Can you become desensitized to fun???

This might be a personality trait and not something everyone can relate to but I wouldn’t mind some opinions. Recently, having only a part time job of like 15 hours a week and no tests to study for being out of school and all, I’ve noticed that things that were once a lot of fun, have become less fun.

Now this might seem like a symptom of depression so far but let me continue. I still see some things as fun, just most goal related things, not things like TV or video games, the things I thought were a lot of fun back when I was in school or working full time. Here is the interesting bit. I had a personal training exam to study for and really buckled down for it, studying like 5 to 7 hours a day for lets say a week. I had already passed the exam once before which meant having to study for it again was mostly redundant and boring. We could say it was your standard “work”, standard “A.S.M.” style work.

The interesting part is that once I took a break after a few days of 5-7hr drudgery, anything I could think of doing seemed like it would be amazingly fun. It was like being being a kid in a candy store, that feeling. Now I’ve felt this feeling before, and maybe some of you have too, like when you get a study week or Christmas break. It’s like, “wow I could do so much fun stuff I barely know where to start”. So I got that feeling and then thought about studying languages and I was like, ” wow languages seem like so much fun right not, almost too fun”

So that was my observation, and my guess of why I and others probably experience that feeling are that fun might be actually relative within a certain time span. So if you do something that is really not fun for a certain length of time and then stop, you’ve built up this reference point of how little fun your life is. So you have that reference point in your mind and then you can do something fun and it will feel like even more fun relative to the reference point. However once you do the fun thing for a time, the reference point of how fun your life is changes, it moves up so that fun becomes the norm. However if fun becomes the norm, it actually becomes not fun, because you get used to it.

This is actually a bit of a defense of work and A.S.M., and I would love to hear other peoples opinions on the subject. The key concepts here are “desensitization” like becoming desensitized to fun. do you experience this? And for the sake of remaining sensitive to fun, is it worth it to do A.S.M. things on purpose? Also, a lot of A.S.M. things can work in your favor like you can earn money to do more fun things ect ect. So does anyone have thoughts?


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