Increasing Fun for better Health

I think the way people buy food with the intention of enjoying it and eat is so fast that they barely do is a really good example of how not to go about life in general.
It’s the definition of destination over journey.

A very rough way to go through life but a lot of us end up getting sucked into the trap. It’s the idea that one can only be happy once such and such a goal is achieved. It is “delayed gratification” at it’s worst. What causes this btw? Where do we start deciding that we have to sacrifice present pleasure for future pleasure. I am assuming when ever the first time we were in a situation where that seemed like the best option. Probably when we were kids and had to do something shitty to get what we want. Then we just assumed life is just like that because we(maybe not all of us) didn’t know how to make the work(some work) enjoyable. I mean sometimes we have to make that choice but I think it’s important for people to strive for as much fun in life as possible which would mean enjoying the journey towards what ever destination your interested in as much as possible.

Fun,(I am thinking is a very important part of life)

After some research and thinking I have come up with a model of fun
composed two types. some basic principles of what would make the situation fun.

Passive and Active

Passive is fun by experiencing something that feels good.

This is tricky because passive fun is relative to w/e else you could be doing.
Whats more fun than the experience of hard drugs? Maybe nothing, that’s why don’t do drugs so you don’t have to compare everything else to that experience.
(not the only reason not to do drugs).
At the same time, the more in-depth you focus in on an experience, in ways like described below, the more enjoyably the experience.

To experience this in any situation(lets say while doing homework) :

Mindfulness – be in present moment
– observe each piece of information from as many new and interesting
perspectives as you want. Of course don’t spend forever on one math question.
(example, pretend you are a scientist in a lab)
(example, try to apply a concept from the homework to real your life)
– accept the homework as what you should/want to do. This way no nagging feeling of “I could be doing so and so”.
– (Have nothing more fun to do either by choice or environment or need)
– randomization

Homework is an interesting choice for creating passive fun because the experience itself is active. However the fun is still passive. If the experience was passive like enjoying a walk outside(cognitively passive), you would have more options to make it enjoyable cause you could add things, music, smells ect.

Active fun (Play) is fun by goal achievement.

– where challenge meets ability.
– Short term goals (one math question)
– mid term goals (one erasers worth, one page, an even number, ect )
– long term goals (all home work, whole school year, ect)
– rewards, encouragement, multiple goals with progress made
simultaneously(Put a star on your wall for each question done, check calendar for each day, get an A on test, put completed page of homework on wall as a trophy)

Social interaction would make either type of fun more fun but I am deciding if it is really an element of fun or simply an element of good health.

The importance of fun in human development can be seen when you observe that almost everything that increases the fun of the activity also increases the development of the person. I am only talking about cognitive development here as well, the physical, psychological, emotional benefits are huge as well.

A comment on passive fun – The way a lot of people eat now is directly the opposite of what this describes. People buy Crispie cream doughnuts and they eat them fast and they eat them while doing a bunch of other things. This will really dampen the enjoyment of the Crispie cream moment and make the person more likely to be unsatisfied and wanting another one. Mindful eating is basically what I described but like, “what does the doughnut taste, smell, feel, sound, look like?” and “hold each bite in your mouth for 10 seconds and then chew it slowly before swallowing.”


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