Positive Attitude, the best martial art ever Pt2. story of reaching that point

As I have been writing latley, the core of feeling like you have
vs feeling like you dont have enough, is positive thinking.
Positive thinking is an extremely important thing everyone needs to
establish in their lives. Positive thinking is what will allow you
to take action as a human being, towards positive goals. Of course
how could a negative thinking person have positive goals, does that
even make sense? A posive person has goals based on what they want to
where as a negative person will have goals based on what they want
to not have. If a positive person brushes their teeth its to keep
them looking good, if a negative person brushed their teeth
its to keep them from looking bad.

this is like glass half empty half full, it seems the same on the
but the outlook is very different. The positive person brushes
their teeth happily ecause they love keeping their teeth looking
their best. The negatve person brushes them out of fear, only too
prevent somthing bad.

Dont jump off a cliff? why? either cause you want to do more stuff,
or just cause your scared to die?

a negative thinker does things out of fear, sees every obsticle
as a threat. A positive person does things for the joy fun and hope
, seeing obstacles as a challenge and a form of excitement,
something to be simply over come and grow from the experience of.

A negative person avoids obstacles because to be obstructed is
bad for a negative person because a negative person is scared of
losing for good. Scared that an ostacle may spell the end for
that person.

For a positive person, they see their goals as somthing they will
reach no matter what and its just a matter of conquering challenges.

A negative person feels they should not be obstructed, feels its
unfair because threat is bad and unfair. A positve person sees
obstruction as a gift, a chance to grow and perform and conqeur,
so a positive person welcomes any obstruction, not activly seekign
it out though because that isnt their actual goal.

SO when two people interact. If they are both negative and one
treats the other badly out of fear that the other one would treat
the first badly this can become a problem. The victim may feel
the need to react out of fear of the agressor. This puts the two
in a downward spiral.

here is one experience in becomeing positive and having to deal with a
negative person:

some guy walks into a card shop and agressivly pats my back
and agressively shakes my hand. on the way out he agressivie patted
my midsection in saying by. He was with his GF and I suspect he
felt threated by me and felt the need to assert dominance.

This put me in a bit of a pickle because this added the element
of phsyical agression into my framework of being positive
no matter what. I needed some time to think through how I could
remain positive in a situation where I was being borderline assulted.

He seemed like he would fight to if I was as negative like him
and got scared enough to push him or somthing like don’t
touch me. That’s a very primitive and fear based way of dealing with things.

So Here is my thought process on that situation.

First thoughts were from the negative perspective, the thoughts
I may have learned from my mom or dad about how I should be

“He can’t be physically agressive with me, its not ok”
“its not fair, he is breaking the rules”
“if I don’t do somthing I will keep doing it”
“What does possitive thinking have to do with being
physically assaulted, my parents would probably tell
me to draw the line at physical abuse”
“He thinks he can bully me and dominate me physically
, I should show him, he seemd pretty strong but it’s
not fair”
“maybe I should never come back here avoid that shit”
“well I can’t just avoid anyone who bullies me”
“should’nt I fight back some how, its not fair”
“he thins he’s the shit or somthing, no I’m the shit”
“Kinda makes me wanna start hitting the gym harder”

See, so I got pulled into this fear based thinking, actually
feeling like fighting him at one point, the fear turned into
Then I thought:

“no, that positive thinking was fool proof”
“I can’t let go of it now it wsa so good”
“there has to be somthing, some way to think abuot this
from the positive, fun perspective”

The positive side of it:

“well first of all, next time I see him, I will say somthing”
“somthing simple like I noticed you were getting pretty
physical last time but I don’t know like that so you gotta
cut it out”
“It does’nt matter what people around us think of that, only
that I say it, and I can even pull him off to the side”
“remember you have goals, and none of them are ‘assert your
dominance over said individual'”
“being positive means working towards what you want with hope
and fun, not working out of fear”
“ok so positive thinking would see this as a challenge not
as a threat or somthing unfair, how to I look at it that way”

“ok then the challege is to keep working towards my goals
inspite of that little incident and do a minimal amount
of reflection on how to readct better next time besides  
not getting scared”

“but what if he were to continue doing that stuff?”
“then because one of my goals is to be in positive environments,
I should just leave”
“just leave? does’nt that mean he wins? should’nt he be put in
his place for being wrong and then he leave”
“no, because my goal is’nt to put people in their place,
only to make the world and my life more positive, and if he wants
help I’ll help him but otherwise I’m not gonna reprimand him,
that get me anywhere good”

“what if the worst case senario he got out of control and tried to
kill me or somthing? could still respond with a smile and a
positive attitude?” “he’s sick, he can’t just go around attacking
people” “WAIT, in the worst case senario I can still play my way”
“I still have to fight for my life but I just have to make sure
its for my life and not to put him in his place” “Fight to
get to the positive environment you want. “fight for peice
without pause” “don’t fight because the guy is a sicko and a
jerk” “so if you can escape and run, do it, don’t try to exact

“now, this mortal peril, is it a challenge, or  threat? which
side of the coin is best in a life or death situation? Obviously
insticts take over and thats fine, just make sure your fighting
for your life and not the other persons death”

“next, what if he were ot not try to kill me but just
physicall bully me like wrestle me into submission just to
be a jerk?”
“yell stop, call for help”
“what if he is only wrestling but not hurting, just enough that
I am being bullied” “get help, and if no one can help, wait and
see if he will eventually let go” “your goal is’nt to prove he
can’t dominate you, your goal is to live the life you want, if he
lets go soon, get away from him and keep it that way” “and
maybe report the person to authories” “part
of the challenge, if you are thinkgin positivly is to realize,
I’m being challeged by negativity, will I over react out of fear
of seeming weak, or will I wait it out knowing that I’m so far safe
and would rather not provoke any worse” “ya you know your rights
but people often viotate others rights and if you try to take
on every violation head on it’s often not worth it””get help
and avoid”

“fighting should be researved for a situation where your life
in danger or you are made uncomfortable enough that you feel the
need to fight back out of need not anger” “that line is drawn
at different places for different people but it should definatly
be drawn at anything that puts your physical well being
at risk and where you have no means of escape”
“physical well being” “emotional well being”
these are somthing worth fighting for.these are core values
just like your goals are core values, these are the things to
focus on. “my rights” however,
is not, because its an astraction. fighting for “my rights”, out
of anger, can’t get you into the situation where you really need
to fight. Best not to go that way if you can help it.”

So after all that thinking I again got back to the place where I
could see it all as fun. If my well being is a risk, which it
isn’t if someone just shook my hand too hard, then I’ll fight
for my health which is still positive, but just more intense.

Otherwise anything less is just fun.

actually I think it could be posible to see even life or death
situations as gifts, as challenges, instead of as threats,
but the trick is to still have the emotional intensity that would
equal someone who needs to survive. It might even be better in
a life or death situation for someone to see it as just another
challenge but one that must be given 100%. I think the 100% focus
would come instictivle in anyone who understands that they really
could die. However I wonder. Could someone take somthing seriouly
and still see it as a challenge and not a threat? Could it be seen
just the most significant challenge eve? would that be enough?
I’m trying to decided if someone would truely have to switch to
fear based thinking to save their life or not.IN some cases being
scared might actually be ahinderance if say the person freezes in
their tracks.

On the other hand, if someone always sees the situation as
winable, they will be more likely to not give up.

I somtimes feel like hope leads to action where as
fear leads to inaction
just like activity is like life
where as inactivity is liike death(depression maybe comes from fear)

I had a dream that I was hanging of a ledge by my hands and was
so scared to fall that I pruposely let go. That I think is the
epitome of fear.

Hope on the other hand would have me continuosly trying
to climb back up.

Discouragement may be one way hopelessness like what I just
discribed can take root. It is very primitive, but its the thought
that since one has been unsuccessful once or a few times, that
they will most likley continue to be unsuccessful.
This is not nessesarily so but if the person belives it is they
may give up and then the prophecy fufilled itself.

fear leads to death
hope leads to life.

being positive in a life or death situation would be doing
everything you can to stay alive, not to keep from dying.
half full/half empty.

So positive in life or death would’nt be horsing around obvioulsy
because your life is being challenge. Challenged vs threated.
They are both the same weight, it’s just that on one hand you are
fighting with the hope of keeping everything you love,
while on the other hand you are fighting against fear of
losing everything you love, or just fear of the unknown(for
someone who has been too scared ot love already, which would
probabbly weaken their resolve cause the unknown is unknown.

which side would fight harder? Well I’m sure the positive
side is garenteeed to fight because they are confident they can
win. The problem is over confidence. Either way I would say hope
and postive fun attitude is the best way to live daily life and
if it seems into your persona even in a live/death situation than
so be it but hope you slip into which ever side is best for life/death
and then go back to positive after lol.


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