Enjoy This Moment Together

So now that we’re clear that basing self worth
on what other people value, is based on scarcity.

That the truth is that we are all %100 responsible for
our selves.

That with the abundance we have we have no need of
idolizing or fawning over others because we are
well equipped to achieve our happiness on our own.

We also have no need to feel lacking when another
only pays attention to us for being “cool” or gives
any other indication of lack. We have no need to care
because it is not our responsibility, we only are
responsible for yourself and have a winning can do anything

We therefore see no lack in others, or look down on others.
They, like us, are only responsible for their own
happiness and they are working towards it like any
sentient being does.

There fore There is no need to compete to be the best
or better, to receive that recognition (real or imagined).
Therefore no one’s judgement of me as being less,
an AFC, or losing to them in anyway, or being a loser
in anyway is actually correct. They are viewing life from
the scarcity perspective. An illusion. The reality is I am
in abundant supply of life and love and I am working towards
more happiness. There is no lose. Only more good.

To me, even those with the scarcity mindset aren’t actually
in scarcity. They are still in abundance because they are still
working towards their happiness and still have hope. I have
faith in them.

After coming to these conclusions I decided I would take
the plunge into not trying to work towards any special
achievement other than what would make me feel good.

As I tried to do this I still felt drawn to the idea of
becoming more powerful. I though this was still about
power as others see it, power that makes you feel more
worthy of living(based on the scarcity vibe of others).

However today I was watching the lain series and I
noticed myself feeling that urge to have power like
lain does. I asked myself, I checked into myself,
“is this power based scarcity, on seeking attention and

The answer was no. This time it wasn’t based on lack.
It was just based on having more power. Based on
abundance. On just having more freedom. Being a more
free being simply for my sake.

So I still continue to be passionate about beauty
and power.

And If I decided to compete in something like smash bros
or tae kwon do, it will be from a point of abundance.
In abundance, a competition isn’t to decide who wins and who
loses. It is to share skills with each other, exchange
information. Like captain falcon says, “show me your moves!”.
It’s just show and tell, there is no battle. It’s just
a game. Also it’s almost like a celebration of the strength
of two beings. They are both awesome so no matter who “wins” the
match, they both are already winners in the sense that they are
awesome, they just receive feedback on what skills and training is
best so they can improve even more.


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