will free up your mind to act according to that view. Like, “well, since I actually have all these things, why keep trying to get more money when I could be helping my neighbor or creating some amazing art”. Then when you start acting within that realization you will attract more good into your life. But if your thinking, ok good so I’ll be grateful for everything and then I’ll get rich and be happy, that is not how it works. To reach a state of abundance you have to acknowledge that money was never a power source to begin with. Money and things cannot compete with your natural creativity, character,  friends, family , air,  water, or nature. Money might be one of the ways abundance manifests in your life but to see it as abundance itself is a mistake. You will have abundance when you realize that when you try to own something is when it ends up owning you. You will have abundance once you stop giving your power away to chasing money and cars and houses. You will have abundance when you start focusing on the more important things in life as well as when you work on things you truly believe in. Only once you already feel like you have so much that sure the money would be just the icing on the cake, just something you see as a little extra that you should use wisely in helping yourself and/or others.  So it’s more like living with the mindset of abundance will attract more abundance and more material possessions.  The possessions, the money and car and house or whatever, these are attracted to a happy, grateful, generous person as responsibilities. Like, ” here is a new car, how will you use it while keeping in line with your view of reality in which you have it all”.”Not to say that you should or would just throw it way, but more likely you would only use it in for doing more of what you already do.  Even a person with no direction should see his/her situation from a point of abundance, because only then will they figure out what they really do want to do. Remember when you where a kid in elementary school on the playground. Just have fun and stop worrying about all things you don’t have. I remember kingdomhearts at the beginning where its just three kids living on a beach, money isn’t an issue they just live life doing what they want. Just look at a few pictures of Sora and look at his smile,
that is the smile of someone who’s mindset is abundance. You think he wants a mansion? Nope.

It’s about working harder than most people and enjoying it.

Living in the mindset of abundance doesn’t mean give up and just live like a hobo or even worse imo a bum. Although some of them might live ok it seems for the most part they are neglecting to you their gift of creation. They aren’t really doing all they can with what have for whatever reason. Some people may also just decide to be satisfied with what they have, not feeling like they have the ability to do more. This is not abundance. Abundance is knowing that you have(and everyone does) an abundance of ability and creativity ect and using it because of the urge to enjoy the ability and creativity ect that you have. So there is no giving up and being satisfied. Abundance is about realizing how many more awesome amazing things you can do and feeling insatiably drawn to doing them. There isn’t any feeling of lack either, you need to actively cast out thinking in terms of lack. So your already thinking,” wow there are all these amazing things in my life that I either have done, or just have, or experienced, ect. Then you think, “With no real worries, I could actually focus on experiencing more amazing things instead of trying to win a rat race.” then you think, “wow, I have this abundance of potential within myself as well, I could just tap into that and start creating the amazing.” That is how an abundant life is lived. If/when money comes in, it’ll just be like, “cool more money I’ll buy a car to help me share my creation with a wider audience” or “cool more money I’ll start a school for teaching kids how to do what I’m doing”. The money is never the goal or even a need. I mean ya you need to buy food to eat if you live downtown or wherever but you don’t need to give your power away and do something you don’t believe in to get that money. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but food does. Friendships are free as well. So basically the mindset of lack for a homeless person would be to think the only way they will get a meal and shelter will be to work in some meaningless job. The mindset of abundance for a homeless person would be, not only will I find shelter and food by noon, but I will write a new poem and maybe even a new friend and being homeless wont keep me from living a life of abundance. Now which bum would you want to hang out with or share your room with. You have everything you need already, money just way of keeping track of how much abundance you are giving to others, to the world, and how much others, the world, wants to give back to you for it. For a person in abundance, money is just a tally sheet of who is thankful that you’ve been living in abundance. A tally sheet of who wants to give back to you fore just being yourself.