Steve Pavlina’s Dicussion of Polarity and Kolrami

With the economy the way it is people are really feeling the stress, the need, to have a secure job and to be making money. This need, especially in the minds of young graduates who can live comfortably at home with parents, may be over emphasized, and exaggerated. I do some experiments on personal motivation using Steve pavlina’s description of polarity as a guide. I definitely feel I learned a hard lesson. I took some of what he said the wrong way and chose a polarity that was not at all right for me. I care about people, but the stress of unemployment actually scared me into choosing the dark self serving polarity. It hasn’t worked out well and I know now its because the dark polarity is only really for those people who have had hard lives and are willing to see themselves as superior beings to everyone else and see themselves as the center of the universe. I was never willing to do that and so I think I was already pretty far on the Light polarity when I decided it was time to try the dark side(what I thought was the dark side) which was working for yourself trying to get ahead(not competitively which would be closer to the dark side, but just passively working mostly for myself). All this did was put my energy in flux and it started affecting all areas of my life in a negative way. The Dark side is not for me.
The next thing to consider is the opposite polarity, the light side. Which is about service to others, to the greater good. This seems more for me, it seems more for anyone actually because if everyone lived this way the world would be a very happy place. As opposed to if everyone was in competition with each other or only out for themselves. If everyone was light side you would be receiving help from everyone. If everyone was Dark side you would be fighting the resistance of everyone.
Thing to note, the light side requires helping oneself as well to ensure ones own survival. Also the dark side requires helping others to ensure ones on survival.

The thing is the light side is motivated by love, which is a positive emotion and so is medically a healthy thing to have. Meanwhile the dark side is motivated by fear which is a negative emotion and medically unhealthy. I guess Steve Pavlina thinks a person who needs to turn to the dark side to survive like maybe in jail or war or in the ghetto or something should just do it and come out alive. Otherwise I see no reason why anyone would choose such an unhealthy way of life. Still not sure I agree with it even then.
The light side is about love, and I think it could be seen as more than just loving others and living to serve. I think its loving yourself and others, as opposed to the dark side fearing  others and maybe ones self as well like with shame.

So I think its a lot like what Jesus said about loving your neighbor as you love yourself, this suggests that you do love yourself.

So the light side seems a lot better when seen that way. It seems a lot like “defeating Kolrami”, his other article. Here Steve suggests aiming for a tie instead of a win. So it’s noncompetitive. Does that mean not trying to win. No, it means trying to make it so everyone wins. Basically you realize the abundance in your life, and you realize everyone can win instead of just one person. So you don’t need to worry about being all for yourself because there is so much to go around that everyone can get their fill. So if someone lives in a situation where that is the truth, say in a country where there is free internet. Access to more knowledge than a human could ever need. A person in that situation should be thinking in terms of abundance because they actually do have it. Even in a situation where some one has less, they could still make “stone soup”( a story from the bible where Jesus taught poor people to improvise with what they had to feed not only themselves but guests when they thought they had nothing. Basically your richer than you think.
With the frame of mind that you live in abundance, while you still need to live smart, you can focus on making a life instead of a living. You can focus on playing with others instead of against them or by yourself. Living this way, Defeating Kolrami, will allow an unemployed person to live the life of their dreams, doing amazing and exciting things with friends and family, and achieve all their dreams.

Living life this way, with the knowledge, the realization of abundance, will allow someone to work with others not caring who gets the credit, or go out to a club and cheer friends on to pick up a hot girl or guy without feeling like its a personal loss. Living like that and you will gain so much more, for yourself and for everyone else throughout the whole journey and everyone reaches the top and it is sustainable. So stop worry about getting rich first. Realize you are rich already, be smart with the money you have or get of course but realize your rich already and can do what you love. Then do what you love, all the things you love, which I’m sure include things with others. You keep doing that, and of course the money will follow and you can invest it and whatever, but don’t let that be the goal because then your not really doing what you love and because the money I think we will find, is really overrated.


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