Depression as Nutured by thoughts

Most of the lack I have ever felt in my life were feelings that were forced down my throat at an earlier age. Until I started seeing attractive women with rich men I never thought I needed any money. Until people started telling me that real men have good steady careers, I never thought I needed to pick a major. People seem to be hypnotizing each other into thinking they are lacking something. For Peat’s sakes though, we wouldn’t be alive if we were truly lacking. Way less capable species have survived and reproduced in order to get to the modern human being. How could we possibly see ourselves as under equipped now. People living in metropolitan cities feel a sense of lack because they are being told they are lacking, mean while people in Papua New Guinea are dancing and singing and the socialites of the metro look down on them for celebrating their lives, living well and happily and in abundance. How could people actually think they needed to be more than what they felt inspired to be. They were forced to feel that way. By someone else. Someone else has been trying to push their vision on others and some who shared it tagged along, but those who didn’t were punished, ostracized, made to feel lacking for not want a G6 or a Rolex. This is the very same things some parents do to there own young, the kids see the abundance they have and probably have visions of their own, what they want to create. Parents however chose to force their own visions on to the children and tell the children they must make this much money and have this job to be not lacking. The children who grow up and actually believe it will either waste some of their lives toiling away at their parents vision, or maybe grow depressed and give up on their vision and their parents. Or if they’re luck they may only feel a lack of direction and maybe start surfing the net, a lot.

I read in one of Steve Pavlina’s posts that to live in a state of abundance you have to not perceive even lack of direction as a lack. If you come to a point where you don’t know what you want to do with your life, you have to be ok with that. You need to see all the other things you do have that you can enjoy and just live the best life you can. This idea is very important for someone who may be out of school and not knowing what they want to do with there lives.

I have a hypothesis that for much of the depressed population, the thing that is making them depressed is one or more thought patterns of lack. Yes I do understand that depression is a biological thing. However think the biological change is caused by a change in mindset. Did you know that depression can come from simply having a chronic pain. I feel that the mindset of lack is interpreted by the brain as a form of chronic pain which it is in a way. Pain is a signal that tells you something is wrong. Any other negative emotion is the exact same thing. Therefore any chronic negative emotion should be very capable of causing the biological change would take place is depression. Now here are some of the things I can think of that could because chronic thought patterns, chronic pains that could ultimately become a depression.

Fears that keep you from doing the things you really want to do. Any thing you are forcing yourself keep from doing because of a fear of failure or injury or death ect, I would say is chronic, its on going. This is because it is something that is always in the back of your mind even if its become so automatic that you don’t even have to think about it. It’s still a chronic thing.

Feeling any kind of lack. Feeling you don’t have something you should, feeling you don’t have enough. It’s basically a chronic pain of loss. It’s like a nagging pain of feeling like a piece of you has been removed. This is a chronic pain. This feeling of lack, the opposite of abundance is defiantly high up there as a supposed cause of depression because loss is a major stressor for a human being. When humans loose a loved one, are forced to end a relationship, or lose a body part, the human body goes through a major biological change which is extremely stressful and can lead to depression.

So when someone reads that living with abundance means following your passion but that person has no direction and feels they should. They may feel pressured to try hard to find that direction and they may simply be digging themselves into the ground in two ways. One, creativity and inspiration rarely show when one is under pressure and feeling forced to be creative. Two, that pressure to find your passion(s), that feeling of LACK of passion is a chronic pain which is taking a toll on their body which start turning into a depression. Then not only will the person be less able to enjoy their passion, they’ll be less able to do anything they need to do for themselves.

You see those bums on the street begging for money and getting drunk of it. Some of them maybe be the victims of a society that forced it’s vision on them and making them feel like nothing they were inspired to do was worth anything. Also I will say that I’ve met people all throughout my life that were more than willing to reprimand me for not following some vision of someone else. Even kids in school, when I didn’t do what the teacher said, there were other students even who would be upset with me as if I should be free to follow my own creative desires or that I shouldn’t make mistakes when playing along with some school circular activity I didn’t care about at all. Some of those kids seemed to just completely get what the school system was about and shared that vision, I didn’t get it like they did and I knew I didn’t but I also really didn’t care. The only thing that got to me was a feeling that I was lacking in some way by not being understanding and inspired enough to do what someone thought I should. This has definitely been something I’ve carried my whole life until now. Now I get it. I see the vision of the school system. I see the vision of the companies I’ve worked for. Now seeing things I realize I wasn’t lacking at all. I just don’t want what they want and I’ll never be hypnotized to feel like I’m wrong for feeling that way again. I hope everyone else that is’nt satisfied with the idea of working for paychecks, doing things you don’t like, I hope they will all see through the facade. You don’t NEED to do anything you don’t want to. If someone tells you you need to be doing something but does’nt have a convincing argument of why you really need to be doing that thing, don’t do it. Completely ignore it because what they are trying to do is force you to work for their vision instead of your own.

Don’t be scared of this “you’ll be homeless” shit either. That’s fear based manipulation. Even if you end up homeless, you think your gonna die just cause your homeless? As long as your not a jerk I think you’ll do ok, the human race didn’t start out in condos. After all the soldiers said to have fought to the death for our freedom, how could we not spend every minute of our lives free. Are you not willing to fight to the death for your own freedom? To me, as a man, that’s what a man does. He doesn’t do shit because other people tell him he’s lacking if he doesn’t. He does what he believes in, learning as he goes. It might be harder for a women to do the same, live on the streets until things look up, with sex offenders ect out there. However if a girl were to live on the street with a real man who is working towards higher goals than money, she should be way better off than in a house with a white picket fence and some Prozac on her nightstand.



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