Recap How do people work hard and why is it so good

Positive Attitude – they think they can succeed either because they have before or they understand why they haven’t succeeded before and logically rationalized why they can succeed in the future. It’s good for mental health because positive attitude/self efficacy means optimism and therefore not depression.

Prioritize – The understand that they have to make their one chosen most important present life goal the only thing they think about. They have to sacrifice for the time being, any goals or activities not related to that one goal or to their health(which is needed for that one goal haha) Then they need to avoid and remove any distractions in their life/environment and do a bit of preemptive filling of their environment with things related to their goal or go somewhere that has that. It’s good because it’s it allows us to be at our most alive(besides being in a life or death situation of course) A more philosophical reason but actually it is truly life enriching to be more alive than less so.

Felt Success – They know now what it feels like to succeed and want that feeling again.  maybe not as important as the first two.

Working hard allows people to achieve goals, It allows us to survive and especially to thrive once we learn how to prioritize our energies towards or most meaningful goals in life.



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