Just say “No”, to working a job you hate!

A few years back I came to the conclusion that I needed a real job. I needed to make money. One of the biggest motivations for that need was women. I came the conclusion that although movies and TV shows depict tales where the poor man gets the girl in the end, real life didn’t seem to be working that way at all. Most people already had already reached this conclusion in high-school and worked part time jobs to be able to afford a car and nice clothes. I couldn’t understand any of this back then. To me it seemed obvious from all the movies and TV shows that girls only care about personality. Anyways, a few years out of high-school I had come to the conclusion and enrolled in a personal trainer certificate program because I have always been interested in athletics and fitness. The study for this program was very intense, I followed a strict regimen which I will describe in a post in the productivity section of this blog. After the course, after being unable to find a job in a few months, I decided I needed to do what a lot of the people my age were doing and get some post-secondary school education. I took something I was maybe a tiny bit interested in, electronic engineering technology, a 3 year diploma course. A lot happened in that time and I graduated in the three years as planned. It has been 7 months since I have graduated I do not have a job in the field, nor do I really want one. After a lot of applying and no success, and a lot of time to think, I have come to the conclusion that I can do so much better than working in a field I don’t even believe in just so I can get girls.

I think it would be very unhealthy to work 40+ hours in a job I hate, too “earn?” an attractive female companion. What an unhealthy relationship that would be. What would I have left to offer a women after working 40+ hours a week for her. It wouldn’t make sense.

The other reason why I might have wanted to work such a job, the idea that I would be contributing to society like a good citizen through my self-sacrifice, and making my father proud, will be discussed next.




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