Job Hunting With Abundance

I want to take a look at a scenario, a “case study”. Let’s say you have a early to mid twenties male(female would work the same) introvert who lives with his parents and is looking for a living wadge so he can move out. Let’s go a bit further and say that his parents are want him out, in…. two weeks to a month. So he needs a job or his face meets the streets in one month. Now the main concepts I would try to keep in mind in this situation are “positive attitude”, “abundance”, “work ethic(priorities)”, love, being true to one’s self, and maybe a few others I’ll see if they come up.

Where do you find the best jobs in such short notice. Starting a business is usually not an option because they take time to generate a living salary and are unstable for a time. For this reason I will go with general employment. There are jobs out there paying a good income that you don’t even need too much education to get, what your do need is a connection. You need to know someone who can get you in. How do you form such a connection if you don’t have one? Well a connection is a relationship with another human being. What is the relationship based on? Trust, mutual benefit, and like/love, acquaintance.  What the young man would have to do is meet someone who has the power to get him a good job, earn their trust, create a mutually beneficial arrangement and or earn their friendship. As well, all this needs to be done without the young man being “needy” and negative during the interaction. He needs to get help without begging for it which apparently is a huge turn-off.

The importance of giving, from a more universal perspective. We humans, need each other. We die without human touch for extended periods of time, we go mad in solitary confinement,we wouldn’t be born or give birth, without another human being. We are social creatures. We are dependent on each other. However this does not mean you need every single person around you. Actually depending on who you are, some of the people in your life could be doing more harm than good for to you and even to society. Being dependent on each other is a large generalization but it is still extremely significant. It may make more sense to just say we are dependent on “others”. What this means is that to help another human being, help in a positive way, is a good thing to do. If you help someone, you help that person, yourself, and everyone else. Because we are all dependent on others. Therefore although this young man may be desperate to find a job, should he focus on only his needs? Or the needs of others. Helping others is an intricate idea.

You could help someone and never be thanked, or you can help someone and they give you a million dollars. It is situational. There are certain situations you should look for when trying to help. It should help to take a look at the bigger picture. Where will you be the most help to society and the world? Giving a bum a dollar so he can buy who knows what isn’t a good use of your time or money and it’s not much help in the larger sense. Volunteering with a political council, or the UN, or environment services may be better. In these better ways of helping, the people you meet will respect you because they will see that what you are doing is actually helpful. That you are helpful to this world. Of course you should also believe in the help you re giving. Volunteer to work in the educational sector if you believe people deserve better education, if you can see that more education means a better society for you to live in as well as everyone else. That’s just an example. Giving is good if you give smart. If you give smart, in an area you actual want to give to out of love for that area, you will be staying true to yourself which is also important, and will make working for free less of an issue. Also there are ways to give where you don’t have to put out much like tipping someone off with information you heard or making music for people if you already like making music. Stuff like that is good to but for the purposes I will explain later, the giving I’m discussing is volunteer work. You just have to realize, if you want your future to be flying cars or utopia or anything awesome, you should be willing to work on those things for free as a volunteer, so don’t knock on volunteering.

So back to this young man. He needs connection(s), more than one would be best because not all of them will have positions waiting just for him even if they do like him. So this young man doesn’t want to seem desperate even though he only has a month. He wants to build relationships based on trust, mutual benefit, and possibly friendship. Here is the way that can be done. He should start volunteering for a few different organizations who’s work he believes in. Here he can get to know many people, gain cognitive-based trust(trust that he is capable and reliable), an he sets it up a relationship where the ball is in their court as for as making the relationship mutually beneficial. Work ethic(priority) comes in here because he needs to work really hard at each volunteer position to make himself look good. So if this young man is looking for work, and he has one month, let’s say he splits up his time into looking for work for 20% of his waking time, and Volunteering for 60% of his waking time, with 20% to travel, eat, bathroom, ect. At the end of the month he will have some good connections assuming he volunteered somewhere worth while. He might have made a friend or two but let’s say he’s a super introvert and didn’t make any. He still would have had many opportunities to help out others, especially since he would have created a network around 3 separate organizations. Crunch time, he needs a job. He explains his situation and see what anyone can do, or doesn’t explain to seem not desperate and asks what anyone can do anyways. He might might get something out of that. If he does he should take whatever job it is and continue volunteering with whatever extra time he has. BTW all the while he had been job hunting 20% of the time.

The big idea in this strategy is that no matter what situation this young man is in, he should try his best to be doing the things he would be doing anyways. The things that are best for him and for society. Meaning that first he needs to realize that work is good for society and good for him. At least, work he believes in, is. Then, he needs to go to work everyday whether he is getting paid or not, since he will be working towards what he believes in anyways. And “work a person believes in” I think is a very vast field. If you love video games, do you want to be a pro gamer, but how about helping make the games better? how about promoting the games so more people will play them? The person who likes video games probably likes the house he plays them in, why not help with real estate, urban planning, HVAC. There are so many ways to get involved, to contribute to society and to your own life, through volunteering, and you would be helping yourself out, and with tools you wouldn’t otherwise have at your disposal.

So even if this young man doesn’t end up with a job after a month of giving, of volunteering his time and energy, the time was not wasted. Here is why. If he worked really hard, he definitely made a contribution to society and his own life. A huge step up from if he was just playing video games the whole time. Next, after volunteering for that long at lets say 3 different organizations, and then he had to walk in and tell them all he is homeless now so he wont be able to dress as nice or work as hard without any financial support, If he was good enough and/or nice enough, someone at one of those places should be able to help him out. Let’s say that they don’t though just as a worst case thing. He could tell them, “I’ll be back when I get back on my feet”. Then he could go volunteer somewhere that will help take him in. A homeless shelter, someone who needs a live-in nanny or personal assistant. A random nice family. He can bring his work ethic, positive attitude and build trust with those people. If he focuses on giving no matter what his situation, he will eventually make the connections he needs. All he has to do is keep giving, oh and obviously he can’t be a jerk or anything like that, he has to see others as his lifeblood and work on them to help himself. Giving, asking nothing in return, bud if offered he should say he wants a job or place to stay. Person who focuses on giving in the best way possible has to come across someone who wants to see him do well also. I can’t imagine such a person ending up starving in an alley unless he purposely hides the giving he does which is stupid because people want to support the person who is supporting them cause if he dies then they lose his support.

This mindset of giving is really a form of abundance. You need to realize that the fact that there are other people who you can help out is a form of wealth that you have. You have other people working towards the survival of our species. You have the opportunity to help them / and yourself out. Further more, some of these people are already if high positions and can give you even more tools to help everyone out. You like nice cars, volunteer at a car factory, give them some designs for some even nicer cars. Help them automate the building process further to bring the price of cars down even more. Some volunteer jobs pay for you to travel with a group to other parts of the world to volunteer.  That’s paid travel and food. Wherever you chose to give, society wouldn’t let a person like that go hungry, and it sure beats sitting in front of the TV wishing you had a job. If they are willing to pay you from the start it’s a bonus, eventually though people should be fighting over who will hire you, offering very competitive wadges. All the while you have been wealthy from the start because you were working on something because you wanted to help improve it. That is realizing abundance. Realizing the opportunity you have right now to improve your world, and realizing your true value in society. A person who realizes this will can walk into a volunteer job interview or whatever with a grin because they are rich.

This post is really a formation of a positive way of looking at the job search. Obviously it’s more than just a way of looking at it, I kinda think these things should be put into practice but the idea is that it’s good to have a winning attitude by default, at least when “winning”is in harmony with the universe, meaning everyone wins. Sometimes though, it’s hard to shake out of the negative thought patterns we learn about needing a job, and having to get paid for any work we do, and without a job your dead or you gotta be fake and schmoozy to get a job. This post kind describes a solution to a problem. A solution that is healthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically(less tv) and socially. It is a “winning solution”. This solution should give readers a more positive and hopeful outlook on life. Finally, this solution came about because I chose to believe that there could be a positive solution to this problem. I chose to be positive and have a winning attitude. Without that it would have been way harder. So we should keep cultivating that winning attitude.


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