Productivity and Motivation

As I finished work and put on my nice clothing it came to me. A
previous idea but making even more sense now. Life needs to be fun.
If you life is fun, if you play your life, you are actually in a
constant state of win. My goal had become work hard so that one
day you can have the perfect life free of any negativity.

This goal however, although I might not have wanted to admit it
at first, was one of scarcity. At first I thought, well I have an
abundant goal and as long as I can work towards it with abundance
I will have abundance. However the thing that I was missing was
that I was trying to gain abundance but I wasn’t in a state of
abundance. I was in a state of scarcity.
I was from scarcity, trying to grasp at abundance, and it was like
trying to grab water.

When I thought of embodying my goals, I thought back to embodying
what I wanted. I want joy love and health. (some others are
meaningful goal(s) and hope)
How do you embody love? First love yourself then let it radiate
How do you embody health? Be healthy in all ways.
How do you have joy? Enjoy life, make it fun, treat it like
a game.

The I realized, hey that’s it! Embody a person who has fun with
life. Like a game. Then I put these things together.

If I was treating life like a game, like something done for the
fun of it, it wouldn’t matter to much if someone was sabotaging me,
because I would still be having fun. Now wouldn’t that mean I
wouldn’t reach my goals? Well if my goal was love joy and health,
I have met those goals simply by choosing to embody that sense of
play. If I’m having fun, I’m joyful, healthy and loving.
So that is why it is important to embody your goals, and also
why it is important to be abundant not to try to catch it.
Trying to catch abundance is a lot like a dog trying to catch
it’s own tail. The abundance is apart of you, so if you try to
capture it, you capture and arrest yourself and the abundance
can’t flow from within. Let it flow.

A good game, is a joy to play, win or lose. Make your life a
good game by engaging your natural human ability to create
fun. Your natural ability to create games within your life.
to do this though, you have to let go of the things that keep
you from playing. What is keeping you from playing. Let’s say
you want a car. In scarcity you want a car because you
think you need a house to finally be happy. Why are you taking
the goal so seriously. Why do you choose to place so much value
on the car. All those “needs” that you have are what keeps you
from playing. You can play when there is something that “needs”
to be done. “needs” come first in scarcity. can you feel good
about yourself as a person or do you “need” the 100K job first.
You can’t be happy while you have “need” so get rid of any
unnecessary “need”. You are already awesome. It’s when you stop
loving yourself that you become less awesome. Don’t feel you “need”
to achieve something to be awesome. Being awesome comes first, then
everything else.

Now the question, with this default level of abundance, would
you be able to get more of it or would you end up being to
satisfied with what you have and just stagnate. My answer is
abundance is good but more abundance is even better so why would
anyone pass it up unless they were lethargic and therefore
unhealthy? You might decide you don’t need 100 grand a year
cause it isn’t bringing you any more happiness than you
already have. Then you will probably switch to doing something that
will bring more abundance into your life.

Think about it, you can get 100% on every level of Yoshi’s
island and still see it as a game. Just cause you are playing
doesn’t mean you are doing sub-par performance. There is such
thing as “playing hard”, and you can play hard and still have

Now about sabotage. Would you be more susceptible to sabotage
if you were focused on having fun. I would say less first of
all because as long as you are scared of someone sabotaging you,
they are already doing it to you just by you being scared.
Second, you can still get 100% on every level, you just do it for
“more abundance”. You can still prevent someone from screwing you
over in a state of play. In-fact it would be interesting to see if
maybe a state of play would make you better at preventing
shit like that. It’s like the Steve Pavlina saying,
the scarcity minded become more frustrated and the abundance
minded become more amused.


in a state of play, good people will be attracted to you because
you have that abundance to offer them. If you want to look at it as
a battle, you would be gaining allies left right and center.
However, if you are looking at this as a battle you are in a state
of scarcity and you wont get those allies. When you enter the
state of abundance, you gain teammates, friends, party members.
Allies are something a scarcity minded person would be begging for.

So, curve-ball, what if someone attacks you on the street?
Then you life is in danger so if you want to live you’ll do
want you need to do to survive. When your life, or the life of
someone you love is in danger, that is when you take a break
from playing to survive. However, if you’re life is not in
danger and you are in survival mode anyway, in the mode of need,
that is scarcity.

Now an observation. A child who has not been corrupted by
the negativity of others or an environmental tragedy will be
very playful. This seems therefore to be the natural state of a
healthy human being.

So to be in the state of abundance you kinda have to let go of
“any superficial needs” and enjoy your life. It’s so simple,
just enjoy life in the best way possible which is as a kid does.
(well I think this is the best way but there could be others that
fit the equation). This is also related to Steve Pavlina’s
level 2 gratitude because you are grateful for life because you
turn elements of it into a game that you are happy to play.
This letting go of “need” and engaging your innate abundance is
the real key. If you are to have any more abundance, you have to
be willing to accept this first level of it. You have to be willing
to only have your innate sense of fun and nothing else. If you
have discovered it and realize it’s value and can see it as
more valuable than any house or car or girlfriend, then you can
play for more.


If your focus is on the goal, there will be this nagging feeling of the need to complete the goal.

If your focus is on the journey and you simply picked the destination ahead of time, you may be able to make the journey enjoyable, even slowing the pace down to make it more enjoyable.

If you focus on every moment as a separate opportunity for achievement then I think it’s kinda like mixing the journey and the destination into one.

Say your goal is to save the world. You could look at your life as working towards the final goal of saving the world at which point you can celebrate.

Or you could look at the journey to the goal of saving the world as something you can make into a game or make it enjoyable in some way to “enjoy the journey” which still has it’s place I think.

Or, you could look at your everyday life, everything you do as being part of what is saving the world. So your goal isn’t “to save the world” in this case. rather your goal is “saving the world”. So the life you lead is the goal in this case and therefore you are at any point in time in a sate of achievement.

This I think is part of why I like learning a language by immersion. You are in a constant state of winning because the lifestyle is the thing you want. The lifestyle of learning your chosen language.

I watched a lot of Dragon Ball Z as a kid and watching Vegita train under 400x earth gravity was so inspiring. His goal really didn’t matter at that point. Just the intensity of that scene, the power that was displayed, made me admire his training. I wanted that lifestyle simply because of the awesome otherworldly power, the unbreakable spirit that the lifestyle expressed.

So to analyze my motivation, it was power which as a young boy I was obsessed with, but more than that, it was being powerful. Like being powerful was the goal, not getting powerful. That’s the difference because as a kid I could mimic what being powerful would be like and it was powerful. It was as powerful as I could be at the time which was more powerful than if I wasn’t trying to be powerful in that way. Also I knew that by mimicking power in that way I would gain more of it. That is a winning strategy, It feels good at all times.

So I would workout in the living room while dragon ball z was on. So let’s take the goal of saving the world again. What is more motivating, the goal of saving the world, or just being someone who is actively saving it. Either goal requires actively saving it but being the constant savior would probably feel better if you are into that type of thing. Like if the goal is most meaningful to you, then having the goal in a constant state of achievement would probably be better than waiting till it happens.

This might only work for certain goals tho. The goal has to be one that you can embody as a person. You can be powerful, you can be a savior, you can be Japanese person. But could you and would you strive to be a new car owner? Would you care to embody the personal of a man returned the eggs to the store? So the goal has to be a more high order thing. The Savior may return eggs to the store because it is part of his quest. The Japanese-Yakuza-Samurai-Ninja might buy a new car if that is what one of those would do or wanted to do for some reason.

So the goal you embody should be the most meaningful thing in your life.

Another plus of doing this is that it is harder for someone to come along and ruin your day. If your goal is to be the/a savior then you can just be one, but if you goal is to save the world, as long as someone is preventing you from doing that you are losing. However if you can stay positive and control your emotions you can still see your goal as being reached and see any setbacks as necessary. Which once they’ve happened they are proven necessary by virtue of them happening, otherwise they wouldn’t have happened. That is the metaphysical way to look at it which I think makes sense.

If you embody your goals however, your are the goal no matter what. If your embody the goal of saving the world and become a savior, no matter what happens to you you are still a savior as long as to the best of your abilities you life a savior like lifestyle. Even if you are in a wheelchair or a coma, if you are a savior then that is what you are. If you embody the goal of a 6ft4 person, maybe you will find a surgeon to cut and heal your bones longer until your that height lol, or you will realize that what you really want is the presence or power that the height represents for you and embody that.

This might be a personality trait and not something everyone can relate to but I wouldn’t mind some opinions. Recently, having only a part time job of like 15 hours a week and no tests to study for being out of school and all, I’ve noticed that things that were once a lot of fun, have become less fun.

Now this might seem like a symptom of depression so far but let me continue. I still see some things as fun, just most goal related things, not things like TV or video games, the things I thought were a lot of fun back when I was in school or working full time. Here is the interesting bit. I had a personal training exam to study for and really buckled down for it, studying like 5 to 7 hours a day for lets say a week. I had already passed the exam once before which meant having to study for it again was mostly redundant and boring. We could say it was your standard “work”, standard “A.S.M.” style work.

The interesting part is that once I took a break after a few days of 5-7hr drudgery, anything I could think of doing seemed like it would be amazingly fun. It was like being being a kid in a candy store, that feeling. Now I’ve felt this feeling before, and maybe some of you have too, like when you get a study week or Christmas break. It’s like, “wow I could do so much fun stuff I barely know where to start”. So I got that feeling and then thought about studying languages and I was like, ” wow languages seem like so much fun right not, almost too fun”

So that was my observation, and my guess of why I and others probably experience that feeling are that fun might be actually relative within a certain time span. So if you do something that is really not fun for a certain length of time and then stop, you’ve built up this reference point of how little fun your life is. So you have that reference point in your mind and then you can do something fun and it will feel like even more fun relative to the reference point. However once you do the fun thing for a time, the reference point of how fun your life is changes, it moves up so that fun becomes the norm. However if fun becomes the norm, it actually becomes not fun, because you get used to it.

This is actually a bit of a defense of work and A.S.M., and I would love to hear other peoples opinions on the subject. The key concepts here are “desensitization” like becoming desensitized to fun. do you experience this? And for the sake of remaining sensitive to fun, is it worth it to do A.S.M. things on purpose? Also, a lot of A.S.M. things can work in your favor like you can earn money to do more fun things ect ect. So does anyone have thoughts?

Positive Attitude – they think they can succeed either because they have before or they understand why they haven’t succeeded before and logically rationalized why they can succeed in the future. It’s good for mental health because positive attitude/self efficacy means optimism and therefore not depression.

Prioritize – The understand that they have to make their one chosen most important present life goal the only thing they think about. They have to sacrifice for the time being, any goals or activities not related to that one goal or to their health(which is needed for that one goal haha) Then they need to avoid and remove any distractions in their life/environment and do a bit of preemptive filling of their environment with things related to their goal or go somewhere that has that. It’s good because it’s it allows us to be at our most alive(besides being in a life or death situation of course) A more philosophical reason but actually it is truly life enriching to be more alive than less so.

Felt Success – They know now what it feels like to succeed and want that feeling again.  maybe not as important as the first two.

Working hard allows people to achieve goals, It allows us to survive and especially to thrive once we learn how to prioritize our energies towards or most meaningful goals in life.


I remember watch shows like dragon ball z as a kid and seeing these super hero train for months and even years on end. The narrator, and even some of the other characters watched on in awe. That training, that work ethic was part of what made them so cool. I watched on in awe and was inspired. There was episodes dedicated to there training, how intense it was, how long it was. After taking a long time to think about what it was that was really admirable I came to the conclusion. It was more than just the chance that they would be the strongest once they finished training, and it was more than just the idea of them working hard(cause what if they were working hard at something trivial. No, it’s the fact that they have something and it is important enough to them that they are willing to make it their only priority. So any energy they have goes into that one goal. It seems almost like people are more alive when they do this in a way. I mean in a way maybe they are cause they will work for longer on something more challenging than they otherwise would because they have one goal and the goal is one that takes effort cause it’s important which is almost always because it’s something hard to achieve. If you prioritized Golf, lego and facebook just for fun, you could do it for the same amount of time with as much effort as possible, however you can only put in so much effort and go so deep into each area if you don’t really care enough about them.  If you did just golf on the other hand, or if Golf Lego and Facebook were related to one bigger goal that you really cared about somehow, then you would have only one priority and would have way more motivation because of how much you wanted the one thing.  More priority = More Living, more achievement, more enrichment, and more value. This is why priority based on importance to the person is so admirable in my opinion. The person is actually more alive, focusing, living, thinking, on a higher level, sustainable only because of the focus on the importance of one goal. This isn’t to say that you need to be super passionate about something to have that “umph” to work harder, what I’m saying is that once you chose the thing that is most important to you, the priority, then the hard work will come easy because nothing else is an option. When you decide to have only one goal, the drive towards that one goal is multiplied by the number of other goals you used to have. so instead of wanting 5 things at 20% intensity each, you will want one thing at 100% intensity. That’s how it works, you can’t want 5 things each at 100%, think about it, that’s not how we work. It’s not even mathematically correct. 100% is the largest percentage for a quantity. Chose to want the most important goal at 100% instead of 5 smaller at 20% and you will be more alive as a human being.

So although I may be categorized as a Polymath type, I actually find it’s more healthy to have one goal at a time. Amy from Putty life actually mentions that it’s good to work on one goal for a month or few months and then move on to another for a month or a few, then maybe go back to the first one or move on to something else. I kinda agree but I think it’s better to work on the goal as the only priority until the goal is complete, not until you get bored. Getting bored is kinda the same as getting distracted. Work is work it wont all be fun just as long as you have one priority you will be able to achieve the goal, you wont get too bored if you only have one goal that you’ve committed to reaching.

My experience with learning a language and actually losing passion for it is a bit different because although I made it my focus, I started having doubts that it should be my focus which maybe it shouldn’t have. I am just learning it for fun number, when learning something for fun, if you turn fun into work prepare to lose interest, if you lose interest and had no other reason to engage in the activity other than cause you committed to it, prepare to not want to commit to it anymore.

This is completely different from choosing your life priority because a life priority doesn’t have to be fun to be motivating, it just has to be the best thing you could do for yourself.

A lot of people talk about the importance of priorities. Parents and school teachers tell kids they should sort out their priorities. Actually though I think most people are functioning well below their maximum ability to prioritize. I mean, to prioritize could be like, putting 25% energy and focus on something and another 25% energy and focus on something else ect, but that is actual a weak system of propriety because it spreads your energy so thin. This is only useful if you really do need to work on multiple things in order to survive for instance. Usually though it will be like, 25% on video games, 25% on girl friend, 25% on school, 10% face book, and the last 15% on being healthy(the actual work that goes into survival, for which most is automatically prioritize, hunger, thirst, ect)

If these people were to prioritize like, 80% on school and 20% on health(incl socializing), I think they would get straight A’s in school. However most people wouldn’t want to prioritize themselves that way. At least not in North America. At the same time though, they will usually have goals in each area like, get a hot GF, get A’s in school, Be a pro gamer. These goals, at least A’s in school, and Pro gamer, take 80% priority.

The reason why people think they don’t have the discipline to do something like get A’s is because they think they don’t have the mental strength but actually it has nothing to do with mental strength, it has to do with priorities. You could say priorities and focus are the same thing. Focus is like how sharp your knife is. If you have more than one focus, you knife is blunt and can’t cut anything, if you have one single focus, your knife is razor sharp and can cut through anything. Discipline which some people say is remembering what you want is the same as well in that you have to have focus/the right system of priorities, to remember what you want. Distraction is the opposite of remembering what you want, the opposite of discipline, because it makes you forget your main goal for some other distracting goal that is less important.

So if you look at it this way, since priorities are actually a choice, and discipline is simply your system of priorities and your vigilance to removing and avoiding distractions, discipline is actually 100% a choice. You have to decide how to ration your priorities, your focus, and your main focus should be what is most important and it should be based on something meaningful to you not based on what other people think is cool or just based on some short term inspiration. In other words, in order to choose what to prioritize at 80% focus, you will have to find something worthy of that level of focus and you will have to reason with yourself that it is worth it and that it must be priority first, now, and any other goal should be seen as worthless as a present goal compared to this goal right now.

My example, the major desires in my life right now are to make the wold a better place and to be free to do what I want. Lately I have been deeply inspired students who do very well in school. Not just because of the grades or their potential to earn money but because on average they seem to come from more stable homes. Their parents instill very healthy values onto them from a young age, one of these being work. This is on average, there was a statistic I read somewhere about it but my own experiences with these students seem to agree with those statistics.

This isn’t to say that the more money you have the better a person you will become, but it is to say that parents who have a better system of priorities allowing them to learn and earn more, are also better parents on average. I think it would make sense that someone who wanted to have kids eventually and also knew how to prioritize would make sure they had more money to help raise the kids and that they would make their children their priority in a better way, when it came time to actually having kids.

Therefore I think that the knowledge to set proper priorities is actually deeply connected to mental health of the individual and their offspring and that time should be invested in developing the understanding of how to prioritize effectively and the benefits of it.

Another small point I would like to mention is that I think that once a priority is focused on for a long time, maybe 21 days, maybe 60+ days, that that priority becomes a habit and may take less focus to maintain the same effort, allowing someone to focus on a new goal(not with the same intensity or for the same duration, but at least actively focusing on it. However if you give 80% priority to a goal, even if it does become habit, you wont have much time left in a day to work on another goal and if you take time for energy from the 80% goal and use it on the other goal you actually change the percentage of the priority. So if you give one goal your all, like everything beside eating, sleeping, maybe lunch with friends and some conversation with family, I would say that one goal has 80% priority, or 100% of available priority meaning what doesn’t cut into you health. Out of the 100% of what doesn’t cut into your health, if after it becomes a habit to work with that amount of focus, if you take some focus away for another small goal, or more time with family it would be a bit more doable at this point because the habit of priority is already in place. Meaning once you learn to focus 80% total priority on a goal, understand the need to sacrifice less important goals so you achieve one thing you want instead of none, you have the habit. Then to lower the priority a bit is more ok cause you still know how to make the hard choices because you know why you have to make them and what to choose.

So the why is because if you try to split your energy in halves or quarters you will be getting halves and quarters of the results in each area instead of 100% results in one area. In some cases this would equate to having a whole bunch of things that your are sub par or average in even though they are all things you really want. This can suck if you want to be good at all those things. The solution is to master at one of them at a time. This way you feel accomplishment(very important for motivation) and you reap the fruits of the labor of doing something to 100% which in many cases is very good fruit indeed.

The how is by choosing the goal and sacrificing any others, for now, until you get the results you want in the one goal. Also avoid distraction and remove it from your environment as much as possible. Also make your environment one where you are immersed in things related to your goal. This will do the opposite of distraction. Also be healthy otherwise so you can give your all in work towards your goal.

The what, will be different for different people. For me, I know I want to make the world a better place and I actually am with this blog I think. Also I would like to write more stories and other art in the same vein. First though I want to get my freedom. In North America I am free, free to get my freedom, but I still have to get it. I have to work for it. I want to be free to work on my art, help people, be surrounded by good people, raise a family right, and enjoy life. I see immigrants from Asian countries who come here to study as well as people born here who went to good schools. They have more money than me and therefore more freedom, and they are doing well and that is something I want for myself. It’s like the backdrop I want for all my other goals. It’s just more healthy and conducive to art to be in that type of environment. I want to be working on my other goals in a good environment. So yes I have goals that may seem extremely passionate and grand, but to get there I have to make money a priority. This isn’t the same as wanting to make money to gain acceptance from parents or to win a trophy wife. This is making money to build a better life and I think that is a reason that many people don’t take seriously enough although it is extremely serious. It deserves 100% priority. I have seen both the good life and a a so good life so I know that I want the good life. That “what” is my priority and I think it should be the priority of anyone else who is looking for a good job. So I home my thought process of why this is my “what” is clear, cause knowing how to get the best “what” is important.

If you have any questions please write them in the comments.

Actually a quick edit, I think it’s not just money that is the issue, there are also a few relationships I could try to fix. It will take a very positive attitude but relationships are a huge part of health and to avoid fixing bad relationships and going for money instead may not be the best way to go. So I still have a decision to make but the overall priority is having a very health enriching life and environment in which I will bring kinds of creation that will benefit the rest of the world.


Mastery experiences – In the book, by Amy about being a tiger mother she describes the need for a child to have “mastery experiences”. These are experiences of mastering a difficult skill. Having these experiences increases a person’s self-efficacy and optimism , therefore the opposite of depression, therefore good for mental health.

Goal setting – In school, there are tests maybe every week, this is a short term goal. Even shorter are daily homework assignments. Even shorter are answering the teachers questions in class. All of these goals if done successfully give a boost to dopamine and make the student more optimistic and happy. Therefore the opposite of depression, therefore good for mental health.

Feelings of fear and pain come from feeling like you can’t achieve a chosen goal – Based on
and a few other sources that say that having a goal is seen in the mind as having an extention of yourself and that failing to achieve that goal gives the person a feeling of lose.

So how does someone become a hard working person? the type of person a Tiger mom is trying to raise? The type of person who will live an enriched life? There are many ways to build work ethic such as mindfulness, having someone push you to achieve, having a huge form of motivation. The easiest and I think most independent method would be to start achieving small goals. The thing is, every time you achieve a goal, you get a boost of dopamine that says to your brain, “good job for achieving that goal, you should achieve another one!”. This will motivate a person(who has decided on a single goal that is most important, a long term goal even) to achieve goals(big goals, or small goals in relation to a big goal). I think that this is also one of the min elements of games and what makes them so addictive. I think this theory of motivation could help a lot of people enrich their lives and improve their mental health.