Abundance for new graduates during the Recession

Steve Pavlina talks ab out this in detail, but I would like to share the basic ideas, my understandings and then my thought process as I move into an abundant way of thinking.

What is abundance all about?

It’s about seeing the glass as overflowing not simply half full or even full.

Well everyone is really focused on the result of thinking  in terms of abundance which is that they will attract more wealth into their lives. Here is the thing, you will attract more money cars houses into your life but with the abundant state of mind, all those possessions wont really be what is making you happy. They will be byproducts. That abundance and happiness has to come from inside you, as a conscious decision and realization. Once you choose to see the glass as overflowing, not simply half full, or full, you will have stepped into another view of reality. That “it could be way worse and so its actually pretty good”. That “at least I have this and this and this”. That “even if this happens I’ll still have this which is amazing” Once you step into that view you will free up your mind to act according to that view. Like, “well, since I actually have all these things, why keep trying to get more money when I could be helping my neighbor or creating some amazing art”. Then when you start acting within that realization you will attract more good into your life. But if your thinking, ok good so I’ll be grateful for everything and then I’ll get rich and be happy, that is not how it works. To reach a state of abundance you have to acknowledge that money was never a power source to begin with. Money and things cannot compete with your natural creativity, character,  friends, family , air,  water, or nature. Money might be one of the ways abundance manifests in your life but to see it as abundance itself is a mistake. You will have abundance when you realize that when you try to own something is when it ends up owning you. You will have abundance once you stop giving your power away to chasing money and cars and houses. You will have abundance when you start focusing on the more important things in life as well as when you work on things you truly believe in. Only once you already feel like you have so much that sure the money would be just the icing on the cake, just something you see as a little extra that you should use wisely in helping yourself and/or others.  So it’s more like living with the mindset of abundance will attract more abundance and more material possessions.  The possessions, the money and car and house or whatever, these are attracted to a happy, grateful, generous person as responsibilities. Like, ” here is a new car, how will you use it while keeping in line with your view of reality in which you have it all”.”Not to say that you should or would just throw it way, but more likely you would only use it in for doing more of what you already do.  Even a person with no direction should see his/her situation from a point of abundance, because only then will they figure out what they really do want to do. Remember when you where a kid in elementary school on the playground. Just have fun and stop worrying about all things you don’t have. I remember kingdomhearts at the beginning where its just three kids living on a beach, money isn’t an issue they just live life doing what they want. Just look at a few pictures of Sora and look at his smile,
that is the smile of someone who’s mindset is abundance. You think he wants a mansion? Nope.

It’s about working harder than most people and enjoying it.

Living in the mindset of abundance doesn’t mean give up and just live like a hobo or even worse imo a bum. Although some of them might live ok it seems for the most part they are neglecting to you their gift of creation. They aren’t really doing all they can with what have for whatever reason. Some people may also just decide to be satisfied with what they have, not feeling like they have the ability to do more. This is not abundance. Abundance is knowing that you have(and everyone does) an abundance of ability and creativity ect and using it because of the urge to enjoy the ability and creativity ect that you have. So there is no giving up and being satisfied. Abundance is about realizing how many more awesome amazing things you can do and feeling insatiably drawn to doing them. There isn’t any feeling of lack either, you need to actively cast out thinking in terms of lack. So your already thinking,” wow there are all these amazing things in my life that I either have done, or just have, or experienced, ect. Then you think, “With no real worries, I could actually focus on experiencing more amazing things instead of trying to win a rat race.” then you think, “wow, I have this abundance of potential within myself as well, I could just tap into that and start creating the amazing.” That is how an abundant life is lived. If/when money comes in, it’ll just be like, “cool more money I’ll buy a car to help me share my creation with a wider audience” or “cool more money I’ll start a school for teaching kids how to do what I’m doing”. The money is never the goal or even a need. I mean ya you need to buy food to eat if you live downtown or wherever but you don’t need to give your power away and do something you don’t believe in to get that money. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but food does. Friendships are free as well. So basically the mindset of lack for a homeless person would be to think the only way they will get a meal and shelter will be to work in some meaningless job. The mindset of abundance for a homeless person would be, not only will I find shelter and food by noon, but I will write a new poem and maybe even a new friend and being homeless wont keep me from living a life of abundance. Now which bum would you want to hang out with or share your room with. You have everything you need already, money just way of keeping track of how much abundance you are giving to others, to the world, and how much others, the world, wants to give back to you for it. For a person in abundance, money is just a tally sheet of who is thankful that you’ve been living in abundance. A tally sheet of who wants to give back to you fore just being yourself.


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