love yourself enough to be, and to improve, yourself (attracting the right people)

I really value constant development and always learning more. Imo that is the best side of ourselves. The healthy side. The growing side. The living side.

For example if you like to act silly naturally, if you just have that urge, and if people object, then be the side of yourself that would want to know why the f they don’t see things the way you do. Then you might see what I described in my last post.

So maybe, I’m not sure yet, but maybe people should try something like what kenny werner describes in the Master class for jazz improvising and playing. [When you are performing, so when you have an audience, a social thing, other people listening to you, love everything you play and don’t be attached to the outcome. Perform only the things you know you can perform. Then when you are by yourself, practice what you think you most need to practice. Learn more and grasp the concepts fully so that they flow out of you naturally in performance.]

So some of this may not be completely applicable but I like the idea of loving yourself and everything that comes out of you. This way you maintain your humanity, your human love energy that will flow into everything you say an do socially. You’ll be you, and in this way you will deliver true information to other human beings, in it’s truest form. Its like in the Celestine prophecy when one character was saying that when people direct their love at you, your words flow effortlessly and make more sense and you may even have epiphanies yourself. What I am discussing here is kinda the same expect you get that energy from yourself through true love of yourself. Be social this way and the people that are feeling you, the people like where your coming from and where your headed, will stick around. The rest might not which is their responsibility to themselves cause they need to find their best sources of information. But they will respect you no matter what, cause they know you respect yourself.
Then when in private, or just when you are the audience yourself, learn more, still not judging how good you are or how good you should be, just that your learning more and therefore growing more. Growing more is good, cause it means more living.



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