Hanzi through L2 subs L1 Audio

I want to learn Hanzi but I lost steam at about 1500

I want to have fun but I’m stingy

I want to read as immersion but dictionaries have small writing and electronic dictionaries…I’m far too stingy.

I want to be able to follow subs while learning words in Chinese but can’t


after about a whole day of research I stumbled upon a solution

English audio, Chinese sub

basically the show does the lookups for you, u just observe it all come together like someone pointing to characters and saying what they mean in English repeatedly but those characters form an amazing plot. Because the characters in Chinese wont exactly match up with the words in English you do get to do a bit of peicing together of the meanings yourself which is what makes a bit for efficient than simply rote learning.

Learning to read through observation

at the same time, watch vids with L2 audio (maybe with L1subs but doesn’t work as well usually) eventually tho you should switch to L2 audio L2 subs, once u can its like breaking up the reading and listening into separate things, divide and conquering L2 videos and therefore the language.

credit goes to the following sites :

also this vid is a method on its own which is divide and conquer each individual movie.


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