Why I think more people should get into Technology (psychological, philosophical)

Is there such a thing as being too independent.

I know I’m not alone in my mixed feelings about society.

We are a modern society and have abundance but we still have some
problems one being that we pushed a nation off to reserves so we
could build.

Anyways, I know I am part of the human race and I know I personally
need human contact to be healthy so in that sense I accept being
a part of society.As well I was born from another human being
and received help and am thankful.

However I’ve decided just to test the waters of individuality, that
I would question “society as most people know it. Where you work
a job for the benefit of everyone who in turn work to help you.

This idea although it seems kind of utopian, at the same time it
spells hopelessness in the sense that a human needs to be a part of
one of these societies to survive. A child more likely would
and that is understandable so I guess this is also about adulthood.

What if I or another adult was exiled from society. Would that mean
that person had lost their chance to survive and to thrive.
That would mean that person had no personal power to begin with and
that kinda sucks for an individualist.

I am looking at this from the perspective of everyone is responsible
for themselves and their happiness because this independence is the
essence of personal power in a way. So what would someone do in that
situation assuming they accepted responsibility.

Well remember john Crichton in farscape when he was on that planet
that had no energy. He met people but he still lived off by himself
and thrived as best he could in that environment.

As best he could. I think this is key, because thriving can be seen
as relative to many things. To other people, to past levels of
comfort. The only real measure I would say is how much work you
put into thriving. If you put in 100% into having all your needs
met “as best you can” then the result is thriving.

John at that point, could maybe have gotten cavity that he couldn’t
deal with or an infection but he would take responsibility for it
, ask (maybe not beg) for help but otherwise figure out what
he could to deal with the problem if nothing else deal with
the pain or pull the tooth slowly himself iunno.

Thriving is about taking responsibility for ones self, ones level of
comfort and ones environment and ones survival as best they can.

You can have more lofty goals in mind and that’s good, even better
though is to be working towards the goals but at the same time
happy that you are working towards them because you are therefore
thriving. Of course once work outweighs benefit?/need?/want? then
the work should slow to maintenance or a bit above.

So lets say a man is thrown into a forest. He could get upset
and depressed and just catch squires with a stick and have a
shorter life expectancy.

Or he could build a shelter, find the right kind of food by
observing what other animals eat ect and live natural and
eventually get old and worn out and weak and succumb to the
environment. If that is the best he could do then you could
say he thrived. However if he just didn’t have the right attitude
and was negative then he didn’t thrive.

I say this because I’m assuming he is a man from this generation
so he would have seem how machines and gears work at some point
in his life. He as seen the wheel. So if he wanted to thrive
even more he could keep building more every day. Out of wood
or whatever else. He could do great things in the years before
he starts getting old so that when he did get old he would be
able to chill and still survive. If he has the forethought
and wants to live a long time that is what he’ll do.
That is more like what John Crichton did although maybe not for that

Also, if he did this and took that level of responsibility for his
needs and even his wants/(needs of the future), he could
attract people from the society that exiled him for purely
vain purposes maybe, but still, taking responsibility for himself
the society respects him as an individual and not a cog that is
helpless on his own. He isn’t helpless he has abundance, and then
society realizes that his frame of mind, his innate abundance,
and they salivate because if there were more people like him working
within the society then who knows how much better it could be.

Then if he needs an antibiotic he’ll get it because of his personal
power he is worthy of the highest respect. Also he will probably
be pretty compassionate feeling the abundance(present and future)
that he has.

There are a few areas where you will find this type of person in
abundance I think although they may exist scattered in many fields
even art or music, I think a lot of them are entrepreneurs and
hackers. Especially hackers because they use new technology and do
basically whatever they want with it. They have adapted and I’m
sure they feel bad ass because of it. They have that self-efficacy
and positive attitude. They have abundance and freedom. They are
used to solving problems and doing things to make there lives
easier without waiting on anyone else.

That is why I think it’s important for more people to get into
technology. It’s adaption. It’s the new muscle.

(btw, when doing spell check, I wonder if there is a way to arrow key

between highlighted words instead of having to move the cursor

with the mouse. hmmm)


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