When loved ones try to tear you down (Part 1, do you)

When you have people in your life that try to break you down emotionally. If it is actually getting to you, you gotta move to the ultimate strategy.

Build yourself up in everyway.

The Ultimate goal of this process is to make you invinsible. Basically if this were a video game your goal would be to have infinite Health points. So any emotional damage someone tries to do to you will be equal to 1/infinity or zero. In order to get to this level you need to work on every aspect of your life. Be working on these aspects at all times. Should be easy if the problem has got to the point where you in a constant state of brooding.

Health, fitness, emotional, knowledge, wealth, relationships, everything.

Start from the most important and put the most effort into the most important things and least effort into least important things.

So in order of importance in my opinion

health – physical health affects everything else aswell (Eat right, sleepright , excersise right)

emotional – your emotional strength needs to go through the roof for this strategies utimate purpose

fitness- this wil help you emotional well being as well

(spiritual) – if you believe in that kinda thing can be a tremendous help emotionally

knowledge – well you reading this for the knowledge, its important

relationships – meet other positive people once this thing is rolling and you can support each other

and reach new hieghts.

Art/beauty – Beauty automatically lifts spirits (music, nature, fashion)

Wealth- will open doors for you in all the areas above. Some wealth is absolutly nessesary, how much depends on where you live.

Avoid and Ignore the negative – if its something you can’t walk away from, and if trying to deal with the negative person head on will just make it worse, you need to avoid and ignore. Also, the longer you stay in a poisonous environment the worse you will become. Make sure the 5 people you are around the most are positive people.

Basically there are maybe two types of people. People who are biased towards positive mental states, and people biased towards negative states. The pos poeple could turn neg and the neg could turn pos, under circumstances but everyone seems to be somewhere on a pos neg scale emotionally. Positive people are happy and loving to others and healthy. Negative people are unhappy, un loving or even hating of others, and usually unhealthy in some way. So being positive can be seen as health, strength, and life. Being negative can be seen as illness, weakness and death.

The goal of this strategy is to make you the most positive posible. A 10 on a scale of -10 to +10. or an infinity on a scale of -infinity to +infinity. The goal is to be so positive and emotionally healthy, that any little thing someone could do would be equal to about zero damage to you. Once you achieve this level you will be happy.

This method is kinda self serving, but you need to be self serving if you ar’nt healthy. And you need to be self serving to a certain extent to stay healthy. And you need to be healthy to be able to help other people. I don’t think being a monk and runnng away from all your problems and relationships or being a selfless zombie or being an eye for an eye type. I believe that everyone should get to a level where they are exceptionally healthy and have excess positive energy left over which will motivate them to help others. So this is as much a way of life as it is a strategy for dealing with difficult people.

I created this strategy because I feel it is the best one to use for situations like mine where the person being sucky to me is actually someone I care about. So I improve myself until I am untouchable without any conflict so I am never in the wrong and will never have to sever a relationship unless the person moves into serious offenses that warrant it. Like if you husband beats you get out of that relationship. But if its just someone trying to get under you skin with alot of little(non physical things) because maybe they are unhappy with their own life and can’t cope,but you are still close to them, then this might be the strategy for you.

It also works in general as a life strategy because there will be poeple in life who you ar’nt close with, maybe a stranger,who will try to get under your skin the one chance you meet them. If you have built yourself up emotionally then you will be able to handle this.

I feel like anyone who is around negative people seriously need to consider doing all of this strategy and then moving on to part 2 of the strategy. Once you are around more negative people then positive people it is easy for you to slip and start becoming more like them. Its so bad cause it can sneak up on you in moments of weakness and suddenly you could be converted from positive to negative. I think everyone all the time should be making sure to stay as positive as possible.

Keep as much positive shit around you at all times. Chat with people online and in person and read positive things, just do everything positive and you will start to build up an impenetrable fortress which is good for everyone.

Sleep is important, you might feel negative after taking a days worth of shit, but after a good night’s sleep you should bounce back, but don’t keep getting into negative situations or it will start getting harder to bounce back.


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