Health, Standing, Inertia, and YMCA Girls

I was handing out resumes in my area and I was about to head
home and realized ymca was across the street. Ymca where I used to
work out like an animal 4 or 5 years ago. When I was a teenager and I
had this energy. Part of it came from what I was passionate about
which was power and fighting and warrior spirit, and a small part was
wanting to look good.

Now I don’t really believe in the fighting and war stuff so I have
had to redefine my reason for working out. I want to look good
and I want to feel good. It has been harder to feel good as I
grow older but maybe its just because I had been growing more

I felt these feelings like unworthiness but I realized right away
that these are negative self talk which has no place in my mind.

So I walk towards the YMCA and remember what it was like. It felt
almost like I had a reputation I couldn’t live up to anymore. In a
way I did. People would notice when I worked out. I always worked
out with a purpose and it was always intense/ Girls noticed
and I was at that point where I was learning how to talk to them
and everything too.

Now I show up there and it feels completely different. I feel like
I don’t have that command I had, like I was almost an imposter or a
subordinate to everyone who was working out there with a purpose.

I saw a girl with really short shorts and very single toned light
skinned legs working out on a bike and I thought, wow, back when
I was 19 I would have felt like I had more of a chance than I feel
I do right now. Part of it is that I am more aware that I wont
connect with or want to connect with every girl. A big part of it
though was that I didn’t have that eye of the tiger that I had
towards fitness that I used to and it made me feel unworthy of the
type of girl(physically) that I was attracted to which is the type
that works out. The type I had a glance at.

I made sure to keep in mind, I have abundance, I can do anything,
I can be as healthy and therefore attractive, as I want, I just
have to figure it out, and I will.

also I had a thought that with such nice skin, she seemed like she
might be young, like maybe the age I was back when I was in that
warrior mode.

It got me thinking, besides the passion, what is it that is keeping
me from having that eye of the tiger. Is there something else I can
do to get back that youthful energy? Yes, there is.

I need to move more. I need to make moving a part of my lifestyle.
If I’m always moving, I will have energy to make that movement
possible. However I can’t start like always lifting heavy ass weights
or always doing sprints all day. That would be too taxing, at least
to start.

I have to start somewhere though, something I can do all the time.

O I know, I remember articles on the internet about how sitting is
bad and lower metabolism and how standing and walking are better.
I know it works at least for energy cause I’ve done it already.
I’ll do it again.

I’ll get back that life energy that is so important for health
and therefore for sexual attractiveness.

Now that I think of it, this relates back to inertia which is what
I am doing with language learning by always having Mandarin around

The Inertia from always standing allows me to walk, where as if I
were sitting, I would have to get up and then walk.

With sitting, each time I need to get up, to answer the phone or get
food, I have to get up which takes a fair amount of energy especially,
when coming from a position where the metabolism actually slows down.

So I think inertia for activity isn’t simple an on or off. there is
a range with negative, zero, and positive, and if you are sitting,
you are in the negative. If you are standing, you are in the

When you sit your body lowers your energy, when you lie down it is
lowered even more. That is why its easier to fall asleep when sitting,
and even easier when laying down.

When standing, the energy rises, with walking it rises even more.

So to build positive inertia you really only have to do the bare
minimum to begin with to increase inertia. That is, you have to
be standing, kneeling, walking, all the time, never sitting.

Once you can do this, your energy will build and you will be able
to move to doing weights some of the time either spaced throughout
the day or at one time for an hour or something.

However, lifestyle changes trump regimens for building inertia, and
inertia as a Psychological concept is very important.


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