Short Story (part of a bigger Idea)

Marrie fell asleep in the staff bedroom of the mansion… As her bedroom door swung open, Marrie awoke and sat straight up in her bed startled and breathing heavily. Out the door she could hear screams, gun fire, distant explosions. She smelled gun power, blood, and death. The light from outside shined in orange and red into the room. In the middle of the door stood her deceased sister Candice, dressed in a dirty black robe and brown hijab, with a look of terror in her eyes that matched the sounds from outside the door. “Candice!?” Marrie yelled, “whats happening? How are your here?” “MARRIE” Candice screamed in warning, panting and grunting with the effort to stand. , “Don’t come any closer” Marrie pulled her blanket up to her chest. “Candice. Close the door and we’ll escape through the window.” Candice stood motionless and closed her eyes. “Candice!” marrie swung the blankets down into her lap, suddenly aware that her little sister was not listening to her at all. “what are you doing we have to go” In front of Marrie was sudden violent explosion of red, and pink and white, in all shades, and Candice was gone. In her place among the human debree was Joseph, covered in blood and gore he stood seemingly oblivous to what had happened. Oblivious to the screams of men and women from outside, and the sounds of almost rhythmic explosions. Oblivious to the heat and dampness of the explosion he came out of. He seemed almost as if he were sleeping with his eyes open. Then slowly he became aware of Marrie who sat pushed up to the far side of the bed, sobbing, drownin out the sounds with her blanket. “There you are you whore” Joseph said in a loud voice to make sure he was heard over the war sounds behind him. She watched in horrible anticipation as Joseph walked further into the room at a casual pace starrin at her with disgust. There was a blur of brown infront of her eyes and Marrie flinched and let out a yelp. She thought somthing had fell from the ceilin, somthin big. Joseph stopped at this event still starrin at Marrie and wainted. The brown blur remained floatin infront of her. She glanced up at the ceiling and could see that the blur extended from a hole in the ceiling, and she cauht a glimps of a few stars in the small piece of night sky visible between the ceiling and this brown blur. She felt such a longing to be out side, under the stars and away from this horror. One last sob escaped her and then she realized what she was looking at. The brown blur that was wiping the gore off of Joseph as he waited patiently, was a hand. It was a giant brown skinned hand cupping and skimming the layer of human remains off of Joseph and flickin it’s hand from the wrist to fling the slop off onto the floor. The hand was finnished in moments and pulled up closer to the ceiling. Joseph’s navy blue uniform was now visible. The bed room door slowly closed but the light from the stars outside the ceiling and the moon outside the window, gave more than enough light to see twisted look on Joseph’s face. He continued walkin with his casual stride leaving Marrie no time to react. Then Joseph stopped again, his hand shot up into the air and a bat appeared in his hand. He seemed confused for a moment . He took time to inspect bat and the whole event, lookin around, he seemed to nod to somthin behind him. Then he looked at Marrie communicating his disust through his eyes as he spoke again. “Look at you with your hair down and your make up, if I were your sister I’d find a way out too. You are-” and he wound up the bat behind him as he quickly bridged the gap to her bed at an angle. “such”, and swung for her face, “a WHORE!” Marrie Screamed “Oh my God!” waking herself up from the nightmare she would never forget. Still facing the open door she lay back down this time to the right side of the bed letting her right arm drop off to the floor. She felt around frantically with her right hand until she felt the tip prick the tip of her thumb. The handle was far out of reach in her position. As she brought her arm up to suck her thumb of the sharp pain, the , mostly just for comfort. She felt for the handle and when she found it For a moment there was stillness and silence and she regained her composure.


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