Seeking fun

Sometimes I wonder. Is it some kind of blessing for those who have a solid work ethic and are able to work hard at whatever they set they’re mind to? Some kind of curse for those who are not motivated to strive for excellence in their lives, to achieve? I think of people who are not constantly striving to better themselves. I think of the classic pot head who just sits in their mom’s house or whatever the stereotype, you can picture it I’m sure.

When the “cursed” meet the “blessed” you can see the dissonance. You see the “cursed” acknowledge their curse as if they were hearing a maternal/paternal voice in their head say, “you haven’t amounted to anything”. However, I don’t think shame is a reason to work hard. I think that is bull crap. I wonder if that parental voice had eyes to go with it and a memory of her child playing with lego. Did that count as “amounting”?

“amounting” shouldn’t be a way of owning up to some inherent shame of not wanting to do something that isn’t fun. If you think your kid should be independent, stop feeding him. Basically, people do things they are motivated to do. Kids play cause it’s fun. They play with lego cause it’s fun. If a kid plays with lego, and then kinects, and then mindstorm, and the arduino, he’s an engineer. If the kid is told that play is a waste of time and that it’ll make him a bum, his core positive motivation to achieve is being taken away from him. Then all he has is shame if he gives a crap what his parents say.

Or he’ll get what ever job he needs to get to buy what he wants.

However I’v been thinking, some people are specialists. They work on one or two things and get good at them. One might be a hobby, another a profession. Usually I think specialists feel the urge to have money to get the things they want so they are willing to work hard on one thing and get good at it.

Some people are multidisciplinary. They have multiple hobbies and a profession that maybe one of their hobbies. I think multidisciplinary types care less about things that cost money, they are more focused on creating wealth for themselves. Customized wealth that only they can create, in many areas. So they would rather do whatever job and then create the wealth they want on the side.

The job is still worth having but it doesn’t have to be the most amazing 6 figure job if that isn’t important. However eventually with all the skills that are built up and with the technology available, I think other people will see the value in these creations and be willing to pay for them. Either that or there is a way to mould all the hobbies into one underlying thing like a wide field like psychology, sociology, math, programming. However the cost of school and the rigidity might be a turn off.


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