Don’t kill your interest in the language

I realize… once again, and I think it will stick this time, that for me to learn a language without sacrificing the enjoyment, I have to go slow. There was a time where I could have gone a bit faster and succeeded but now, after all the burnouts I’ve had, and the change to a less Asian environment, I feel like my tolerance for learning mandarin is much lower. I still feel that spark of interest in the language when I see a character in Chinese and I feel like, wow I wish I knew what that meant. However as soon as I sit down and decide I should be doing constant immersion or                                  20 sentences a day + pronounciations ect, I lose the motivation.

So I think I’m gonna try going as slow as possible, like 5 characters a day or something ridiculous, and just keep up with it. I’ll do like 2 minutes every morning. I know that if I do 2 minutes, the right way, I can learn a lot.

So to maximize ease:
– 2 min sessions(no one would break a sweat)
– focus on one aspect of the language(as much as I hate to let my listening comprehension go down the drain, I`m thinking of the long term and so far my attempts at enjoying the language are  have always been sabatoged by my own illiteracy. I need the literacy, I have been chasing literacy in Chinese since I was 7 actually, and was always the hare. What I need to really succeed in this language is literacy. The written word, and more importantly, the ability to read it, may be the biggest tool in the pursuit of knowledge. IMO all life on earth is a conquest towards knowing what we need to know to be truly happy. I can`t sit around and watch mandodramas all day, or even anime, that is`nt enjoyable enough to me. It may be partly stress of not having a good job that makes me un able to enjoy those things but either way I like to read…a lot. That is my argument for basically abandoning my quest for spoken/written fluency in favor of reading, as part of the easiest method.

To maximize effectiveness:
– 10 cards(enough that there is guessing being done between them)
– Sentences(added context strengthens over all recall ability)
– Traditional characters instead of simplified(cause they look better, are easier to distinguish, and are used in Japanese as well

The most efficient 2 minutes would be the study of sentences in Hanzi as srs cards. Hear is the format I think is most effective.

– Sentence in Hanzi [ full short sentence, 5 – 7 characters ]

– Meaning of full sentence

10 cards per day, or less with reviews, x 356 will be around 3000, 2 years at 3000 is 6000 which is almost what khatz did in 18 months. Of course I maybe add to my daily activity but the 2 min/day should be enough as until I am functionally literate. A year from now I can will be able to read and then Chinese will start to become fun. Might as well get over the hump slowly but surely instead of repeatedly trying to run up the steep slop and rolling back down only to try again with less energy. 2min/day is plently

It’s hard for the hare type to slow down this much. Having to slow down this much makes the goal feel like it’s almost not even worth it. This is the problem tho, this is where you become like your own parent making plans for when you get older, plans you almost couldn’t even care about right now. However you have to look at things logically and you’ll be able to see through the faulty logic. Things like, “What, 3 years from now? but I don’t care about if I’ll know Chinese 3 years from now, I just want to know Chinese now!” That is the type of thinking people need to grow out of. It’s hard for someone who hasn’t failed repeatedly being the hare, to figure this out tho. After being the hare and failing a lot I know now that 3 years later I would enjoy being Fluent in Chinese. I know that If I try to get fluent now or in 5 months it wont work because I don’t want it THAT bad, not THAT bad that I could sustain that want over a 5 month period working really hard. I do know that if I do 2 min every day, that in 3 years I will be very glad I did. So like a parent planning their child’s future almost, I will do it the long and fool proof way. Doing what I know will be good for my future, in a way I can tolerate in the present.


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