Introverts, Extroverts, Ecomonic Systems

First of all I want to emphasize that Introversion and extroversion are two sides of a spectrum, not to absolutes. However, in this post when I talk about introverts and extroverts I will be describing individuals that fall very far to either side of the spectrum. This is because it’s easier for me to make more fool proof solutions when I account for the extremes.
So my research has shown that in the north American economy, the modern economy, extroverts do better. This makes sense because they would be the natural schmoozers.  Schmoozing not because they are trying to take advantage of anyone, just because they enjoy social interaction. So they will do better in this modern economy as a result of doing what they enjoy.
So then, how is an introvert to compete with that? Are they to compete with that at all? I ask that second question because if extroverts have a stronger urge for external stimuli, things that would cost a lot of money, it might be fair to say that extroverts just want it more and therefore deserve to be at the top along with only the introverts who make outstanding contributions. However its not that simple. Introverts like stuff too, just sometimes for a different or more complex reason. Yes an introvert could enjoy a good book. An introvert good also a good trip to the moon lol. I would say introverts have a lot to give and should be compensated. That’s just my stance on the situation.
So what I have come up with is this. Among extroverts who help each other out in the corporate world, there exists a gift exchange. Extroverts value positive social exchange a lot and I think it can actually be seen as a form of gift economy. The social exchange is almost a form of currency. So extroverts would defiantly have more of this form of currency than introverts. It isn’t that the social interaction is exchanged for money but it is a gift exchange that sews the seeds of an actual friendship. Then friends help each other out. As well I feel like introverts would like extroverts as well for their charisma or positive energy ect, which would mean that extroverts can form friendships with anyone just by doing what they love, being social.
So wow the extrovert really has a lot going them, so how can the introvert compete(not compete but keep up)? The question now is simple. What does the introvert have to offer, for free, that would be enjoyable to share as a gift, enjoyable to introverts and extroverts. The answer is information, knowledge, problem solving. These are the things the introvert works towards for free. These things are what the introvert enjoys doing. Now here is the thing. This economy runs on people doing work, and especially learning things so most people would say, “what, u want me to give away my knowledge for free?”. I would argue that this is actually what they should do. The introvert does this learning for self interest and would do it regardless of price. Therefore it is the perfect gift to give to other people. Not only that but I think many introverts, although the may seem anti-social are actually quite the opposite. They crave deep relationships and don’t really like the idea of making other human beings pay for knowledge. Think of philosophers, from the little that I know of them I gather that many of them despise money. So, introverts should use what they love to do, there way of generating energy, as their gift to others.
Then the question becomes, what do they do to make a living if they just give it all away? And the question becomes, will extroverts value the knowledge introverts have to give as much as they value their natural source of energy, social interaction?
I think in for that first question, the answer is thinking in terms of abundance not scarcity. You wont just have one golden idea that you need to cash in and that’s it. You’ll have enough information that you can at once give some away and be paid for the rest. People do this a lot, look at where khatz gives you the secret to fluency as well as motivation, personal development tips, and humor. For free. Yet at the same time, people pay him for more. That is abundance. As for the next question, would extroverts value knowledge in place of social interaction. I believe it depends on who is being given what knowledge. You could tell anyone, introvert or extrovert, something they don’t care about, and they wont value it so you have to be giving the right people the right info. This is another reason Ajatt works so well. Its a blog so its on the web and people, introverts or extroverts, search it out and receive the gift. Introvert  + Blog = Winning. Also though, in real life offline, I believe the introvert can defiantly use their gift naturally. Talking about interesting stuff because it interests them and they would enjoy sharing it, and that this would allow them and everyone, to enjoy more success socially and as side affect, financially.

So to all the introverts out there, you’re richer than u think, you have a gift, in abundance, to give to us all, and once you realize this we will all benefit.


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