Combine Hanzi study with Mindfulness for Foolproof consistency

Recently I have been learning the Hanzi going by the 5min per every other hour + 1 minute routine. I have been doing my best to work out all the kinks in studying Hanzi to create a program that allows someone to almost effortlessly learn the 3000 Hanzi or anything else one would want to memorize for personal interest. I started with a variant on the Lazy Kanji Kendo Mod. It is a variant in that I make up my own stories, it’s for hanzi and not kanji, and I don’t have RTH I just use a deck called Taiwan grades 1-8 , aroud 3500 of the most common hanzi.

I have decided to change my approach from story on the front to Hanzi on the front because I realize the hanzi are beginning to run into each other now as my daily volume increases. I need to cards to be more of a test so that I learn them more thoroughly but not so much of a test as vanilla hesieg.

I have also decided I need to visualize the story in my head as in vanilla hesig.

I have also come up with a new concept as I work towards creating a fun method of learning the hanzi. I want to incorporate mindfulness into each work session. The idea here is that mindfulness is where the person focuses on the present moment only. Meaning not thinking about how long they’ve been studying for so far or how much longer they have left. When you are in the present moment, nothing is to hard because it’s only for a moment.

As well, in the present moment, one is better able to focus deeply on aspects of the present like the hanzi or the image the story provides. This concentration is not super intense it kind of flows from an interest that develops in whatever it is you focus on. Focusing on it from different perspectives like visualizing a story with a song playing in your head at the same time. Visualizing the story from a dramatic point of view. This for of observation when paired with being present and not thinking of what you could be doing otherwise, becomes extremely entertaining. Entertaining for the novelty it generates which produces dopamine or the simply the  fun of creating a weird story. When the learning becomes entertaining it becomes effortless as it becomes enhanced. Memory becomes enhanced.

So how does someone with no experience in mindfulness begin? I wont outline everything in this post but I will say that part of what makes it a fool proof method is that it starts of with a really low volume so it’s never hard. if someone were to start with the 5min+1 program and do each work session mindfully, they would be able to build up skill in mindfulness so that they would never find it too much of a challenge.

As well as learning the Hanzi I predict that this way of learning and the skill in mindfulness that develops can be transferred to many other areas in life. This program would simply be opening the door to a more healthy, fun, and enhanced way of learning.


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