Keep Growing up

Growing up I loved looking up to people. I loved watching tv shows and movies and reading the character bios in video game players guides to know what older people were like. I fantasized about what I would want to be like when I was older. I obsessed over it. Teenagers were so cool. They were a separate entity, on another level. Some adults were cool too but a lot of them lead like, the least interesting lives out there. Adults seemed to just stagnate and accept their 9-5 jobs and 5 to 10 after life. It seemed like no fun at all.

I am an adult now. I’m sure a lot of my friends are having a good time working 9-5 jobs they are passionate about. However a lot of adults aren’t doing that. A lot of people seemed to just let hormones dictate how much growing they would do and then let the ride end when it would. Then they live out the rest of their lives like victory laps. I am very interested in personal development, Personal evolution, Human evolution, and I can imagine giving up on growing. I think we can all keep getting better and better. I am happy with who I am but I still want to be even better, so that I can be even more happy. People talk about maturity like its a goal, an end. I don’t think that should be that way.
I want to keep growing, keep getting better, cooler and cooler, smarter and smarter. Once we reach this age it because harder to idolize other people in a way, I think because we feel more secure about what we know, and unlike the difference between a kids knowledge and a teenagers knowledge, most adults are pretty on par with other adults, at least adults in the same country. If not on par they have at least enough knowledge to get by on their own which I think allows people to be ok with their level of growth or whatever you want to call it. Some of us tho, want to keep growing out of the sheer pleasure of the growth and the new abilities. So how do we grow without another person to use as a target to aim for.

I think a good way will be to have a goal like something you want out of life. You need to push yourself out of your comfort zone and into the zone of growth once again. Otherwise you will only grow when you have to in order to overcome something that has befallen you. The zone where there are great things to experience but you have to grow to be able to reach them, that is the right zone. You may feel the fear of failure. Like if you work so hard and fail, it might hurt. That’s growing pains. It doesn’t have to hurt to much tho, you can start out with something small if you want to, to gain confidence and hope.

I however like to set big goals and slowly work harder to reach them. I deal with the fear of failure by the idea that even if I do fail, I will still have achieved a glorious failure that most will never experience. No one can take that away from me. I will have lived a life worth while by trying. Failure is a very abstract concept and I don’t really believe in it anymore. I believe in growth.


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