Ignore the Lack of Other People

The worst thing for a child’s self esteem is being raised
by an adult who makes the child feel responsible for the
adults happiness or society’s happiness, in anyway.

This is what gives the child a sense of self lack.

If the child was aloud to live by what they themselves wanted,
they would be able to focus on what makes them happy, including
what ever skills they need to learn.

Not only do parents and guardians make the child feel like they
have an inherit lack needing to be filled. They can make the child feel
like it’s whats best for the child that they feel that lack until(and often
even after) they achieve whatever goal it is that they are made to feel
is valuable.

Then the child grows up thinking that whatever society holds as
valuable must be what is right for them, and if they don’t have
it, they are lacking.

A good portion of my successes in life have come from me just
doing what I wanted.

I would even go as far as to say it’s cool to want to be someone
special, but it should be in a way that you love, not in
a way that others will love.

If you base your goals for self improvement on what others think
is important instead of you, you will be working out of a sense of lack.

That is because for someone else to have a need for you to be something
is for them to not be taking responsibility for themselves, which leads
to lack because they remove the only power in their lives, themselves,
out of the equation. They expect you to give them what they need.
that is lack. Expecting someone else to provide for you, that is, not
believing and seeing that you can provide for yourself.

Once you decide not to believe in other peoples standards of who you
are, and once you decide that you can provide abundantly for yourself, you
don’t feel lack.

Then if you want to be more, it should be because you feel it’s cool, not
to please anyone else. Your job is not to please anyone else, regardless
of if they express a sense of lack in you by not giving attention. You
are not lacking. Therefore never work out of a sense of lack. Only work
towards what you want. What you think is cool.

Should you need to be better than anyone else? If you want, but then
you shouldn’t feel lack for not being better than them, you should
only feel excitement at the possibilities of improving beyond them.

Also, you should not see lack in anyone else, because if you are in
abundance, you know that they also have abundance. If they are
surviving, if they are alive, they re abundant, and can figure out
how to be happy or better, ect. Even if they suck at everything in
life, they are still not lacking. They just aren’t because there just
is not lack. There isn’t shit to run away from. There is shit to run towards.

You see it, so you know it’s there. If they see you running towards it,
hopefully they will too. However, even if they don’t.. there is just no
looking down on others or even feeling sorry for them because you don’t see
lack, you see them taking responsibility for themselves in some way. Even if
it’s in a sucky way. Life lives.

so there can be competition, but not being the best or even better
than someone who sucks, shouldn’t mean lack.
There can be striving to improve, but where you are now shouldn’t be

You work towards what you want in life, and if other people like it
that’s great, but if they don’t, that shouldn’t mean lack.
Also, when looking at and judging others therefore, seeing them
suck at one or all things in life, also shouldn’t mean lack.

So I work towards more things I want,
More of who I want to be,
out of my own personal love, not at all for the recognition of
anyone else.
Al the while loving who I am and the things I have.
All the while seeing only abundance in others as it relates to them,
not at all judging people based on how they can help me.
Loving people who I connect with and who I can share my loves with.
That is about their love and my love coming together. No Lack,
no needing to be impressed.

SO the focus on abundance kind of needs ignoring lack to be
fully embraced it seems. Or no, it just helps the understanding
of what abundance is and the areas I need it.

SO all that idolizing and seeking fame is not important. It’s
like an expression of scarcity.

For one person to be famous means everyone else becomes less worthy
of attention. It means, no one else can do it but them so worship.
To seek fame, attention, means you feel lacking if you don’t have it.

Abundance is, I can make myself happy, and it’s my responsibility,
I’ll do it, and I’ll do it for me.


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