How To Never Get Tired Of A Song

After you hear a good song once or twice, you start to build
up an emotional expectation of how good that song should feel.
This is based on the amount of stimuli, the novelty, of the
experience the first times. The next time you listen to the
song you already have an expectation that the song has to over
come which it usually can’t and so it feels a little less
enjoyable. Also the song is less novel because after the first
couple times, you have come to a conclusion of what the song
is in relation to all the other information you have in you head.
So you stick to that conclusion and consider the song “understood”,
so it is no longer novel.

To prevent these things:

Listen to the song without the emotional expectation. Do this by
listening to it in a relaxed state and focusing on the song
instead of what you expect the song to be.

Listening from different perspectives. I think this might actually
happen naturally once we take our brains of autopilot by focusing
in on the song. See the song actually is new everytime we hear it
because our brains change constantly in relation to the song. You
listen to the song one day focusing on it and it will sound
a certain way. The next day it’s raining, or you get a raise,
if you focus on the song again it will be different in relation
to the song.

Idea is based on my experience using mindfulness meditation and concentrating I had long grown tired of. This song became more and more amazing
and I was struck with the feelings I got the first time I heard it.

However my concentration deviates from the normal idea of

mindfulness meditation slightly because initially I had a song playing through
head phones and I simultaneously concentrated on hearing a second song
just in my head by memory. Focusing on that second song until I was enjoying
it to the exclusion of the song that was physically playing. After this was achieved
I started noticing that the song I had in my head was sounding better than usual so
I took of the head phones and focused even more deeply on the song in my head
and it got even more beautiful.

So try both techniques described if you want and also if you can be lying down andrelaxed. If you can slow your breathing down and relax your muscles that should help
with the focus as well.


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