Working with fun/love

Make all variables cool names is a small start.
Give a cool background image.
create an imaginary company that is cool and from eve online.

What if I was doing transmission line analysis.

I could make the lines transmit something cool.
Use cool colored wires.
write in a cool font.
have a calculator that makes cool sounds.
have cool music playing in background or in head.
superimpose futuristic coolness like eve online, over the work.
Work with other people.
Work with hot girls around.
…if this was a class lab, I could suggest a role play concept
to work with, and solve all problems with that concept in mind.
Example, find length of whatever for whatever coil or whatever?
Create a small back story with the calculation as very important.
Use cool colors for all wires. Cool fonts for all writing.
Write on cool paper. Transmit something cool over the frequency,
cool as in a very specific frequency number, “911khz”for an
in bad taste example.

Take a picture of the spectrometer and Photoshop it to look
cooler and for the actual waves to be a cooler color.

Think of other cooler uses for this measurement.
Is it used in anything else that is cool?
How can u use this concept to make something beautiful?
Can you create a filter or affect sound in someway?
What about images or video?
Can you create anything very powerful using this.

There, and transmission line theory was so boring for me.

That was 20min worth of brainstorming, or less.

Remember, the idea of adventure point and click didn’t even
come to me on my own, I had to see it online to remember/think of
it. So imagine how many other ways I could make transmission line
theory fun and beautiful if given the time.

The problem is people just assume it can’t be fun. It can though, the
whole process can be turned into one giant work of art, if you
only have the winning attitude, and figure out how.

Infinite possibilities for overcoming any situation. That is just
reality as it can’t really be proven other wise.

So beyond just having hope for what you want, is the hope that
you can create things you want, out of things you don’t even
want. Making work fun. Of course you still want the initial things
you wanted more if they were worth while to begin with, but
the work can be fed love to the point that it is enjoyable enough
to be done with zeal as well.

I think this love and beauty can be applied to every area of life.
However, I also not that if there is a negative situation, like
danger or unhealthy atmosphere, it should be dealt with using
intelligence not fear. Relaxed intelligence. Negative situations
don’t need to be met love, that is for the mundane, not the
unhealthy. Well if you can do beauty, love, smart and relaxed, to
beat something negative then more power. It’s past my bed time.


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