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I have thought of this too. I think heard or read somewhere that the sexual jealously felt over women had something to do with needing maternal love. Apparently the need of a mother’s love is stronger than the need of a father’s or something I’m not sure. This could also be a reason why you, a women, still feel the same type of jealousy as men, when it comes to women. However, what does a mothers love have to do with sex, I’m not sure. It could be that the women is capable of becoming a mother and therefore having offspring who she would give most of her love to instead of the partner. So if the offspring weren’t even from that partner it would suck for the partner no matter if the partner was a man or a women. The partner would be removed from the equation because the they would be getting no love from the mother, and feeling no love for offspring that aren’t related to them. Anyways these are just some other ideas. I definitely think whatever the reason behind it is, it does seem to manifest as entitlement. I’ve felt this feeling myself and it’s hard to deal with because it’s so powerful. To try to shake it off by telling myself that I can’t own another person and should feel entitled to that, is pretty painful as well. However I think when looked at for what it is it’s more bearable.I think, “well this girl isn’t necessarily going to have kids with this other guy just cause he’s chatting her up”. Also, “would she really even consider that?, that’s what it feels like to me but she isn’t actually considering it, it’s just an instinct.”

However it could be more about some froidian stuff I haven’t even heard of maybe lol. Maybe we all want to have sexual relations with our mothers. Actually we did in a way. For calcium. Also apparently breast feeding can be sexually arousing for women. Also there are orgasmic births but this is taking it to another level.


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