Goals : Journey vs Destination vs Embodying

If your focus is on the goal, there will be this nagging feeling of the need to complete the goal.

If your focus is on the journey and you simply picked the destination ahead of time, you may be able to make the journey enjoyable, even slowing the pace down to make it more enjoyable.

If you focus on every moment as a separate opportunity for achievement then I think it’s kinda like mixing the journey and the destination into one.

Say your goal is to save the world. You could look at your life as working towards the final goal of saving the world at which point you can celebrate.

Or you could look at the journey to the goal of saving the world as something you can make into a game or make it enjoyable in some way to “enjoy the journey” which still has it’s place I think.

Or, you could look at your everyday life, everything you do as being part of what is saving the world. So your goal isn’t “to save the world” in this case. rather your goal is “saving the world”. So the life you lead is the goal in this case and therefore you are at any point in time in a sate of achievement.

This I think is part of why I like learning a language by immersion. You are in a constant state of winning because the lifestyle is the thing you want. The lifestyle of learning your chosen language.

I watched a lot of Dragon Ball Z as a kid and watching Vegita train under 400x earth gravity was so inspiring. His goal really didn’t matter at that point. Just the intensity of that scene, the power that was displayed, made me admire his training. I wanted that lifestyle simply because of the awesome otherworldly power, the unbreakable spirit that the lifestyle expressed.

So to analyze my motivation, it was power which as a young boy I was obsessed with, but more than that, it was being powerful. Like being powerful was the goal, not getting powerful. That’s the difference because as a kid I could mimic what being powerful would be like and it was powerful. It was as powerful as I could be at the time which was more powerful than if I wasn’t trying to be powerful in that way. Also I knew that by mimicking power in that way I would gain more of it. That is a winning strategy, It feels good at all times.

So I would workout in the living room while dragon ball z was on. So let’s take the goal of saving the world again. What is more motivating, the goal of saving the world, or just being someone who is actively saving it. Either goal requires actively saving it but being the constant savior would probably feel better if you are into that type of thing. Like if the goal is most meaningful to you, then having the goal in a constant state of achievement would probably be better than waiting till it happens.

This might only work for certain goals tho. The goal has to be one that you can embody as a person. You can be powerful, you can be a savior, you can be Japanese person. But could you and would you strive to be a new car owner? Would you care to embody the personal of a man returned the eggs to the store? So the goal has to be a more high order thing. The Savior may return eggs to the store because it is part of his quest. The Japanese-Yakuza-Samurai-Ninja might buy a new car if that is what one of those would do or wanted to do for some reason.

So the goal you embody should be the most meaningful thing in your life.

Another plus of doing this is that it is harder for someone to come along and ruin your day. If your goal is to be the/a savior then you can just be one, but if you goal is to save the world, as long as someone is preventing you from doing that you are losing. However if you can stay positive and control your emotions you can still see your goal as being reached and see any setbacks as necessary. Which once they’ve happened they are proven necessary by virtue of them happening, otherwise they wouldn’t have happened. That is the metaphysical way to look at it which I think makes sense.

If you embody your goals however, your are the goal no matter what. If your embody the goal of saving the world and become a savior, no matter what happens to you you are still a savior as long as to the best of your abilities you life a savior like lifestyle. Even if you are in a wheelchair or a coma, if you are a savior then that is what you are. If you embody the goal of a 6ft4 person, maybe you will find a surgeon to cut and heal your bones longer until your that height lol, or you will realize that what you really want is the presence or power that the height represents for you and embody that.


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