The Tyranny of Leadership

I am of the opinion now that it is a sin for any human being to not take full 100% responsibility for themselves from the moment they are born. *** Woah wait a second, from the moment they are born? What can a baby do to take responsibility for its self from the moment they are born? They can’t do anything for them selves, who will feed it? *** I said 100% responsibility not 100% result. The baby cannot go out and by a milk carton to feed itself. However, are you going to put it on I.V. on drip, or will you let it cry for milk it’s self. Naturally a baby takes 100% responsibility, if you believe in God you might say this is how God intended. Even an unconscious human being reacts to tissue damage with 100% accountability forming blood clots and scar tissue.

With human being of modern times however, a lot of people are not taking that 100% responsibility for themselves, doing everything they can for themselves. There are a few observed ways I can think of that allow for or create people that do not take responsibility for themselves but it seems to often come down to fear.

When someone fears the result of someone else doing something wrong, they would rather do that thing themselves. This isn’t good when it is a parent doing something for the child that the child could do for it’s self. When a child is old enough to do chores the child should or else he will have a harder time transitioning to doing so later. Kids should be 100% self responsible with parents there only as aids, to answer questions, warn children of hazards and teaching the children techniques to become even more self reliant.

Even adults are being  subjected to this tyranny of leadership in the form of welfare and managers at work paying rip-off wadges that leaves people feeling unmotivated and even more willing to do the minimum instead of working from the mindset of 100% responsibility where they would be doing the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM. A manager who takes full responsibility themselves supporting a bunch of adults who don’t take full responsibility for themselves in my opinion is oppression of growth and therefore of life. I never want to be a manager because I don’t believe other humans need to be lead like that. It may be helpful in large companies to have a designated organizer just for communications between departments, but in each department I think the employees should be made up of individuals who take 100% responsibility for themselves and can organize themselves through communication as well. Mentors as I’ve said, are helpful to learn from, not to depend on for any longer than necessary. We live in abundance, life flourishes on earth, we can survive and thrive on our own ability to learn.

negative impact of the tyranny of leadership

BULLYING – a bully is often someone who chooses to keep others down instead of taking responsibility for themselves and developing as human beings.

Ignorance – with one person doing everything for another, that other never learns how to do those things.

Dependance -> less competent Human beings -> less work done in the word -> Leaders will have a lot more work to do for a lot less reward than would otherwise be out there.

Poverty, Low self-esteem, low ability, lower life expectancy, ect ect.

The Tyranny of leadership, of always having someone want to tell other what to do, and someone wanting to be told what to do, is that is completely stunts the personal growth of the dependent, the follower, and possible the leader in a way who never learns how to teach, and to believe in others ability to learn.

The long term Leader-Follower relationship is a fear based relationship, and as I might have said already in a previous post, fear is an enemy of modern civilization. Applying fear where knowledge should and could be, is a recipe for oppression.

Life began with 100% responsibility. It Flourished with 100% responsibility. That is the way of life. The way of death is the opposite. It is people being led like sheep, never growing or improving. The way of life on earth is that it is either flourishing or decaying. There is no in between.

I could have gone into more detail in many areas but the post would have been very long that way. I hope anyone reading this will take a minute to comment on a point they agree or disagree with so we can have a discussion. Thanks.


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