How to make RTK, RTH, Hanzi learning Fun

Make the mnemonic stories entertaining in one of probably a billion possible ways there are. I will work on compiling a list of ways so I can make my sessions even more fun:

– Sexual
– Rhyming
– Dramatic
– Funny
– Dealing with intellectually stimulating material(physics, sci-fi, ect)
– Use people, places, and things that are personal to you
– Use them to hone literal style like creating funny phrases you can use anywhere
– Scary
– Romantic
– Positive messages
– have a song in your head playing and set the story to the song, or even cue a different song for each card and when the card shows up, think of the song and the story.
– Write a story that reflects something that happened in your day and put the date below so it acts like a journal entry
– Cool pictures
Write a story that reflects a nice memory or even a cool dream
– Use Characters from videogames, movies, and tv shows as primitives and create fan fiction.

Also very important is don’t rush them. Do them all with the intent on enjoying the stories and picturing them. When you do things this way it’s just like daydreaming and you lose track of time because you are focused and enter into a “flow state”. The minute you rush to beat some time limit or anything, your mind starts thinking about the future and everything starts to seem like a drag.


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