Priorities – Admirable, Inspiring

I remember watch shows like dragon ball z as a kid and seeing these super hero train for months and even years on end. The narrator, and even some of the other characters watched on in awe. That training, that work ethic was part of what made them so cool. I watched on in awe and was inspired. There was episodes dedicated to there training, how intense it was, how long it was. After taking a long time to think about what it was that was really admirable I came to the conclusion. It was more than just the chance that they would be the strongest once they finished training, and it was more than just the idea of them working hard(cause what if they were working hard at something trivial. No, it’s the fact that they have something and it is important enough to them that they are willing to make it their only priority. So any energy they have goes into that one goal. It seems almost like people are more alive when they do this in a way. I mean in a way maybe they are cause they will work for longer on something more challenging than they otherwise would because they have one goal and the goal is one that takes effort cause it’s important which is almost always because it’s something hard to achieve. If you prioritized Golf, lego and facebook just for fun, you could do it for the same amount of time with as much effort as possible, however you can only put in so much effort and go so deep into each area if you don’t really care enough about them.  If you did just golf on the other hand, or if Golf Lego and Facebook were related to one bigger goal that you really cared about somehow, then you would have only one priority and would have way more motivation because of how much you wanted the one thing.  More priority = More Living, more achievement, more enrichment, and more value. This is why priority based on importance to the person is so admirable in my opinion. The person is actually more alive, focusing, living, thinking, on a higher level, sustainable only because of the focus on the importance of one goal. This isn’t to say that you need to be super passionate about something to have that “umph” to work harder, what I’m saying is that once you chose the thing that is most important to you, the priority, then the hard work will come easy because nothing else is an option. When you decide to have only one goal, the drive towards that one goal is multiplied by the number of other goals you used to have. so instead of wanting 5 things at 20% intensity each, you will want one thing at 100% intensity. That’s how it works, you can’t want 5 things each at 100%, think about it, that’s not how we work. It’s not even mathematically correct. 100% is the largest percentage for a quantity. Chose to want the most important goal at 100% instead of 5 smaller at 20% and you will be more alive as a human being.

So although I may be categorized as a Polymath type, I actually find it’s more healthy to have one goal at a time. Amy from Putty life actually mentions that it’s good to work on one goal for a month or few months and then move on to another for a month or a few, then maybe go back to the first one or move on to something else. I kinda agree but I think it’s better to work on the goal as the only priority until the goal is complete, not until you get bored. Getting bored is kinda the same as getting distracted. Work is work it wont all be fun just as long as you have one priority you will be able to achieve the goal, you wont get too bored if you only have one goal that you’ve committed to reaching.

My experience with learning a language and actually losing passion for it is a bit different because although I made it my focus, I started having doubts that it should be my focus which maybe it shouldn’t have. I am just learning it for fun number, when learning something for fun, if you turn fun into work prepare to lose interest, if you lose interest and had no other reason to engage in the activity other than cause you committed to it, prepare to not want to commit to it anymore.

This is completely different from choosing your life priority because a life priority doesn’t have to be fun to be motivating, it just has to be the best thing you could do for yourself.


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