Hard Work is Healthy, We live to work

I was very motivated by the interviews with the “tiger mom” and inspired to get into the mindset of hard work being good. Started thinking of ways to motivate myself, self motivation, because I guess could just watch a lot of motivating video but I want something I can actually acquire as part of myself.  So I did more research to back up a theory I have now about work(physical and especially mental) being healthy. By work I mean hard work, math, physics, the stuff people just don’t like. I am coming to the conclusion that it is actually healthy to perform those activities.

I first looked at this from my perspective, recently feeling like my life has been less exciting with less peak experiences and less motivation since finishing school. It seemed like there was something, or a few things, that school gave me that I wasn’t getting on my own. I am well aware of many of these elements such as people to socialize with, more walking(to and from classes), different diet(subway vs whatever’s in the fridge(not much)), ect. However I know the feeling of working hard at something, accomplishing something, giving 110 percent. It can sometimes be a “peak experience” even, I think most people just feel more alive when they are putting there full potential into life, into activities.

This brings me to the second perspective, looking at life as a whole, from the very first known life, until now. There are certain characteristics that all life shares, one is full responsibility. Life takes full responsibility for it’s existence, the first cells survive did so through there own actions. The only place in life where life is able to not take full responsibility for itself and it’s survival, is in conscious beings who learn(through fear usually) that it’s best if they let others do the thinking and the work for them. Even babies put out 100% effort of what they know, crying, screaming, to get what they need. Every cell in our body works at 100% to keep us going, unless the cell is dying or something. Action, Work, is the other element I can think of that all life shares. All life works. Life and work are basically synonyms. If a living body stops working, it dies. If a brain stops working its “brain death”. Human beings, and many other life do some growing automatically, physical and mental development, to a point. That point is the point where if the human stopped working and thinking, the brain and body would atrophy. That is it would start to decompose. It would start to die. On the other hand, If the human were to work harder mentally and physically(healthily), the human would grow more, that is to say the human would become more alive.

I feel we know this instinctively, that is why it feels good to be taller, stronger, smarter, and to achieve things like getting A’s. The only thing is that in some cultures people are starting to feel like work is actually the enemy when I am observing that work is actually the basis of life.

It is already a proven and popular fact that if a person becomes physically inactive for an extended period of time (weeks, months) they will grow more and more unhealthy, mentally and physically, and a very accelerated rate. Actually the act of sitting even is now being seen as comparable to smoking. Apparently simply following a 4 day a week exercise program does not make up for 8hr/per day of sitting. However that is all physical, my current research is on mental exercise. It is also a popular fact that without mental exercise the brain will atrophy, actually it even increases the chances of someone getting Alzheimer. I want a bit more than that though, for instance, does lack of mental exercise increase your risk of depression? Depression some how seems like the tell tale sign that something is bad for you because its the point where your mind says that there is something your doing where you should be doing the opposite. That’s just my interpretation of it. It seems to very seldom be just about balancing that thing and more about getting rid of it altogether or as much as possible, ex are (sitting, drugs,(incl sugar), negative mind sets, chronic overstress, light pollution, sleep deprivation) I’m a man of extremes, I like to do the extreme of whatever I figure I should be doing. So if I can prove that people should be working, I will have given myself the motivation to work as much as is possible which apparently is more than most people think. For instance, you can burn more calories from using your brain but you can’t burn out or over-train you brain like you can with your body. Unless you tax your CNS but that requires either high chronic stress or it requires the body as well as the CNS. Or sleep deprivation, so the limit would be working such long hours that it cuts into your sleep. Anything else, I think in a low stress environment, could be sustainable given the right understanding that it is actually good and not bad. All I can get from my research actually is that Alzheimer would cause depression. Well I’m sure Alzheimer’s is reason enough to keep mentally fit but I actually think there can be a stronger and more positive motivation, to work hard in general.

This brings me to achievement, I will try to find a bit on how achievement boosts mood and health. Also I want anyone who reads this to try to remember or imagine achieving something awesome and how it would feel. However the main thing is, can you feel that achievement simply by giving your all in any given day? That achievement, if it could provide that high, could allow people to fall in love with working 100% for the sake of working 100% which is living life at 100% which is I think a glorious thing. And can you encourage yourself(through affirmations ect) to veiw hard work, 100% effort, as good?And really, even if work for work’s sake some how is not feasible for some, there are many goals worth putting 100% effort into anyways that may give that “high” or “peak experience”.







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