Things everyone Diserves to know (points will be exanded)

Things that everyone deserves to know.


Main concept is everyone is connected and we need each other to improve our lives. No one is the super hero who can be awesome all by himself, you try to be awesome by yourself and you are screwed. You did’nt give birth to yourself so you will never have all the credit.


Rule: Knowledge is power. Smart is just a base of knowledge that you can use to build more knowledge on top of. Knowledge is so important. Acquiring knowledge on how to live, on what does what. Learn how to read. Knowledge is what keeps you from dying everyday. Knowledge is the safe way to learn that a car can kill you. Experience is the hard way.


And once you have concepts in your head its good to play around with them and figure new things out. Think Critically. Think imaginatively. Do your very best to figure out what is right and what is wrong, and how to live. Read.


Rule: Love yourself, don’t think of this as loving your faults and and strengths, don’t see yourself as having faults and having to love yourself in spite of those. just see yourself as having strengths and weaknesses that you can work on. Nothing you have to force yourself to love.


Almost everyone needs confirmation from other people on if they are lovable or not. However if you keep in mind that everything is connected, loving youself is the best thing you can do for anyone else. When you love yourself you become able to live to your full potential because you are able to focus on achiving your goals because you want them not because someone else tells you you should want them to be lovable.

When you love yourself completely, you will be happy enough to extend that love to others.

When you hate yourself its hard to love anyone else and if you can’t love anyone else, it’s harder for people to love you.

If everyone loved themselves and cast out shame as the virus it is, we would be much better off.

  1. kdiffy said:

    You have many valid concepts in your blog. I would agree that we are all connected in one form or another and a healthy self-opinion in necessary for successful, rewarding social interactions, and personal perspectives of others.

    However, in my observations it occurs to me that a disproportional number of people in the United States tend to possess a highly over-inflated love of self. Self-confidence is a very much needed attribute for anyone to obtain, but when ego, vanity, lust for power, and pride are the dominate factors of a persons perceptions a disconnect often occurs. I call it the “High Horse Syndrome.” For examples just watch the news or count the number of people willing to run you off the road with their exceedingly over priced automobile in order to be first at the next traffic light.

    These type of people seem to have a singular view of life that starts and ends with themselves. They all seem to hold the opinion that no one can do it better, faster, more efficient, and so on. They take in consideration the needs and desires of others only if it directly benefits them. There can be no genuine love for others when the most important thing in your life is you.

    Dr. William Ellery Channing (1780-1842) said, “We look forward to when the power to love will replace the love for power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace.” I will add that this is the same and sole power that will improve our lives, unite societies, end wars, and evolve humanity.

    • Thank you very much for your comment Kdiffy, you have really opened up the discussion, I have a few things to add to what you have said.

      I see what your saying. I agree that there are some people who do really focus on themselves only and to the point where it becomes self-destructive if you can imagine like ending in ruining their relationships. As well I agree with what you are saying about how they may do things for others only to benefit themselves.

      My post is only describing the situation where someone is already unable to love as deeply as they want.

      I can think of a few reasons though, why someone would act in the way you describe which anyone lacking certain knowledge may act.

      The first is that some of them are buying all this neat expensive stuff because it’s the only way they can feel worthy of loving and then love themselves.

      Another reason is some people are seriously materialistic and possessive of their stuff. They few other physical objects that they can claim ownership of as an extension of themselves. Therefore they feel a very real pain if they were ever to lose one of these things. As well adding to the things they own would be like adding to themselves and in that way would probably feel very good. Many if not most people have experienced or are experiencing these feelings to some degree, usually extremely minor. However these feelings if they are an extremely major part of a persons life can be damaging because the person often is substituting the love they want from other people with material things.

      Another reason someone might become very selfish is out of fear. Think Darth Vader from StarWars. He joined the dark side for the power to protect the one he loved and in the process killed her and then had little else to do but continue in his quest for power.

      I am sure there are various psychological variables that would come into play that could make someone feel like being this way is right. As well there are some people who have gone through a lot of their lives feeling this way and maybe even some what enjoying themselves. I think it comes from a lack of knowledge. They just don’t know that human connections and love between humans feels better and is more valuable than love of things that can’t love back. I hope they learn the truth as I see it.

      All I can do is think about these things logically. IMHO It is best to love yourself and other people at the same time because in my experience the times I have felt happiest and strongest were when the extensions of myself were not material possessions but other living human beings who I could love and be loved back by. I encourage anyone who has not tried this yet to give it a shot. In fact there was a study in either Scientific America or somewhere that talked about how people with loved ones where the strongest in more ways than one.

      So IMO, the best thing to do for yourself is to love and connect with other people with understanding. As well, the best thing you can do for other people is to love and connect with yourself with understanding.

      So Kdiffy, and anyone else who happens across this discussion, feel free to add more information.

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