Magic: The Gathering (Aquired Passion)

The card game Magic: The Gathering is a man made thing, a trading card game. It isn’t the kind of game like sports that can be easily related to an innate urge for physical dominance. Its a strategic game with a story line and artwork. I first learn of this game in grade three when a few classmates started playing it. This game brought me into a whole other world of social interaction with the other children in my class as well as being extremely educational for reading skills and thinking skills. I went through periods of obsession over this game because for me with my inadequate social skills for reasons I will discuss in other posts, This was one of my only ways of getting respect and social interaction with other human beings for the 6-8 hours I spent in school.
I did OK once I got my parents to buy me some cards but my parents didn’t have a lot of money to spend on what they saw as a trivial card game. Its not the parents fault that money becomes a a kind of prerequisite to human interaction among kids in school, although this is often the case. Often who ever has the coolest toys is most popular in primary school. Anyways, eventually girls came into the picture and MTG went out because most girls don’t value strategy games.
Now however, I have bigger concerns than girls. I need to be true to myself, and love myself, and I need to have social interaction with people that value the same things I do. I could start clubbing, or become a gym rat and meet people there but besides liking girls and exercising, I would have nothing in common with those gentlemen. Magic: The Gathering thus, seems to be like a missing link in my life. It combines so many of the elements I value, art, creative writing, thinking skills, social interaction. This combination of elements, and people who value this combination, is hard to find anywhere else, and so I am starting to think MTG would be categorized as a passion for me. One of many, but a core one. So its strange because when people talk about finding your passion, most people think it would be something like music or cars or sports, something big and core to the human experience. MTG is pretty abstract, even for a game. Most of it deals with fictional elements, magic, which is the first level of abstraction. Next is the fact that it is printed on paper, or played online, which is another level of abstraction. I’m sure many people had no trouble seeing MTG as a true passion of theirs but I had always assumed it couldn’t be something that seemed so trivial. Now writing it on paper I can see that it isn’t trivial at all. A lot of my childhood development happened through this game, as well there is a lot in this specific game to love. Another thing that kept me avoiding this game was that back in primary school Christian parents complained that anything to do with magic was bad, that it was a sin basically, even a game. I didn’t buy into it at first because consciously I knew how stupid it was. It’s not real magic, like its not witchcraft. However it did affect me, it was a scary thought and so it had an affect and so it became like a superstition for me like black cats and ladders. It never stopped me from playing if I wanted to, it was just something in the back of my mind. Maybe when I wondered about what my passions would be, MTG was never aloud to be considered for this reason as well as for the fact that it seemed trivial as well as for the fact that it seemed materialistic. Logic and love over fear, everyone. If I haven’t already, I will write a post on Materialism VS Art VS possessiveness.


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