Gamify, Play, Abundance : Your wealth and power are within you

As I finished work and put on my nice clothing it came to me. A
previous idea but making even more sense now. Life needs to be fun.
If you life is fun, if you play your life, you are actually in a
constant state of win. My goal had become work hard so that one
day you can have the perfect life free of any negativity.

This goal however, although I might not have wanted to admit it
at first, was one of scarcity. At first I thought, well I have an
abundant goal and as long as I can work towards it with abundance
I will have abundance. However the thing that I was missing was
that I was trying to gain abundance but I wasn’t in a state of
abundance. I was in a state of scarcity.
I was from scarcity, trying to grasp at abundance, and it was like
trying to grab water.

When I thought of embodying my goals, I thought back to embodying
what I wanted. I want joy love and health. (some others are
meaningful goal(s) and hope)
How do you embody love? First love yourself then let it radiate
How do you embody health? Be healthy in all ways.
How do you have joy? Enjoy life, make it fun, treat it like
a game.

The I realized, hey that’s it! Embody a person who has fun with
life. Like a game. Then I put these things together.

If I was treating life like a game, like something done for the
fun of it, it wouldn’t matter to much if someone was sabotaging me,
because I would still be having fun. Now wouldn’t that mean I
wouldn’t reach my goals? Well if my goal was love joy and health,
I have met those goals simply by choosing to embody that sense of
play. If I’m having fun, I’m joyful, healthy and loving.
So that is why it is important to embody your goals, and also
why it is important to be abundant not to try to catch it.
Trying to catch abundance is a lot like a dog trying to catch
it’s own tail. The abundance is apart of you, so if you try to
capture it, you capture and arrest yourself and the abundance
can’t flow from within. Let it flow.

A good game, is a joy to play, win or lose. Make your life a
good game by engaging your natural human ability to create
fun. Your natural ability to create games within your life.
to do this though, you have to let go of the things that keep
you from playing. What is keeping you from playing. Let’s say
you want a car. In scarcity you want a car because you
think you need a house to finally be happy. Why are you taking
the goal so seriously. Why do you choose to place so much value
on the car. All those “needs” that you have are what keeps you
from playing. You can play when there is something that “needs”
to be done. “needs” come first in scarcity. can you feel good
about yourself as a person or do you “need” the 100K job first.
You can’t be happy while you have “need” so get rid of any
unnecessary “need”. You are already awesome. It’s when you stop
loving yourself that you become less awesome. Don’t feel you “need”
to achieve something to be awesome. Being awesome comes first, then
everything else.

Now the question, with this default level of abundance, would
you be able to get more of it or would you end up being to
satisfied with what you have and just stagnate. My answer is
abundance is good but more abundance is even better so why would
anyone pass it up unless they were lethargic and therefore
unhealthy? You might decide you don’t need 100 grand a year
cause it isn’t bringing you any more happiness than you
already have. Then you will probably switch to doing something that
will bring more abundance into your life.

Think about it, you can get 100% on every level of Yoshi’s
island and still see it as a game. Just cause you are playing
doesn’t mean you are doing sub-par performance. There is such
thing as “playing hard”, and you can play hard and still have

Now about sabotage. Would you be more susceptible to sabotage
if you were focused on having fun. I would say less first of
all because as long as you are scared of someone sabotaging you,
they are already doing it to you just by you being scared.
Second, you can still get 100% on every level, you just do it for
“more abundance”. You can still prevent someone from screwing you
over in a state of play. In-fact it would be interesting to see if
maybe a state of play would make you better at preventing
shit like that. It’s like the Steve Pavlina saying,
the scarcity minded become more frustrated and the abundance
minded become more amused.


in a state of play, good people will be attracted to you because
you have that abundance to offer them. If you want to look at it as
a battle, you would be gaining allies left right and center.
However, if you are looking at this as a battle you are in a state
of scarcity and you wont get those allies. When you enter the
state of abundance, you gain teammates, friends, party members.
Allies are something a scarcity minded person would be begging for.

So, curve-ball, what if someone attacks you on the street?
Then you life is in danger so if you want to live you’ll do
want you need to do to survive. When your life, or the life of
someone you love is in danger, that is when you take a break
from playing to survive. However, if you’re life is not in
danger and you are in survival mode anyway, in the mode of need,
that is scarcity.

Now an observation. A child who has not been corrupted by
the negativity of others or an environmental tragedy will be
very playful. This seems therefore to be the natural state of a
healthy human being.

So to be in the state of abundance you kinda have to let go of
“any superficial needs” and enjoy your life. It’s so simple,
just enjoy life in the best way possible which is as a kid does.
(well I think this is the best way but there could be others that
fit the equation). This is also related to Steve Pavlina’s
level 2 gratitude because you are grateful for life because you
turn elements of it into a game that you are happy to play.
This letting go of “need” and engaging your innate abundance is
the real key. If you are to have any more abundance, you have to
be willing to accept this first level of it. You have to be willing
to only have your innate sense of fun and nothing else. If you
have discovered it and realize it’s value and can see it as
more valuable than any house or car or girlfriend, then you can
play for more.


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