Positive attitude, the ultimate martial art

I think being positive is so important and so underrated. I think being positive is a mindset that is superior to any other mindset besides one of learning where you will eventually learn about being positive and use that as well. Being positive should be the lens through which we view the world. Through this lens we get to see possibilities, ways of thinking, ideas, that through a negative outlook we just would not have seen. Studies show, including my own in my life, that people perform better in life, in athletic competition, and in my experiment, in video games. I played smash bros with my friends with the attitude that I could and would win if I just gave it my all and to give it my all. I did and I won a lot more than usual.

Its even more far reaching than that. Being positive instead of  negative is actual also choosing to be happy instead of unhappy. To have hope and love instead of fear and hate.

To be positive you need to have the mindset that yes there will be obstacles(including people) in your life(that is just being realistic) however these are just challenges to be overcome eventually. Where as with negative thinking, obstacles(including people) are threats that may never be overcome. Positive, not delusional, thinking, you don’t see yourself as deserving something, as being entitles to something because that is a false idea. Entitlement is abstract and not real. Instead positive thinking means you can acquire anything you want by working at it. eventually is an important word because time is something we don’t have control of. Time passes, there is no such thing as right now, there is an infinite amount of time, or an unmeasurable amount of time inside of any moment you try to pin point. That is just how the universe works so thinking I want this know just doesn’t make sense. However, saying I want this in two years, for something achievable in two years is positive and realistic. You have to figure that out. Also if an obstacle comes up you try with the knowledge that you can overcome the challenge, and you try. If you don’t over come it, you recalculate how long your goal will take. You will always reach it eventually as long as you stay positive. I would even go as far as even if a certain goal like being able to fly which so far is not proven possible, you could dedicate your life to it and still have hope that in your next life you could keep working on that same goal. However most people would get bored of a goal that would take that long and that is ok too that just means you don’t want to be able to fly “that” badly.

Next thing that being positive does is it makes you grateful for the challenges you face because if you are facing a challenge then it was was obviously an inevitability on you path towards your goal and so your are still on that path, the challenge is part of that path and obviously you would rather have a path to the goal then no path meaning no way of reaching that goal.

Next, challenges can be seen as fun when seen through the positive lens. lie in a game, a challenge is just another chance to win, and you know you will eventually. So it’s just a chance to be bad ass.

also don’t be discouraged by eventually because there are often ways to shorten the time to a goal by a huge margin, things that use to take a life time now take far far less. If something seems like will take too long, the time it takes can be shortened considerably if you can figure out the way. That is just another obstacle. A challenge.


The idea of being positive is in line with the idea of abundance, which is inline with being happy as a human being, as a part of the universe. Which is inline with the universes will, for humans, sentient beings to be happy. That is why we strive for happiness or nothing at all. No human strives for unhappiness because that is the opposite of motivating, it is not part of the universes programming. As far as I know form every human I’ve ever observed or heard about. Therefore, if you are not in harmony with the universe, if you want things that are in the opposite direction of what the universe wants, things from the scarcity mentality,  don’t expect to reach the goal, or if you do, don’t expect to be happy. Because the universe,(including yourself) is striving for happiness and abundance already but if you strive for a goal like killing someone, a scarcity motivated goal, which goes against you being happy in the long run, I expect you to meet a lot more resistance. Also once you do reach your goal, if it is a goal out of harmony with the universe don’t expect to be happy for long if at all.

Also I think that the same way many of us were programmed to have a scarcity mindset. By out parents showing us fear or anger about certain things like if someone pushed us as a kid our parents would come to our defense angry. We learn to feel anger at those things this way. However the source of the anger is in scarcity thinking which is the thinking where the kid was entitled to not be pushed, where the child being pushed was a threat not a challenge. This is how we learn scarcity thinking, negative thinking, fear based thinking. In some cases you need to get keyed up, like if someone threatens your life. But not because they have no right and so you are angry, but because you want to live because you love your life ans you will do anything to defend it. Same for defending a child.


Anyways so I think we should actively consciously program ourselves in the opposite direction. In any situation where you meet an obstacle, including a person, smile on purpose because they are just a challenge, and one you can overcome/defeat. Also look at it that way as well, smile, grin, look at challenge as tasty, a chance to kick ass(not a person’s ass,but the ass of the situation) and shine, always, and shine through acting out of abundance and love or if someone would take that the wrong way its a chance to look away and smile so they can’t see it, and then walk away. And be grateful for the challenge, the chance to learn, the chance to kick ass(not a person’s ass,but the ass of the situation), the chance to grow.


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