The Pokemon Lifestyle

The Pokemon Lifestyle
(Paragraph three is summary)

I grew up with pokemon. A show about a guy names Ash who had a long term goal of becoming a pokemon master. A goal with an intentionally vague meaning apparently. Here’s the thing. I didn’t sit down t every episode waiting for him to become a pokemon master. If I did that, I would be disappointed every episode until he got there. I watched every episode to experience his daily adventure.

Every episode was a new adventure, he was gaining something amazing in every episode. A new pokemon, a new friend, new information. Something cool. I’m not sure if his journey has ever came to an end and I don’t remember watching a “last episode” and the show is still airing new eps I think.

Don’t worry this post is me just saying I should enjoy the journey. The thing is Ash’s journey was non stop winning, every episode and often seemed to be by chance although he was willing to do whatever it took to win. I think in real life, people have to create their own daily wins. If I can create a big win every day(in the direction of some long term goal is even better) then I am enjoying the journey. However, that daily win needs to be big and it needs to be big independent of any long term goal it may relate to. The long term goal is just icing on the cake of life. Life is it’s own ultimate win made up of consciousness and daily(hourly) winning.

This idea of having daily goals, daily wins, I think is a very important part of enjoying the journey. It kinda relates to mindfulness because I think when the goal’s completion time is short enough I think it’s easy to become absorbed and in the present. Where as the longer it will take to achieve, the more stressful and the less engaging the goal will be.

There are some long term goals that automatically produce nice short term achievements. For me, working out gives me a nice “pump”. It’s an achievement, I finish the workout noticeably bigger than when I started. Also I feel good. Also, every set of an excessive is an even shorter goal that gives a small pump and small feeling of achievement.

Not all long term goals have this innate thing though. Some times I have to chose to create value for myself in the short term in the direction of a long term goal. I could learn a new language by memorizing 10 000 sentences. Or I could write a poem in the languages using a dictionary, and put it online for people to read. Then write a speech, then translate something, then write a song and sing it and make a video and put it on youtube. ect ect. Just separate individual goals, creating value for myself every day.

The long term goal is just a path, I still have to walk the path. The walking of the path is my life, my consciousness, with out it, there are no goals.

Ok, another example. Lets say someone had an office job for a year and wants to get in awesome shape. They could eat all things they don’t like and run on a hamster wheel 4 times a week and do the same lifts 3 days a week for 6 months. Or they could: Make one health adjustment to their diet. Beat someone of equal skill in a sport. Reduce their bad cholesterol by one point. Make another health adjustment. Learn one more skill in a sport. Learn an Olympic lift. Increase the weight they lift for one lift.

Anyways, knowing what Ash’s adventures were like, let’s say I wanted to be a pokemon master. If I had the choice to either snap my fingers and be a pokemon master(fast forwarding through the journey or hamster wheeling it), or go through his adventure and at the end be a pokemon master…

Well let’s analyze the choices. If I snapped my fingers and fast forward to the part where I was a pokemon master, sure that’s cool, but would I have met Brock, Misty, Pichachu? Would we have defeated team rocket a billion times? Would I have seen bulbasaurs secret forest? Would I have met the squirtle gang? Would I have met the ghosts in lavender town? Would I have even been to lavender town, sapphire city, vermillion city? Would I even know those were names of colors? Would Even been out my front door? Nope, cause that was all stuff Ash did on the journey.

I would chose to go on the adventure, for the adventure it’s self. So what is a pokemon master. Apparently this was left up to the imagination of the viewers.émon_Master
I imagine “pokemon master” might actually be a way to describe someone who is enjoying the journey of becoming a pokemon master, or enjoying the journey to any long term goal.


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