(For Anxiety) What Songs make you feel like a Badass

Commander Greven il-Vec

Commander Greven il-Vec. He is scary lol. He is also a person. How does he feel knowing that he is the scary one. He has cast off his mortal fears. He is the fear, he wields it as his weapon against any threat. He is the Commander. He has what looks like a metal bar piercing through the skin of his upper chest as part of his uniform. When he looks into the mirror before a war, what does he see. He is the monster, he commands the fear of his enemies, not the other way around.


Music that says, “I’m sick and tired of being scared of u,
now its your turn to be scared of me”
The song tokyo by tomandandy gives this feeling,
party because of the association between the song and the scene in resident
evil that it happened with. But it basically gives the feel of somone
storming into hell with the ability to dominate there,
and freeze it over.
so it says, the place I’m in is scary, but I can be scarier,
this gives a sense of confidence which reduces anxiety without
trying to overcome the scaryness of the situation, which is hard, like to say,
this scary situation actually isn’t scary, is harder than saying, the
situation is scary, so I will just be more scary.

So in this case there is an acceptance of the situation, the music
only deals with how the individual perceives him/her self in the

also the song isn’t to overbearing, its not like cannibal corpse,
so the song itself, at least for me, didn’t become a source of anxiety.
the war drums type beat made it seem more like a battle was to be fought.
and that one note that you hear, with a tech feel, kinda resonates with
me, I think it sounds cool, so it makes it more about me.

I think that’s important to note, it can sound scary
but it has to sound kinda cool to the user,It has to be something the user can Identify with and make his/her own in their mind
the user has to know that its scary but more that it makes them scary, scarier than the situation they are in, makes them scary to the situation instead of the other way around.
and the user has to kinda like the song too otherwise the individual
can’t use it as that type of “theme music”.

or “revenge, like scorpion lost soul bent on revenge”
which helped me when I was thinking , what if I try to
become an ultimate fighter but can’t”

so In a way this song also changes your mental state to one of acceptance,
at least for me, with the scorpion one, its acceptance that he is a lost
soul , or in my case just a loser, and he has become bent on revenge,
but it has the affect of making it almost ok to be like that, like
there is a pride , an honor in being the loser (like in the poem “swimmer’s moment”) if you try so hard and still fail, most people will never be willing to go through that. So you really earn a type of respect. that’s what I feel this theme music is useful for.

so two areas in life where music can help
-fear(of something big)
-fear of losing

lyrics helped in the “scorpion lost soul bent on revenge”,
lyrics can definitely add more depth and meaning
and can help get the right emotion across.

the rhythm is important,
at least for the big fear music, just like
how they used war drums to march into war.

and some specific notes/harmonies with the song/
melodies, that you enjoy, in that dopamine
increasing way that’s what makes the song on your side,
instead of just some scary song. maybe too much melody
and stuff will make it lose the edge tho
so it might be a balance.

like the song “dark”
that I have, might have to much beauty to be
scary enough, or its just not “bad ass”
its something else more like a victim who is
turning bad, or some other emotion, not the
bad ass emotion. well its just like scorpion lost soul,
its good for if you take a loss, like its good for after.

superman – eminem is also good for if you took a loss
the lyrics, the rhythm, the melody too I think

songs that have the bad ass emotion

maybe “purity” by slipknot
the lyrics are the only thing that takes away
from the bad ass emotion

maybe “nothing to gein” by mudvayne
but this could be in dark’s catagprie

“bottle of pills” by pantera

“will kill” by akon and 50 cent possible, especially
cause of the lyrics

radiohead  “talk show host”,
the lyrics, and the drums too I think, are not bad,
but maybe not cause the lyrics are about him passively
waiting, not going out to get some, and melody is not

covenant is almost there most melody loses edge
, has the war drums.

“6 foot 7 foot”, seems to have the right rhythm and
that gives it some edge, maybe not enough tho

same with “the game has changed” some edge from rhythm
but not scary enough

mortal kombat deception character screen kinda has it,
maybe I’m too familiar with the song but I don’t feel an edge,
maybe melody takes away from it.

Bustarhymes songs, “touch it”, “dangerous”,
are close to having it, maybe they have it
but just not to the same extent as tokyo
probably cause Bustarhymes isn’t scary, its confident
but not scary. so not bad ass.

round here kinda has it, its even kinda scary,
just not epic scary, so not enough.
maybe think of and even create epic sounds,
stuff thats already out there is like ominous choirs
and knells, and even distortion guitar.

and some gansta songs have a few sounds in there that
you know are mostly in really gansta songs so
that is kinda scary, wont be tokyo standards tho.
but maybe if you need some lighter stuff.

get up again – flaw, almost has it in the verse

korn “somebody someone” has it except that
the lyrics are him asking for help.

static x – “with stupid” has the rhythm, the melody
which is bad ass but still can get into it,
but the lyrics and the verses not really.

skindred-“nobody”, in chorus has it lyrics, melody,
and I guess rhythm

A lot of kittie’s “spit” album had the right drums
like “spit”, “brackish”.


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