Sillyness is charisma in an a raw form

I was a silly kid growing up. I got shunned by other kids
and sometimes even my parents for it. I eventually repressed the desire
to express that side of my self and have been living with a part of me missing
ever since. Until now. And I’m writing this for me and for anyone else who
has gone through any of what I just described. I found the 2 reasons people
don’t like that silliness sometimes(besides if they are just in a mood which
could be often depending on who you are around).


1. The silliness/acting is out of context
[A kids natural silliness, a repertoire of selected phrases
and or actions, usually comes from tv movies ect and
is acted out because of this raw urge to act. Silliness
is a raw form of the urge to express emotion and or get a laugh.
These kids have that natural drive to be actors and comedians but acting
and comedy are hard ideas for kids to fully grasp so they often
fail a lot, and with the proper coaching will eventually learn to repress
those natural urges to fit in with society.]

2. The silliness/acting is not understood to be just acting and because its so fluid, it’s mistaken for real.
[Especially with as a kid with kids as my audience,
but even into early adulthood, people often can’t tell that
I’m acting because it comes so easily. Unless I am on stage, or
I tell them ahead of time, or they know me and how I am, there is
a chance they will think I’m serious and obviously that could
make things very weird for everyone involved. Picture someone
pretending to be mad in a way they have seem done on tv
that was funny, but people start begging the person to calm down.
Not cool.]


I have the knowledge now
to know that it wasn’t the silliness that was unwanted, but
the out of context silliness. Its really only silly if it has no
relationship to the situation. If it does have relation to the
situation, its called acting. This was and is my natural urge.
To act out emotions either what I feel or just what I feel to act like I feel.
Act out something funny without the context behind it and its
just silly. Act out something funny with the context behind it
and its hilarious.

I want to have humor in my life and the life of people I care
about. I also want to be able to be silly like what used to
come natural before I was felt the need to repress it.
The humor will be the outlet for my natural acting urge
that would otherwise be repressed.

Act like the main guy in transformers when he is real upset
about something that you would only be a bit upset about,
out of context, and its silly. In context and its funny.

Its about acting like someone with an obvious flaw, either
they get angry(sometimes to disruptive to be funny)
too easy or scared too easy ect, but within the context
that would bring out that flaw in that character, and the
audience has to know you are acting.

So recap:  mistakes you gotta watch out for

Acting as if you have that flaw without the context and its silly.
Acting as if you have the flaw without the audience knowing
your acting and they’ll just think your weird.

I have done a lot of both of those mistakes but now I know
that they are mistakes, that you have to realize the audience
might not know what you know, and you have to make sure they
do before you perform. Know you audience.

Now that I know this and realize now that this is probably part
of why I’ve been unable to be myself around people, I can
fix the problem.

Now this form of acting is kinda self deprecating even if it is
funny. If I only play these types of roles,
I may eventually seem that way to my audience. that way only
as opposed to who I am which I can now say with confidence is
not simply someone who overreacts to things or acts like
he does. I am someone worthy of respect.
So how do can I balance the self deprecating side of my humor.
Simple. Point out with humor, the flaws in others as well.

If someone asks you a stupid question or does something stupid
do a bit of cocky funny thing. Show them you know when they
are being stupid. This increases your value immensely in their
eyes cause now they know you’re a critical think which you
should be. and the cocky funny thing is acting too. It doesn’t
even have to be cocky funny, it should depend on the situation.
If someone is being cocky with you or rude then you can be cocky
funny or just let them know subtly that rudeness is unbecoming
of them.

If they say something stupid out of ignorance then be funny in a
kinda way, through acting. Maybe pretend to be a teacher who is
slightly disappointed. Ect.

This full spectrum of humor should make you more valuable to
others as well as more able to express yourself and love yourself
which would also make you more valuable to others.

That is, if you are the type that is naturally silly.


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