INTP Medium vs Specialty

AT first I didn’t want to get into game programming, I just
wanted to do programming as a job and that’s it.

Now though I learn that the best way to show employers your skill
in programming is to have done projects. I realize at some point
I am going to have to create something.

Then I realized, I have awesome ideas in many other areas and if
I could incorporate them into some games the games would be awesome.

The I realized, I don’t play games but it’s not so much that I’m
not a gamer maybe, it might be more that I just don’t like the
games that are out now. They are all the same. I can fix that

Also the fact that games are a lot more fun with other people
usually. However FF7 and and especially 10 were games I played on
my own and they were amazing.

These games were more than just games, they told stories,
made political points, displayed different psychological

Zelda ocarina of time was awesome in a different way. It was simply
awe inspiring.

I know a lot about psychology and what makes things fun, and
if I could all my knowledge into making cool games, even just as
projects, it would be worth my time I think.

SO what is/are the moral(s) of this story as far as career searching

Well one is that with most professions there are probably many
ways to spin the profession into something you would

another is that when it comes to learning and maybe human advancement
as a whole, it’s important once you are surviving, to make whatever
it is you chose to do, fun.

Another is as an INTP it is probably super important to work with
mediums of expression like language, math, programming, instead
of simply one specialty, because we are innovators, we connect
concepts and as long as we have a powerful medium we can create
great things.

Also, learning about a medium through creating great and fun things
is probably better than simply learning about the medium for it’s
self, as a slog.

Also, programming is one medium but then games are a medium within
that medium and games encompasses writing, music, visuals, ect. So many
others put together. So I guess you could call it a Poly-medium.
Another poly-medium would be movies and tv shows, another one
would be comic-books even. These mediums put many other mediums of expression
together allowing for even more creative options. That is amazing I think.


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